Sunday, July 23, 2017

PROGRESS!!!! (And comments on current events)

Hey friends!

After my last blog post I am happy to say that I actually took a day (my one day off that I mostly used to regulate my sleep) and did some work on the new book. I did a shit load of word balloons and colored three pinups. I got a massive chunk of it done and I am sharing some pics of progress below. SAFE FOR WORK and spoiler free of course. But enjoy the newest thing to come (very soon)!!!

Before we get to that, some comments on recent events:

---San Diego Comic Con brings a lot of cool news and things. Here is a list of things I got comments on:

1-JUSTICE LEAGUE TRAILER: Looks fine but sometimes modern movies just feel too flashy for me and might give me an epileptic seizure! The movie in my head will always be Chris Reeve, Michael Keaton, John W. Shipp and Lynda Carter playing those roles... But I'll never get that. I've always leaned toward DC titles more than Marvel, so lets see what happens. Likely I will be seeing that quickly unless reviews are abysmal.

2-STAR TREK DISCOVERY TRAILER: (Sigh) It is what it is and I will give the series a chance. Again, my TREK will always be everything from 1966-2002. Minus Voyager and Enterprise. So this is all we got. Whatever. Its... yeah, whatever. At least some of the gadget designs are inspired of TOS era stuff. That is something I guess. But so far I've seen nothing that makes me excited to see it. On the other hand...

3-THE ORVILLE: Now THIS is more like it! I'm super excited to see this show.

4-TREK TOYS: McFarlane does a run of TOS toys. Cool. (sigh) I'll need to get a second job soon.

5-DC VERTIGO: Good new art and the tease date of 080818 has me curious. More SANDMAN? Maybe something else? Cannot be more PREACHER without Steve Dillon. We'll see.

6-PREACHER (Rest of season 2 trailer): The HERR STARR stuff is awesome! I'm excited about it, of course. Season 2 has been waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy better than the first one.

7-BLADE RUNNER 2049: I'm not the most massive BLADE RUNNER fan, but the trailer looks like fun. Maybe I will revisit the flick. Somehow the first movie missed my radar as a kid.


---LINKIN PARK singer suicide thoughts: I wasn't a fan of the band and I had the anger on because they "replaced" Scott Weiland in STP with this dude. Not his fault, but still. Anyway, apparently he and Chris Cornell were close. Some weird shit is going down. But if it truly isn't some weird conspiracy and is a suicide as it appears to be.... I will get in trouble for my stance on this, but it seems like there is this weird movement of "accepting" suicide when it happens. Look, your life is your life and yeah, I understand pain and its your right to check out if you want. But it really devastates those around you, whether you think it wont or not... it does. Both of these dudes leave behind a family and kids that will have to grow up with that shit. As a father myself, it pisses me off. Forget about the fans and all that... what about their kids? To me, its a selfish act. Not a cowardly act, but just extremely selfish. I gotta think that somehow substances might influence or alter brain chemistry to allow such a thing to stay in the mind. I've been to the point of thinking in that ballpark of suicidal thoughts many times in my life. But I will never do it because it will hurt those I care about. So I suck whatever it is I am feeling up and ride the wave. Things get better. Things will change if you want them to. I understand circumstances like disease and other stuff. I respect people's wishes. But man, I could never do something like that to those I care about. I don't get it. If you are feeling these thoughts, please reach out. Call someone or one of the anonymous phone help lines. Life is a gift and its always better above ground. I mean, we got burritos up here. And Lord of the Rings. And good STAR WARS and STAR TREK flicks. And THE BEATLES' music!!!! C'mon now. We live in a great time. Sure there are assholes and shit to slug through, but man we got some good shit going on too if you look around. Reach out and it will reach back. I promise. Life is for the living.

Okay, here are the pics I promised. Enjoy! (Its all coming soon!)


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Seeking Stability

Hey friends... um.... yeah... I uh... (zzzzzzzzzzzz)

I'm completely out of wack this past week. Working a 3rd shift schedule at the day job and its kinda zapped everything out of my week. I sleep in a few chunks throughout the day and its not consistent. I have not been able to accomplish a damn thing beyond basic eat/sleep type of existing. I start out the 3rd shift work just fine (siphoning off an AMP drink), but then twirl down like a top.

This is me on the first night of overnights around 7am. Barely surviving. Look at them heavy eyelids and dark dark dark circles!
Used to be when I was younger and trimmer I could stay up 2-3 days and get shit done. Not anymore. Simple changes throw me off. I need consistency in my schedule or else I'm unable to function even basically.

Luckily, my 3rd shift obligations end with tonight's shift. Then one more week of a couple mid-shifts and then back to my regular schedule at the day job. I can start to get back in the swing of things. My brain won't be as scattered, I can be more alert and not as moody.

Only productivity I've managed to produce this week is laying out In-design pages for word ballooning all projects on my plate. That took two hours, but I'm glad I slogged through it. All pages (that are done) are placed in the templates and ready to rock. Tedious, but its done. Every day I need one small step forward. I'll take what I can get, you know?

Luna Butt has been sympathetic... even though she likes to use me as furniture.

I showed my night crew friends a nice breakfast at GOLDEN HARVEST. Worf approves.

Before this crazy week, I cleaned the house up really great. James helped vacuum on Sunday, natch... but I organized books and the piles of CDs I've stacked up and reorganized the music organization. Progress.
Anyway, after this next week, I hope to start getting some stability, schedule-wise... thus lighting some firecrackers under my arse to get these pages word ballooned and ready to go. So much to do, so much to be awake and sane for.

Last thing: coming up pretty soon on my Idiothead Morning Show Podcast, I'll be doing episode 500. For that show I am holding a contest:

--Simply EMAIL ME a question (or a few) to read on the air and you will be entered into a drawing for THREE original art pages (1 from STARSLAM, 1 from PLEASANT LIFE and 1 from ANNA POCALYPSE) to be mailed to you! Only one winner will be drawn out of the names of people who email me at and ask a question before episode 500 airs. I will be collecting the questions and answering them live on the air. We got a little time, as I'm only on episode 483, but it will go pretty quickly. Might as well start plugging now and gathering questions. To enter, simply email me at "" and ask some questions for me to answer on the show. That enters you in. If you win, I will contact you for mailing info. ENTER NOW!!!!!!!!

Okay, off to your lives. Stay safe and sane out there!


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Bachelor Weekend

Hey friends.

Kitty-D has been out of town since early Friday morning and so I have been solo. I've managed to keep the house clean (I even did some sorting!), I dealt with some "Thinky Pain" alone and made it to work on time. Plus spent time with the kids! On Saturday I spent some time with myself by taking a road trip to Kalamazoo. I found a few gems and the trip was nice... except for the bad drivers and construction. I had forgotten how much I dislike driving on I-94 here in Michigan. Its a road that connects Detroit with Chicago. That road is an asshole driver magnet. I can't tell you how many times I've almost died on that road. Saturday was no exception. But I'm here and I'm okay.

However, my beloved Batblazer suffered an injury:

No, I-94 didn't do this. Kitty D backed up into a cement pole. She's okay and no one was hurt, but my baby got a bit of a black eye. We got tape over it now and a new light on its way. The rest is just cosmetic. No big deal, honestly. She's survived way worse than this. And plus it gives me something I can tease D about! She feels horrible about it, but honestly its really okay. I'm just glad no one was hurt. Now, if she did this to my Corvette... different story! Heh...

I had planned to get a bunch of stuff done this week but yeah... that didn't happen. I had a big round of thinky pain and some anger to work through. I was kinda moody, honestly. And I know it will get a bit worse. I gotta adjust my sleep starting tonight to do a week of overnights at the day job. And then next weekend, I got the kids for two overnights. No rest for the wicked. Hopefully I can keep my sanity somewhat. 

Even the girls are concerned for me!!
No worries folks. I will get back on the production train soon. I am in the home stretch with so much that I almost HAVE to at this point. Just gotta break free and shake off the shit and get going. This whole week has been recuperation. Just getting my brain back into gear. Dusting the shelves, as it were... literally and mentally. Summer cleaning? Maybe. That is what D is doing up north while camping. Spending time on the water and recharging while hanging out with her closest friend. I needed to do that a few times already this year. Now I'm staring at a few months of nose to the wall, hardcore grinding so I can set everything up I need to set up. When I emerge, I hope to have the knowledge which will lead to more money and overtime at the day job. (Which helps a few financial goals I got.) I hope to get my health somewhat under control. (So far its been a runaway train!) I hope to get my projects rolling and ready to release. (Always on my mind.)

So no, I didn't do much with my bachelor weekend other than cry into a pillow for a bit, work at the day job, took a stressful (but somewhat rewarding) trip, nap, get drunk and do a long rambling podcast and then spend time with my boys. Some bachelor weekend, eh? No strip clubs for me. No hookers and blow for this guy. Just business as usual.

Now if I can get my brain to shut up, I can take a nap and regulate my sleep to prepare for a week of night shifts. Pray for me, won't you? So much to conquer, so much to finish...

Sanity, find me.


Ps- Got a couple messages asking what I thought of the announcement of a female Doctor Who: I honestly don't care who or what plays the doctor, so long as the writing is good. We got way bigger things to worry about and be mad at, don't you think? Forget the distractions, keep your eyes open to the arseholes fucking us. Stay awake. Resist the bullshit. Get registered to vote and get active! 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A for Effort

Welcome back my friends. I just slept 13 hours to refill my tanks from a long weekend with the boys. For some reason this weekend I couldn't sleep at all. Maybe 3 hours a night. Just my brain on overdrive. No THINKY PAIN this time, just random BS. Same old way my brain always works. Laying in bed at 3am then I think, "Whatever happened to that studio where Rush recorded all those albums like "Moving Pictures" and "Signals?" I heard they were closing it. What happened with that?" Then I'm on google or youtube trying to find random BS facts about that random thing I just thought up. Cause I know if I don't do that the second I think of it, I'll forget about it and then spend hours going, "What was I wanting to look up last night? I can't remember!" I used to just leave a notepad at my bed table to write down thoughts. But then the next day I can't read my chicken scratch or I decide what I wrote wasn't worth pursuing. Vicious cycle I put my brain through. I should get some pills to mellow myself out. But I'm not a drug guy.

I had fun with my boys this weekend:

Through a trade I recently acquired an old Millennium Falcon toy. I got it for the kids. Here is James slowly discovering it. Twas a nice moment to pass along something from my youth to him. I had so many fun years with my own Falcon toy.

James loves the slides at the Jumping Jax bounce house in Lansing.

Bounce houses is something James and Scott-Bot can both get in on!

Momma Belle and Baby Luna observing the boys and their activities. Man, Luna has got so big!!

My best friend.
I spent all Monday trying to recooperate on sleep, while my poor girlfriend had to clean the house on her own. It was nice of her to sacrifice her time to see that I could lay down and awake 13 hours later to be somewhat normal.... whatever normal is for me lately.

I haven't done much this past weekend on comics stuff. This week I hope to get the final drawings done for the newest book I hope to get the Kickstarter rolling for. Then word ballooning as well. I have a Saturday to myself this weekend as D is going camping up north. But then I gotta see the boys Sunday for a condensed time and get my sleep pattern changed to tackle a week of overnights. I'm doing last stretch training at the day job that will open a lot of opportunities for me. New programs, new ways to output digital work and all of that leads into more overtime... something that will help with my long term life goals. It will probably condense a bit more of my "free time," but eh, I don't care. I got an opportunity here to make some cash and start saving/paying off things. That is where my life needs to be leading at the moment. I got so many goals (small and big) to work on. This whole effort at the day job will help make a lot of it happen. Necessary.

Speaking of life, I want to tackle a sensitive subject. I know a lot of people read this and so I hope to address it here. I know I'm busy. I know lots of my free time is occupied with kids, adulting and all my creative endeavors.  But sometimes people read me being busy the wrong way and then think I am avoiding them or something to that nature. Then that leads to me being blocked or unfriended or unfollowed on social media or just basically written off as a friend. It really pains me to see when that happens. Every day I'll think to an old friend or acquaintance I haven't heard from in a while and I check up on them. And it is easy to see when they have unliked, unfriended or unfollowed me in some way. Sometimes I'll contact them and work out what they are thinking or feeling about me or the situation. I know so many people and with life's juggles its hard to keep up with everyone. Doesn't mean I don't care about you. My time is limited. Life has got in the way. Whatever the case is, its not an excuse I offer you. Nothing has changed for me. My heart and door is always open to those I care about. I'm very accessible by message, call, email, etc. You hit me with an email or message, I usually will get back to you within a day, if not minutes. I get saddened when someone who means so much to me feels I've wronged them in some way and feels it necessary to cut ties with me. It hurts to know that what you think you have with a person, after all you went through with them, that you can be so easily discarded or disregarded. I truly believe that people enter your life and are in your life at key moments. And you think, "Wow, thank God they were there then!" And before you know it, things somehow have changed between you. It sucks. It really does. I make efforts every week to reach out to someone (usually on Twitter or Facebook) with someone who I haven't talked to in a while. An old co-worker. An old college friend. An old artist buddy... etc. I've been blessed to cross paths with so many people. and with only a handful of arseholes I've now cut off from my life, I've been very lucky to know everyone I've met. Just know that when I am randomly thinking of stupid crap late at night, I'm also randomly thinking about you too. "Whatever happened to so and so? Man I miss when we worked together or were at that show together that one year. I wonder how their kids are doing or what they are working on now..." My thoughts are always on you. I try to reach out. It makes me feel great when I do. And I am glad when others reach out to me too. Even if its just a LIKE or a comment on the blog here. It lets me know you are still out there and give a shit. I notice all who do it. Don't think your simple clicks through your busy day are lost on me. I notice who is still there in my corner. And just know, I am still in yours. I love you all!

Man, I got a TO DO list 28 miles long. Mountains to climb. Dreams to grab hold of and force them into existence. Everyday I chop at the thick tree, waiting for it to crunch and topple over and get the fuck out of my way.

Give me an A for Effort. I'm trying hard folks. I really am.


Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Thinky Pain

Hey friends.

Been an extra long holiday weekend for me. I got my kids on Saturday, hung out with Colleen (Caleb's wife) that night. Spent the rest of the weekend relaxing with D, getting artwork done and doing things around the house. I stayed grounded all weekend and just tried to stay sane. It was a nice welcome distraction filled weekend that I needed. But by the end of last night, I came crashing back down to Earth with the feelings of like, "oh yeah... back to the grind tomorrow!" It hit me so hard that I had to lay on the floor, because it felt so... "heavy" know?

Yeah, I tried to stay distracted from all my problems, the world's problems and my personal TO DO list of the big life goal stuff I always weigh myself down with. I have so many things and people I worry about. Nothing I can do about any of it right now, other than just keep heading in the right direction... little by little... every day. I feel like I am constantly in a waiting room, waiting for a doctor to round the corner and give me the good or bad news. It sucks, honestly. Some days its good news. Most days, its more bad news. More stuff to heap on the mountain for me to climb over. It creates a lot of what Marc Maron would dub "Thinky Pain" in my head.

Its not all bad though. I spent a lot of time with myself this weekend. I colored lots of comic art pages for this side erotica book. I did word balloons. I thought up story ideas for this other thing I got going. And randomly, I re-read my 500 page GN, "Pleasant Life." It was something I started back in 1995, and it finished in 2008. I collected it all in one big book in 2013. But in all this time after that, I haven't re-read it. You never re-read your own stuff that much, really. But this weekend I did. I poured into the backgrounds and sometimes remembered where I was when I drew that particular page.

Of course, I found the mistakes and thought of things I would redo if I had the chance. But mostly, I enjoyed hanging out with those characters again. Makes me feel like I did something right with it. And I know when I get to the sequel after these first three books on my plate, I will have a lot of fun and therapy with it.

I spend so much time in my own head. Its a dark place most of the time. I'm full of "shoulda, coulda, woulda's" and I am always trying to think ahead so I don't cause more damage in my life than what already exists. I'm constantly trying to undo what has been done. I'm trying to honor all who lead me to this point and honor those who will come after me. But sometimes its nice to just sit in my PJs with a big bowl of cereal and just take in a relaxing weekend doing things and spending it with people I love. I needed this weekend. I watched Preacher, Veronica Mars, various 80s flicks and listened to old podcasts while I worked on comics. Then I spent time with my kids and friends, and took my girl out for ice cream and just EXISTED.

Of course I fire up the phone this morning and its "this vrs. that. They said this, he says that, this bombing, that shooting, hate here, hate there, fuck this, fuck that..." Like I said... right back to the grind.

But we cannot let the weight of the world get us down. Nor can we let the weight of our own lives keep us from climbing higher. My girl and I decided to make a sort of "manifest goal" poster last night. Things we want to achieve and do. Places we want to go and see. Fun we want to have and live in. Things I want for my loved ones and myself.

I gotta let this dark shit go to a place where it doesn't sit in my brain like a stinky cesspool of filth and decomposing excrement. Somehow I gotta let it out and wash it out with a big bottle of Mr. Clean and warm water. First its forgiving the darkness and then washing it away. Letting go of the anger and sadness. Releasing the hate and the bitterness. I found this meme:

And you know what? I do. I know I do. There's so many good things going on. I had several instances of good news happen this weekend. So many of my friends are having happy things go on in their lives. People I worry about are coping and learning to smile. I'm feeling so inspired and motivated again.  I am thirsty for a trip to an Art Museum to get reborn again and fill my creativity fuel tank. I feel like exploring and crawling out to the light. Each day I want to bring myself one step closer to where I want to be... to finish what I want to finish... to manifest the things I earn.

And so I shall.... and so should you.

Fuck the Thinky Pain. Who needs it anyway?


Friday, June 30, 2017

If the Right (FOOT) Don't Get You.... PLUS: A Timeline to Come!

Hey friends!

Remember that tomorrow is the final day to put in your commission order and then my list closes again. I don't see it opening back up until probably next year sometime. I am just way too busy and limited in my working time allotted, health-wise. So this is your best chance. Already got some sweet takers on some things. I got a couple done and digitally sent already. One BIG one to do: An 18x24 custom made job, but one that will be really cool to do. Then a couple more. But there is room for more. Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to get one in before I close the list. Anything after Saturday will be turned away. I say this with peace and love, peace and loooovvve!

I swear man, if it ain't one thing its another. I've had a couple weeks of hell. From personal woes to financial woes, then to dreams broken, to fighting a head cold for almost two weeks... and now this:

I had to call off work yesterday due to this severe pain in my foot. I didn't want to. It took my last vacation day away. Plus its close to a holiday weekend and I am needed. But I literally couldn't walk at all yesterday. I started off the day before. I just had a pain in my foot and I was limping around. No idea what it was or how it happened. Felt like a strain of some sort. But I did my duty and went to work and limped through it. No big deal. Cut to yesterday morning. I am woken up by the severe pain in my foot. I tried to get out of bed to go to the bathroom and holy shit... I'm practically crying through the pain. I couldn't stand up! My girlfriend had to almost carry me into the bathroom. It felt like a severe charlie horse in my upper foot. I wrapped it in ice packs and downed Advil all day. I stayed off it and just laid in bed, praying that I would be better by Friday, because of several factors. 

This morning, it is better. I am able to scoot it around on the floor. I can shift my weight to and fro on it. But driving? Long repeated walking through the factory to my office where I work? Not likely. But I can get by. I'm going to keep ice on it all morning and down pills as I can before work and hopefully get through the day. Then Saturday I got my kids. No idea how I will be able to drive and get them, but I will find a way.

Dammit, its always SOMETHING, isn't it?

Oh well. Its not all doom and gloom. This week I've been able to color a lot on newer pages for this side project I am trying to get done. And I finished three more pages on it for a mini story for it. Just a few more things, maybe 10 pages of work on it and then I gotta assemble it all together. The plan is to get the Kickstarter for it up and running by sometime in July/August. Its a collection of erotica stories, pinups and written stories. Stuff I have had around for years and have never released. Stuff I planned for the ill fated Patreon page that I know I can now never get to. And other stuff I have done and has no home. But for those that like my unique humor and drawing of naughty bits, this will be a fun book.

After that, its full speed ahead on Starslam 3 and this:

WISE INTELLIGENCE was a comic I illustrated for Ryan McLelland back in the mid-2000s. We did three issues and a couple side stories together on it. He also did a few other stories with other artists. I suggested that he collect everything together in one big anthology book. So we have been scouring old discs and files and things we'd need to scan to make a complete collection. It will have many pages of art by me and other artists like Dave Lafuente (SPIDERMAN) and Terry Moore (SIP, RACHEL RISING). I might do a new pinup or cover for it, but we'll see on that. Most of my work this time will be assembling it into one cohesive collection and then Ryan will run the Kickstarter for it. But for those that are Adam completionists, you'll want to jump in on that! But more on this book later. I just wanted to let you know what is up with it.

Now, STARSLAM 3 will be Kickstarted before the end of the year. Likely in October/November if all goes well. I am really trying to take my time with this thing and work around the carpal tunnel stuff and deliver the best book I can do to send these characters out to pasture in this final part of the trilogy.

And lastly, looking at 2018:

I will be working to finish PLEASANT LIFE 2 for a summer release. And I got one final comic related project after that to finish it all up. A final, "CAPTAIN'S LOG" book to collect the last few years of pinups, uncompleted projects and one special comic idea that will wrap up the "Adam-verse" in a nice, fun way. I don't want to spoil the surprise but I know it will be fun to do. And a PERFECT way to end my comics' career.

... and then FINALLY on to the novels I've been talking about forever! My porn store tell all book should come out early 2018. End of 2018 will see my short story/poem anthology thingie. And then in 2019, will be my first full fiction novel that I have been working off and on with. The title and premise, I'll save for then. Also in 2019, I decided I will do a final run of 3-4 comic cons one last time to say "goodbye." 2019 will be the 25th anniversary of me doing comics, so it seems like the perfect time do it. A celebration and a goodbye before I hang up the microns, bristol board and wacom pens for good.

WHEW! So yeah... barring any more goddamn health issues, that is my timeline for things to come. Home stretch, folks. Mountains to climb. Things I've promised for years to you and to myself are finally in view on the horizon. We're going to get this done!

... and then figure out what the fuck to do with the rest of my life! HEH. But hopefully, less painful than it has been lately!

Cheers, T

Friday, June 23, 2017

LIMITED Commissions Open

Folks, I announced last month or so that I was stopping all commissions. This is true, as my current health issues warrant me to slow down a bit. But this weekend I decided to open the list up to a very few LIMITED number of commissions. This week only. Saturday to Saturday. I will be doing commissions. Here is the price breakdown:

----Digital Commission Only - Full color. One image. 1-4 characters. $40.

----Digital Commission Page - Full color. 1-4 characters max. 6 panel limit. $60 per page.

----8x11 Bristol. Inks or pencils only. 1-4 characters max, single image. $60.

----11x17 bristol comic art page. 1-4 characters max, 6 panel limit. $75 per page.

I am also selling off comic pages.

----3 PAGE BUNDLE: Pick the book or a mixture of pages from my comics. $75 for 3.

----5 PAGE BUNDLE: Pick the book or a mixture of pages. $100 for 5.

I take paypal at:

Act quick! Sale only goes this week. And if the list gets too big, I will close the sale early. Please allow 2-4 weeks for completion and delivery. And yes, I do nudity/sex scenes. (DUH)

Any questions, email me. Thanks!