Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Gobble Gobble my friends.

This year for Thanksgiving we are spending the day at my GFs parents, eating hearty, watching the Lions lose, and being merry. Then Fri through Saturday its back home for busy time. Except I have to work. I also gotta finish these cards like THIS WEEKEND in order to meet deadline. I got about 25 left to pencil/ink and about 60 to color. Ill make it, no problem. There is so many other things to do. I got a TO DO list a mile and 3/4ths long. I got some anger about some things going on, but also a lot of excitement as well. Nothing I want to spoil quite yet but things are about to get crazy here in Talleyland.

Its been a busy few weeks and last night, mentally, I kinda went to the zoo. I lost my mind about some stuff going on. I just simply lost it with anger and the stress of everything Ive been drifting through lately boiled over. But I did not drink, I did not cry. I just rolled through it. I got home and watched some Curb Your Enthusiasm and went to sleep. This morning I am better and ready to let it roll off my shoulders.

All I can have this morning is gratitude. Things I am thankful for. Like having a good job, my bills are all paid thanks to my hard work, loving and supportive fans around the world, a great relationship, great kids, any toy or cd/dvd/record I could want, etc. I could list them all but Ill just keep the good thoughts internal so they fight off all the bad think pain thoughts. So much great stuff is coming. So much... I truly feel like its going to be okay and everything I am working so damn hard for is going to come to fruition. Some major hurdles are about to be jumped over and kicked to the ground. Positive things are happening. Stuff that makes me excited to make it happen and enjoy the experience while it lasts!

And that is just in my personal life. In my professional life, at the day job Im about a NOIINE (Stern show reference) and in my second job, Im quickly approaching a personal TEN! I pencilled and inked two short stories for the Patreon page. I am getting these new sketch cards out the door. I am finally ramped up and better at consistency at getting things done. I ordered the books for the new Kickstarter and I am doing commissions and sketches for it. Everything Ive had on hold is now starting to come together. Its an exciting time.

When I think of these things, this greatness to come (personally and professionally), it is hard to dwell in the anger that derailed me last night. I am ashamed I let it get to me. Because in the end, it really does not matter. The only thing that matters is how I feel about things and my efforts to make things in my life happen. And right now, things are going great. You will see some of the positive stuff coming my way very soon.

Anyway, how about some pics?

We started XMAS shopping early. Lily Munster always likes the boxes we bring in.

Lilly and Luna Butt, sitting in a tree....

My one relaxing time the last few weeks was another Nintendo get together. I got to beat Kung Fu, TMNT 4 and played a few others. Always important to let loose and party like the old, old men that we are... Do we slay hookers and slam some blow and booze? No... we slam simple beers and play 30 year old video games. Look out ladies, HOT!!!
I am putting it all together. I am keeping it all together. In 2018, we shall all reap the results!

Happy Holiday to those who celebrate. May your turkeys be tasty and your taters be fluffy. I know mine will be.


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Talk About IT (Stuff and Survey)

Hello friends! I have been getting some emails and messages expressing excitement about the Patreon thing I am going to do.... asking about pricing and such. I have an idea mapped out but if any of you have any suggestions about what kind of pricing and tiers you would like to see, EMAIL ME HERE and Ill listen to your thoughts on it. I do have some big things planned for this Patreon even beyond comics and writing new blogs. It will definitely lead into a sex positive realm and since the gloves are off so to speak, I will be doing a special live audio recording... say, a PODCAST you can download, with special guests telling sexy stories of their own and more! Its going to really be jam packed full of erotic content and other content for those that are longtime fans of mine and dont mind weeding through the erotic stuff to get to the other stuff if it is more to their liking. I started working on new stuff for it this week! (In between all the overtime Ive been working!)

Thanksgiving week is here! BIG stuff going on and I hope (HOPE) that maybe I will relax a bit somewhere in there. Im sure going to try to get my work done so I can do that. 

Despite it being busy on my end, I would like to relax a bit and do some survey work to get my mind going and post it here for you all. People have been saying they really like these that Ive added to the blog so here is another big chunk of questions. Enjoy!


Something you're looking forward to in the future?  A: Finishing my artworking and launching the Patreon page. Throwing more crap at the wall and see what sticks. But before that, Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family. Eventually a day off somewhere in there. 

How would you spend a perfect day with your best friend?  
A: We would go to used game and music stores and do some shopping. Then record some music and then get drunk and do more skit tapes together, laughing all night.  

Last book you read?   
A: Maynard James Keenans autobiography.  

Do you still own a landline phone

A: I havent had one of those in over ten years.  

Do you believe in ghosts, spirits, or any kind of afterlife?   
  A: No I dont think so. Im scared of the possiblity of ghosts existing though.   

You get to be any person in the world for a whole week. Who do you choose? 
A: Probably a rich, hot girl. Just to see what that would be like. Id tease all these guys and then go home with a bunch of chicks. ;)

One food you hate that should be destroyed at all costs? 
A: Either Venison or Ranch Dressing. Both can die and rot in hell.  

What cartoon character do you most resonate with?  
A: Probably STIMPY. Hes dumb but means well.  
What are the 3 worst movies of all time?  

A: So bad that I dont even like them? Maybe Chronenburg CRASH, BLAIR WITCH 2 and STAR TREK INSURRECTION. Im sure there are worse but I cannot think of them right now.  
Do you think everyone in our lives serves a purpose, or are some people just there?

A: the longer I live the more I have realized that everyone serves a purpose in your life. If you dont think you matter to anyone, trust me, you do. Someone out there admires or envys you. Believe that.
If there was one problem/issue you could wipe off the face of the earth, what would it be?  
A: GREED. That would solve everything if that were eliminated.
Do you believe in fate?
A: I used to. Not so much anymore. I think its all circumstance now. 
 Do you sleep naked?
 A: I like to, but its waaaaaaaay too cold for that now. The older I get the more I am sensitive to cold. I need layers now.

What is your favorite thing to cook?
A: Some sort of meat, potatoes and dumplings for my family. 
Do you believe that humans are inherently good or evil?
 A: I think we are all a bunch of unevolved assholes barely coping and destroying everything around us in one form or another.

What is your favorite snack?
 A: Currently it is cinnamin cookies or doritos. I rotate.

What do you think will bring on the end of the world? Nuclear war, global warming, black hole, etc..
A: Humanity being what we are.
What is your favorite type of foreplay?
 A: Verbal. Fantasy talk. Flirting.

Favorite restaurant?
Do you believe in the death penalty?
A: Absolutely. If they killed, they deserve to be killed.
Would you ever go vegetarian or vegan?
A: Never, I would think.

Do you have faith in a higher power?
A: (checks the news) Nope. None at all.
Do you focus more on the past, present or future?
A: Probably the past, but I am trying to stay focused on the present.

Where is the craziest place you’ve ever done it?
A: Maybe in a car in public or in a large group setting with many people around.
Do you judge people for what they wear or how they express themselves?
A: How they express themselves. I dont care what people wear. If its your favorite outfit, then rock it.
What do you eat when you’re watching a movie in a cinema?
A: Just popcorn. I dont go crazier than that.
What is something you have that everyone wants?
 A:I would guess my humor. Its about all I got going for me at the moment.

Do you shave or trim your pubic hair?
A: Bare shaven. (How bout dat!!!!!)
Are you an optimist, pessimist, or a realist?
A: Realist.
If you were to run away, where would you go?
A: New York City. Im curious what it is like to live there.
Biggest sexual fantasy?
A: I have several, but not one BIG one. Maybe Ill get to them someday. We will see.
What political affiliation do you associate yourself with?   
A: I guess I am more associated with them asshole liberals. Boy, they sure are jerks arent they?
What do you think happens when you die?
A: I think its most likely a loss of consciousness. You just go to sleep and never wake up. Nothing beyond that. I hope I am wrong and our soul/energy goes somewhere and exists forever, but I doubt it.
How often do you masturbate?
A: Im masterbating right now. Typing this one handed.
What is something no one can ever steal from you?
A: My pride. My honor. My morality.
Favorite alcoholic drink?
 A: It rotates but anything with vodka is good. Lately Im all about the Long Island Iced Teas. Jager as well.

What was your first orgasm like?
A: I was actually watching a TONY TONE TONI video as a kid. Dancing chicks all around. And it happened. I wasnt sure what it was. I was too young to know what I had done. I thought I had broke my dick. But to be assured, I broke it again later that week. Then set that on repeat.
Talk about the first time you watched your favorite movie.
A: HIGH FIDELITY. The thing I remember is just being into it. Like when he slept with Marie De Salle, I said HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??? And then John Cusack says HOW DID THIS HAPPEN, YOU ASK? Its like they read my fucking mind. I really connected with that movie.
Talk about your first kiss.
A: First one was kinda on a Truth or Dare with this girl named Jenny. It was mostly a peck. But the one that really counts was in a park on a bench with my first girlfriend. It was a magical time, being 16.
Talk about the thing you regret most so far.
A: I have many things I wish I could change. Like Id go back and stop Caleb from driving that one day. Or I wish I had done this or that better. Or not ate as much. But one major regret I have is that I wanted to buy tickets for my mom and dad to go see Jonny Mathis play at the casino for Valentines Day. I thought about buying them and didnt. A couple months later she got cancer and shortly after that she was gone. I coulda bought them a wonderful night together. I dont think my dad would have liked going, but it is something I beat myself up about not doing for her.
Talk about your biggest insecurity.
A: Probably my weight or other parts on my body. Mostly on or in my head.  OR a secret fear that I am no good at anything and no one has the heart to tell me.
Talk about the thing you are most proud of.
 A: Surviving all I have gone through. Also am very proud of my kids. My oldest is all straight As. My middle boy is kicking autisms ass. And my youngest is turning into a very funny little dude. Im also proud of my work ethic and all I have accomplished with it. Still, so much more to do.

Talk about little things on your body that you like the most.
A: Right now, honestly nothing. Id trade it in if I could. I guess I like my soft hands. Thats about it.
Talk about the first time you had sex/how you imagine your first time.
A: It was in the backseat of my 88 chevy caprice classic in a dead end behind Walmart. I was very nervous. But I lasted a long time, so there is that. It was a great time to be 17 and having a college age girl into me. We dated for three years I think. I loved her very much back then.
Talk about an ex-best friend.
A: I have several. One is a childhood friend who I keep up with on the facebook. We dont connect so much like we used to. It has been a long time. But I still feel that he shaped me in many ways and taught me how to be funny. I wish we would connect more. But maybe its best to let it lay where it is. People change over time.
Talk about the worst physical pain you’ve endured.
A: When I popped that disc out of my neck. Searing pain shot down my whole body for weeks. It sucked. I was bed ridden. UGH.
Talk about things you wish you could stop doing.
 A: I cannot stay on a goddamn diet. I wish I could stop worrying about stupid things that arent there or may never happen. But Ive been blindsided a lot in my life and I am hyper viligent on anything like that ever happening to me again, so I overprotect and overcare. I hate my brain.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Getting Through

Hello friends!

Im busy. No doubt about it. I shouldnt even be taking time to write this blog but I am. I like to touch base with everyone. Plus the readers are increasing. Ive noticed a definate spike in readership of the blog and downloads of the podcast. Really gets me charged up for the upcoming Patreon thingie I am doing next year. Yeah, next year. Im not going to hit you with a new thing by Christmas! You got too many other things to shop for. So when the time is right, early next year you will see the PATREON.

The Patreon will be the next step forward in my business model. I am releasing lots of exclusive content on it. A whole new blog and podcast, exclusive erotica comics, unfinished business (namely exclusive comics I started but never finished... but now WILL finish via the Patreon... like ANNA POCALYPSE 2, LINGERIE PARTY MASSACRE and more!) Also  you will get exclusive first looks at STARSLAM 3, PLEASANT LIFE 2 and anything else to come. It really is going to be a major happening. I hope you will consider coming along for the ride.

For those who dont want to be a part of things on the Patreon, dont worry... blogs and podcasts will continue here at but not the exclusive stuff on the Patreon. Im talking sketches, NSFW content and way more. I pulled a bunch of reference today for stories I am doing on there. Stuff to finish STARSLAM 3 as well. Its gonna kick ass, man. So much to look forward to in the future!!

But before we get there, I gotta slog through everything I got going now. Including a MASSIVE card set. Im about 1/2 way done with that now. Also a bunch of commissions from the recent Kickstarter for THE EROTIC ZONE book. BTW, lets check the numbers on that: 

The majority of those who got the book are NEW readers. Always great to see new people come on board what we are doing here. THANK YOU for ordering! I should get the funds this weekend or early next week and the books will be ordered from the printer. Meanwhile I am doing up the commissions, getting mailers, etc. So much to do to make sure they go out on time!

All of this, and I started the OVERTIME at the day job this week! My dayjob is that I am an output graphic artist at a major printing company here in town. And the months of November to March are typically the busiest time of the year. I usually have constant overtime during this period. Great for paychecks, but I virtually have no free time. Its okay in a way, because in Michigan, those are the snow months. Im going nowhere. And I got a lot to save up for next year. First of all I need a new vehicle. The transmission is going out on my Bat Blazer and so I limit the driving on it when I can. I also will be moving into a new apartment next year so I need funds for security deposit and moving expenses. Plus some new furniture for the place. Ill FINALLY be able to give my boys their own room/my office! Also Id like to plan some sort of trip for me and the misses. So much to plan for.

So anyway, the added overtime will help with all that but will limit my free time considerably. Its going to be a juggle. But hey, thats the gig, right? Ill get through!

I'm trying to be a better person. I'm trying to make healthier choices and get plenty of sleep when I can. I'm cutting down on my drinking... which has gotten a bit out of hand sometimes. Im trying to do something everyday to push me closer to my personal and professional goals, while also taking the time to stop and smell the roses a bit. I'm getting through.

There is so much bullshit going on today. You turn on the news its all Trumpism, whataboutism and other such nonsense. Then you hear that some of your pop culture heroes are indeed deeply troubled, sick motherfuckers. Its easy to feel despair when this stuff happens. You have just enough energy and focus to get your coffee, get to work and get home. You dodge all the arrows of craziness that fly at you constantly. You yield to the stress busses that cut you off on your way. But its okay, folks. You get through.We will get through!! Keep on the path of resistance and move forward!!

Nothing will make me happier than to emerge into early 2018 with my artworking caught up, next book almost ready to be released, Patreon launched, newer and safer vehicle, great holiday memories, weight loss is working, the news doesn't bother me and a smile rests upon my face. We GOT through!!!

Heres to those days that are to come!


Thursday, November 09, 2017

General Whatevers and Survey What Nots

Hey friends!

There has been a spike in traffic to the main site here and to the Idiothead Morning Show podcast, which I appreciate! Makes me believe that the new PATREON I will launch early next year will really hit it off nice. We got some great ideas flowing for it. Hear more from the podcast I did about it right HERE

Some pop culture type of stuff. They showed off the new Doctor Who outfit for Jodie W. Check it out:

Some David Tennant, Patrick Troughton and Tom Baker homages in it. NICE!
Also, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS are apparently making a new album (SURPRISE!) and it will no doubt feature whoever their new lead singer is. Everyday they are revealing puzzle pieces... which fans are now assembling. It seems to be showing new album art. Here it is so far:

While I am apprehensive of an STP album without Scott Weiland, that of course... is impossible to do now. So I look forward to this next phase of their band and will give it a shot. They deserve it.

Im working hard on a new card set and then some STARSLAM 3 stuff. I am still writing little bits and things that will be for PLEASANT LIFE 2 and the Patreon page. All of that is to come. But for now, let me waste some time doing one of these filler survey writing things. People seem to like them, so I will keep doing them from time to time. Enjoy!

Are you an optimist, realist, opportunist, or pessimist?

A~ I think Im all four on various things. But mostly I dwell in realism.

Do you wear dresses, and skirts?

A~ I have never worn a dress or skirt. Maybe some Halloween. I wonder what I would look like as a woman.... something to talk to my therapist about.

What is your hair like?

A~ A mishmash of nonsense.

Does time go by fast or slow to you?

A~ When I am at home, it goes fast. When at work, it goes slower than snail snot. 

Favorite sweet food?

A~ Probably cheesecake.

Tea, coffee, or hot cocoa?

A~ I like coffee. Dont drink it super often like I used to. I should start back up. And I enjoy some cocoa in the winter months.

Space, Ocean, City, or Forest?

A~ All three have some value. But I would prefer space.

Favorite game as a child?

A~ If it was a board game, maybe CLUE. If it were video games maybe Atari: SPACE JOCKEY and NES: LEGEND OF ZELDA.

 Describe your life in 3 words.

A~ WHAT... THE... FUCK...

What makes you smile?

A~ Good food, good friends, good news.

Have you ever cried in a book or movie?

A~ Dont recall crying at a book. Movies Ive cried at: About Schmidt, Forrest Gump, Gran Turino, Star Trek 2 (natch).

Marriage or kids?

A~ Was married once with 3 kids in total.

Who’s your 3 am thought?

A~ I miss Caleb. My mother. Gloria. Uncle Richard. I hope I am wrong and I get to see them again someday.

Do you like candy? What’s your favorite candy?

A~ Ill eat some candy every now and then. Fav candy bar is either Kit Kats or Whatchamacallits.

Favorite holiday?

A~ I like Halloween the most but I get gooshy and soft around the thoughts of Christmas.

Favorite season?

A~ The fall. It needs to last longer.

Cat or dog person?

A~ Moreso cats.

Favorite time period? (80′s, 60′s, etc.)

A~ 80s to early 90s. After 1996 or so things started to really suck.

Favorite fashion fad that went away?

A~ Man, there are several that went away that I liked. I liked girls with the hairspray in the 80s. I liked Grunge, so I kinda stay there mostly. I'm slowly reacquiring my flannel.

Do you flirt?

A~ I am oblivious to what that is or how to do it. Do I use pet names on random stranger girls? Not at all. I would hate that. Im oblivious if anyone flirts with me. No idea.

What’s your style?

A~ A mishmash of nonsense.  Whatever fits, I sits.

First love?

A~ This gal named Bianca. Although the girl before her really had me a bit too... but it was brief.

Last love?

A~ It is going to be D. No doubt. Even if she wises up and leaves me, I am retiring from all of it. So D will be the last one I will ever give my heart to.

Do you think people have any misconceptions about you?

A~ Maybe. But that is on them I suppose. I dont hide who I am or what I think. If they misinterpret that, then that is on them.

What’s something you wish you could understand better?

A~ Probably computer science of some sort. Scripting or HTML code. Seems like that knowledge would be used a lot in my life. But I zone out and drool when it comes up.

Have you ever injected a drug?

A~ Never

Where is the shirt you are wearing from?

A~ No shirt on currently. (hear that ladies!?!?!?!?! CALM DOWN!)

Whose bed did you sleep in last night?

A~ My own that I bought and paid for muthafukka!

Do you think the whole day is better if you smoke pot?

A~ It probably would be, but I havent touched the stuff in years.

 Have you ever touched a dead body?
A~ No. I have a fear of it. I dont think I ever could, unless someone died in my arms. I could handle that. But post embalming after a few days? No way. I cant even touch the coffin they are in.

Ever played Grand Theft Auto?

A~ Just San Andreas and GTA5. I have GTA5 now. Pretty fun game.

How old will you be in 3 months?

A~ The dreaded 40. Over the hill. My life is over.

What is something you regret doing today?

A~ Ive only been awake for an hour. Far too early for me to fuck up anything yet. But wait a couple hours Im sure I will drum up something. 

The last male you spoke to … is he attractive?

A~ It was probably Zillins. I aint gonna fuck him.

If your ex called right now, would you answer?

A~ I let all calls go to voice mail except if my dad or brother calls. So Id see what they wanted and see if I need to reply. I don't have a problem with my exes, depending on what they wanted from me.

Is there a dictionary on your bookshelf?

A~ That is what the internet is for, silly!

 Do you have any pet names for the person you love/like?

A~ several.

Who was the last person you had a serious conversation with? What is your honest opinion of that person?

A~ Probably Zillins or Dori. I like them both a lot. I see them more than I see anyone else in my life.

Who was the first person you dated? What is your honest opinion of that person?

A~ Her name was Krista. I was in puppy love with her. She was my first kiss. We ended it so long ago and I am not sure where she is or what she does now. I wish her well.

If you were angry/upset, who’s the first person you would generally go to?

A~ My girlfriend, of course. If I needed a male perspective I would probably talk to Shane or Zillins. They got good heads on their shoulders.

When you feel like crying, do you generally hold back, or just let the tears flow?

A~ Naw if I feel I need to, I do it. I cannot bottle things up in me. It must flow.

Are you allergic to anything?

A~ Dogs, Dust, Bullshit.

Do you think that things will get better?

A~ Man, I fucking hope so. Cause shit sometimes seems pretty fucked up.

Have you ever seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

A~ Yes, love it! I didnt get to watch it this Halloween season though. Shame on me.

Ever been to a bonfire party?

A~ Used to have them all the time back in the motherland of Beal City. I miss doing them. Proably never again... and definitely not with the people I went there with before.

Is your dad bald?

 A~ No, but I am thinning in the front for some fucking reason. Thanks Obama!

How long do you have until your birthday?

 A~ Just under three months. Then I will be old as fuck. One step in the grave.

Saturday, November 04, 2017

Ramping Up

Hey friends. Taking some time from a busy and very productive week to check in on some various things.

First of all, the Kickstarter for THE EROTIC ZONE is less than 20 hours away from its end. As it stands, we got funded and hit one of the stretch goals. I couldnt be happier or prouder of its success! It didnt hit the numbers of its big sister: STARSLAM, but it did well on its own and got lots of new readers interested in what Im doing in the world of erotica. I work hard to write and draw sexy stories with substance, where all the characters have a brain, a spirit and a soul... much more than just a sexy body that serves the needs of the person in the story who fucks it. What I do isnt just a bunch of fuck books. I keep reaching to hit that deeper level. I hope you folks enjoy it.

The money earned will go to pay for printing/shipping and what is left will help pay my colorist for STARSLAM 3 and other things. I really appreciate the support. The book order will go out on Monday morning and I will begin prep for all the things to come.

Meanwhile, I cracked the pens open on my new card set this week. So far, I am very happy with the results! I cant share yet, but when I can, I will! I really need to stay on top of these cards this month because the time frame in which they are due is short. But so far, its going smooth!

I am taking the time to smell the roses around me a bit, in an effort to keep my stress levels in check. My GF and I are watching THE IT CROWD on a nightly basis so I can finally scratch that show off my list. I like it so far. Also, THE ORVILLE continues to be the best STAR TREK show on tv. I know some dont want to try it for fear it is too Seth McFarlanesqe... but please, give it an honest shot. Its very STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION and orgasmic Trekking. I have given up on ST: DISCOVERY, and from what I am reading, its a good thing I did. Maybe they will turn it around, but I am trying to avoid negativity right now. So thus, I avoid DISCOVERY.

I had hoped to play some SNES today but we lost power for about 5 hours, so I drew by cloudy sunlight. Its back on now, thank the lords, so I am just catching up on TV and other things. All this week I have been checking minor things off the big TO DO list in my life. It feels good to stay productive. So many great things are on the horizon... its an exciting time! Im just ramping up until it all comes to fruition!

Anyway, I thought I would just drop a note catching up a bit. Here are some recent pics:

Some of my finds out and about this week. I was pretty happy about the inbox Black box NES game for $2!! Box is in considerable condition. But looks nice on the shelf. Its a goal of mine to have all the original black box NES games complete. One day...

My new acoustic I got from Jacob. I look forward to writing some new music on this bad boy. I havent given it a name yet but I will consider options. You gotta name every guitar you get!

The boys in their Halloween costumes. DC/Marvel crossover!
Thanks for coming back! Its about to get REALLY busy in Adam~land. Lets hope I can keep up with it all!


Thursday, November 02, 2017

The Juggle

Hey friends!

Its November. How did we get here?? Seems like only yesterday it was January and we are now in the homestretch of the holiday season. Weird! Once again I didnt get to do hardly any of the stuff I wanted to do during Halloween. We were going to do a Tales from the Crypt marathon and I think we only made it through seven episodes. A lot of the old classics didnt get watched, but we watched a few new ones dating back to September. We did go to a costume party and that was fun, but mostly we avoided the candy and just worked at the jobs. Seems like the spooky season really came and went quickly. The boys went trick or treating and from the pics I got it looks like they had fun. I of course had to work... next year Im going to see if I can take a half day so I can join them. But it looks like they got away with lots of sugared booty.

Now we turn our attention toward Thanksgiving... which we already got an honorary start on this week. Craving a big meal, I cooked a baked ham, potatoes and dumplings to munch on all week. This year we are spending the holiday with my girlfriends parents and we damn sure arent doing any Black Friday shopping. So we will be at home getting things done and decorate around the house. Then glorious Christmas... a holiday I really have grown to love since my leaving the cult of the Jehovahs Witnesses 24 years ago. Its the last Christmas of my 30s. I plan to enjoy it with the boys and D.

Meanwhile, I am going to be busy as fuck. The Kickstarter for THE EROTIC ZONE ends in three days. Then I have to place orders, get mailers, address envelopes, sketch in books, do commissions, trips to the post office, etc. Also this month Im on a huge card set and I gotta get those done by December 1st. (I hope to get a jump on them this weekend, we will see!) Not to mention its starting to ramp up at the day job so I will be getting overtime very soon. That is good because that money earned will be going to a few necessary things next year like our new apartment, new car, a potential vacation, etc. And in addition to all of this, working on STARSLAM 3 and the other thing which will come in January I think. More on that later.

So yeah, lots of juggling. I better quit verbally masturbating and get to it.

Cheers, T

Monday, October 30, 2017

Content: Questions Nstuff

Hey friends! Not much new to report. I did some inks on Starslam 3 yesterday. Had a fun getaway with my GF and worked a few hours of OT to get there. Im pretty wiped out. Im still busy promoting my kickstarter for THE EROTIC ZONE, which ends this week.... so be sure you preordered it through the kickstarter right  HERE    Until then, here is a silly survey to fill some time. Enjoy the read. Stay sexy my friends!

Have you ever kept an online journal/blog?
Yes! Welcome to it!

Does eating at McDonald’s make you feel guilty?
Part of the time. The times I do eat it, it is of a necessity.

Do you know what your significant other might be doing right now?
She is sleeping.

Are you currently pleased with the weather?
It’s okay.

When was the last time a stranger complimented you?
This past weekend I got some compliments. Pretty nice.

Have you ever wanted to be in a band?
I still kind of am. But the times we can get together and record or play are once when the moon and stars align. Almost never. But I just got a new acoustic guitar to hopefully inspire me to write more music again.

Do you ever go on the Internet Movie Database?
Well yeah sure, sometimes. 

Is there a book you’re currently reading?
Maynard James Keenan autobiography and TRIGGER WARNING by Neil Gaiman.

When was the last time you were frustrated with someone?
Probably a shitty driver.... or my car itself. Its acting up big time.

Do you smile with your teeth?
Never. I have reasons.

Do you read the news online or still get the newspaper?

What brand is your digital camera?
Iphone8. I rule!

Have you done anything really immature lately?

When was the last time someone scared you? 
Oh I spend plenty of time scaring myself with my thinky thoughts, that no one else can scare me worse than that. 

Does anyone currently hate you for no reason?
I don’t think so and if they did, that is on them. 

Would you be considered a generally happy person?
Most people would think I am... I think I am generally. But I have my days.

Do you and your best friend have an inside joke?

Are you a good leader?
I tend to alpha dog when I am in a group of strangers. Im the ultimate ice breaker. 

Name something that you would like to learn to do?
To lose weight and keep it off. AKA have Willpower.

How do you feel about dreads on women?
I respect anyone who can pull off dreads, man or woman

Is there anything you wish you could tell someone but won’t?
No. Ive said all I need to say to everyone. If anything, Id track down old friends I havent spoken to in a while and tell them I love them and think about them often. 

Do you feel like your life is moving forward?
At the moment I feel very stuck. But I know that with time it will right itself and I can start moving toward what I want. Just a matter of time.

By society’s standards, are you attractive?
Probably not. But I dont really care. 

Are you okay?
This question I get asked a lot. I am fine, I say. About as fine as anyone else. 

Are all guys liars and cheaters?
I think there are assholes in both genders. Its up to us to open our eyes, keep them open, and recognize bad behavior and not put up with it.

Are you a good artist?
I think I am okay. I get the job done. People seem to appreciate it and I do get offered big gigs and commissions, so I am grateful that people like what I do.

Do you listen to music daily?

Do you say the F-word a lot?
What the fuck kind of fucking question is this, you fuck?

What would you call yourself the king or queen of?

Have you ever been nice to someone who treated you like crap?
Heh, I think that is my lot in life sometimes. 

What do you think of people who save it for marriage?
Eh, you do you. But I am a firm believer in trying on a shoe before I buy it.

Have you ever had a one-night stand?
Quite a few. 

Has someone ever pressured you into doing something you didn’t want to do?

Would you have sex with someone you had known less than twenty-four hours?
What guy wouldnt? Depends on the situation.

Something you really want right now? 
Only a week off and some peace and quiet. 

Would you date someone who was addicted to drugs?

What’s your opinion on age differences in relationships?
I got a pretty big one now. I dont mind them. When I was younger I was attracting older women. Now they are all younger. Strange....

Do you think someone is thinking about you right now?
Probably not. But I hope I inspire someone to smile or laugh at something I did or we did together. My goal is to make everyone laugh in this life.

Do you get jealous easily?
Some envy, maybe. But not in a way where its I want to take what they earned. Im happy for other people. I tend to turn envy onto myself and say things like IF YOU WORKED AS HARD AS THEY DID, YOU WOULD HAVE THAT TOO, or soemthing like that. But as far as jealousy, I have no jealousy in me. But I trust people too deeply sometimes. Its easy to hurt me in that way. My fault. I gotta work on that.

Are you friends with any of your teachers on Facebook?
Oh yeah, a few. They are all great people!

What’s something you would love to have happen right now?
To get a big commission or have a big check arrive in the mail.
What’s your least favourite season?WINTER. After Dec 25th. Jan through March can suck it long.

Do you prefer to text or call?
Call. Get it done. I hate texting, honestly. But sometimes that is the way the world works.

Morning or night?
I like both anymore.

Do you like tacos?
Tacos are the reason I havent offed myself yet.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
Introvert, but I don’t like being cooped up for too long. Social interaction just wears me out easily. Maybe somewhere in between actually, but leaning more toward introvert.

What’s your favourite dessert?

Are you a frequent user of Facebook?
More than I’d like to be. Ive been trying to avoid it lately. Spend my time in other areas.

Are you scared of anything?
Failure. Being lonely. Other things.

Big Mac or Big Whopper?
Whopper with only cheese and ketchup.

Do you like to play board games?
Oh yeah! We got a collection. But there are a few more that I want. Just, no night off ever to play them with anyone!

Would you eat a live spider for one million dollars?
I would do A LOT of things for a million untaxed dollars.

Are you a heavy drinker?
Im starting to think I am. I dont drink everyday but on the nights I do, I waaaaaaaay overdo it. Because when I am drunk there is no anxiety and my mind is calm. Im funner and I can feel like Im normal. That is a scary way to think. Because to maintain it, I get past the point of no return and I am in the bathroom puking. So I need to learn to get that go I think. Maybe switch to pills. We shall see what happens.

Would you forgive someone for cheating?
I’d forgive in time, but forget? No, I would never forget. And I would leave them immediately.

Do you like to read?
Yeah, I just don’t do much of it anymore. No time to.

Are you easily distressed?
Lately, yes. 

If you were the last person alive besides one other person you get to choose, who would it be?
I would have to be with my girlfriend.

Dogs or cats?
I love them both equally, but I’m biased toward my cats right now

What’s something you hate?
Racism, general stupidity and closed minded people.

Are you a worry wart?
Yes. Oh fuck yes. That has to change. 

Do you like having your picture taken?
Not even slightly.

Would you ever use a dating site?
I have in the past. They’re pretty terrible. 

Do you like maths?
Hell no. I hate the maths. Except ADDITION! $$$

Love or lust?
If you are lucky, you have both.

What was/is your favourite school subject?

Do you like tattoos?

Are you the type of person to lie?
I am incapable of doing this. Im just no good at it.

What music are you listening to right now?
David Gilmour: Live at Pompeii and Sons of Apollo.

Are you allergic to anything?
Certain dogs and DUST. Dust... big time...

Do you like Lady Gaga?
I like some of her old stuff

What about Nicki Minaj?
Shes very hot, but I have not kept up with her music. 

Do you like rainy days?
As long as I dont have to drive in them.

What was the last thing you did before doing this quiz?
Filled up my glass with sprite. Took a whizz. 

Are your parents divorced?
No, but my mom passed away 17 years ago. 

You’re locked in a room with the last person who hurt you, what happens?
A whole lot of quiet time.

What was the last thing you and your mom talked about?
She didnt really talk. I came into the room to say goodbye and I was crying. She woke up and recognized me and she told me she loved me. That was the last thing she ever said to me.

What was the most boring thing you did today?
I dont know... maybe this? That is up to the readers to decide. 

What were you doing last night at midnight?

When’s the last time you cried?
I think it was last week Saturday. I had a big panic attack. It was fun. 

Do you find it rude when people text when they’re talking to you?

Name a flaw that you think you have:
Where do I begin?

Name something that you like about yourself:
That I care, can be vulnerable and am open minded.

What’s a word that you overuse?

What’s something you want for your next birthday?
Money or some Amazon shopping spree. 

Do you hate when people talk to you about their relationships?
Only if it’s to bitch about the person non-stop when they clearly just need to end it and move on.

Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10.
Phsyically Im about a 3. Mentally about a 1. Professionally Im at a NOIIINE... (stern reference)

Do you own a pair of converse?
No. Im a VANS shoe guy. 

Would you rather be unhappy being single or unhappy being with someone?
Id rather be single than with someone who was making me miserable.

What is something obvious about you that everyone notices?
My fat gut. 


cars – SUVS

clothes – Blacks, browns and nerdy shirts.

music – Alternative, progressive and classic rock are what I listen to the most.

airplane seat – Window seat

sunday afternoon – Cooking a big meal for my GF and kids and spending time with them.

steak - WELL done.

vacations – Somewhere really interesting where there’s a lot to see and do. And then plenty of reasons to not even bother leaving the hotel. Jacuzzi is essential.

coffee –Lots of cream and sugar

friends - Loyal and caring

porn - Rough and erotic

books – BTS of pop culture type of stuff.

workouts - Swimming or weight lifting

movie endings – Satisfying. Something that stays with you. Redeeming. 

gadgets – My Imac and Iphone are all I need.

boobs - I like all shapes and varieties. So long as they are accessible!

pizza – Pep & Sausage. I also dont mind Mushroom, green peppers.

oysters - YUCK!

video games – Classic, arcade and RPG

chicken – Fried

milk - 2%

humor – Situational/Outlandish
What is your favorite show? How often do you watch it?
STAR TREK. I watched some last night while inking pages. It calms me.

Do you believe that true love can be found online?
If everyone is being truly honest then sure. 

How many people of the opposite sex do you fully trust?
Several. I trust people easily. Its a good and bad trait to have. 

How often do you hold back what you want to say?
Most of the time. Not because of saving feelings but to not get reported to HR or something!

It’s 2 in the morning and you get a text message, who is it most likely?
Probably Matt Thomas or my dad.

Last movie you saw in theaters?
Its been a while. I dont get out much. Probably SUICIDE SQUAD. But damn skippy Ill see STAR WARS 8 in the theater opening weekend. 

Do you laugh a lot?
I try to. 

Are you good at giving directions?
Yes, excellent.  I have a great sense of direction.

Are you afraid of roller coasters?
Ive never been on one. Too fat to ride. But if I ever lose weight, Ill ride one and let you know. 

Have you ever been nice to someone who treated you like crap?
Im beyond nice to people who dont care about me and have treated me like crap. Cause in the end, that is on them and Im not an asshole... even to those who would treat me like crap.  So I turn the other cheek.... but only so much. I draw lines.

If you could have one language, one habit, and one skill “downloaded” straight into your brain, what would they be?
To be fluent in piano. 

What are some upcoming films you’re looking forward to seeing?
Ill check out JUSTICE LEAGUE and STAR WARS 8. Not sure beyond that. Im so behind the times. 

Write a sentence in another language:

Can you actually play an instrument or do you say it to be cool?
I can play guitar. Not a virtuoso or anything but I can keep a rhythm. 

What big city do you live near?
I live in the captial of Michigan. Thats plenty big for me. 

When is the last time you sneezed?
This morning.... like EVERY morning. 

Are you happy with your weight?
no, but Im not unhappy enough to have the willpower to change it. STupid. 

Have you ever starved yourself/made yourself throw up?
Oh yeah, up and down. 

Are you happy with the state you live in?
Yes. My friends and family are here. I wouldnt leave. 

How many times have you seen the opposite sex naked?
Oh man, a shitload! Ive led a very gifted life. 

Are you registered to vote?
you bet your ass!

Are you currently counting down to something? If so, what?
To the new years, to Christmas, to Thanksgiving, to the days when a couple certain bills are paid off. 

Do you like your eye color?
Sure. I guess. I dont have to look at it. 

Are you in debt right now? For what?
A shit ton of college loan debt and a couple minor things (taxes from 2013 and a therapist bill). But those will be taken care of soon I hope. 

Would you ever work night crew?
Seems like that is the only jobs I ever get! But if I could switch to days, even with the paycut I would get as a result, Id do it in a millasecond! 

Do you sleep with all the lights out, or do you leave a lamp or even the television on?
All the lights out. 
Do you ever get scared of the dark? Under what circumstances do you feel afraid in darkness?
It isnt the darkness that scares me, but what my mind thinks of in the darkness. 

Who was the last person that lied to you, or that you can recall lying to you? What did they lie about? How did you find out they were lying?
I can’t remember. It happens too often I just dont even let it register anymore. I just move on about my day and its just whatever.

Do you know anyone that says they don’t lie, ever? How do you feel about this?
I say I dont, but I mean it. Whether people want to believe that or not, that is up to them. Catch me in one and then we will see. Up til then if I say something, take it to the bank and deposit it and trust it will be there in the morning. I detest a liar. lies make us crawl in the mud where instead we should be soaring.

Youre done now, how do you feel?
My fingers hurt now. And I got cleaning to do!

I hope you all enjoyed this distraction. Back to your lives! Stay sane and silly my friends!