Friday, March 27, 2020

Read my Graphic Novel: PLEASANT LIFE for free! (Also: Sequel starts this Monday!)

This Monday, I am finally launching the sequel to my 500 page Graphic Novel I did back in college: PLEASANT LIFE. This sequel has been a long time coming, I assure. It will slowly trickle out a few pages at a time on my PATREON page for ALL LEVELS of support. 

You can read it for only $1 a month. But for now, I am offering everyone a FREE DOWNLOAD OF THE FIRST BOOK! Its 500+ pages of some of the oldest and most personal work I have ever drawn. (And yes, its old so don't judge the art from back then too harshly) But it was where I started from. And it is where I shall return, starting Monday. 

Please download and read this book while you spend time at home. Its my favorite and most personal work, and now my gift to you. And if you like it, consider joining me for the sequel next week. 

Download the book for free right here:

Sequel starts Monday on my PATREON! Only $1 a month to read it and two years' worth of exclusive blogs, podcasts, comics and more! Sign up here:

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