Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Your Own Ruler

As an artist, it is easy to beat yourself up and say that you do not matter. You do. You make art? You matter. It is that simple.  No matter how much you hate yourself for not achieving this or that, or being this person or that person, you have to remember that in art there is no standard for success or even being a complete person. The only one you are measuring up against is yourself. If you keep losing, it is because you are reaching too impossibly high and you will always fail against this.

We spend so much time dwelling on the things we have not achieved but never look at what we HAVE achieved. It took a lot for you to get where you are. We need to dwell in that a bit more. Not in a TOOT YOUR OWN HORN/ENJOY MY EGO kind of way, but just acknowledge what you have done to be who you are today. It is important. Do it. Make a list. Because you are your own ruler and you need to know how you measure up to only one thing: Who you WERE and who you are NOW. 

My list:

I have 24 years in self publishing.  

I have published 14 graphic novels, all over 84 pages at its smallest. 550 at its biggest. 

I have published 16 individual one shot comics. 

I have collaborated with a few folks to make their comics come to life... for no pay. Just the satisfaction of helping and making things happen for someone else. 

Over ten years podcasting on Talkshoe.com. Including 505 episodes of my own personal podcast. 

On this blog you are reading now, I have wrote and posted over 17,000 posts. All published online for free. 

I maintain social media presence through Facebook and Twitter, as well as a few videos on the youtube. 

I have co-wrote, recorded and released three albums of music with my best friend and there is more to come. 

I have done small story and pinup work with several different companies. 

I have many satisfied commission customers all across the globe who own a piece of mine or had a request fulfilled at very low prices.

I got a college degree while writing, drawing and publishing my own work.

I have been a part of over 22 sketch card sets with big properties such as: Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Avengers, Xmen, Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, The Titanic, Mars Attacks, The Walking Dead, Night of the Living Dead and others. 

I have toured the United States over 20 years selling my artwork at various comic book conventions and trade shows.

I have done big scale erotica work for a large gallery in Switzerland, satisfying many customers with my large pictures and drawings of fetish work. 

I have six successfully funded Kickstarter campaigns. 

I have never forgot where I came from, nor have I ever turned my back on anyone who helped get me there. I am always grateful and reflective to people or places who helped shape me and where I am today.

I have made some wonderful, deep and close relationships where fans have become friends. 

I do not have any drug addictions. 

I have never screwed over someone or stepped on someone to get what I want. 

I chose art as a way to express myself and have done it through illustration, oil and acrylic painting, radio and video performance, model kit making, pearler bead ironing, cooking, sewing, gluing, collecting and grinding. Most importantly of all: Writing. Like what you are reading now. 

All of this I did while working 1 to sometimes 3 full time jobs at the same time, raising a family and keeping myself sane. (mostly)

Everything I listed and more... this means a lot to me. I have worked very, very, very hard for what I have accomplished. Do I need to be a part of X or Y or win THIS or THAT or be HERE or THERE to feel validation? No. Not anymore. Because all of that is bullshit. And these things above, are all that matter in the end. My own personal ruler. Calibrated to me and my preferences, alone.

And all of the above, folks, is just the beginning.... There is so much more to come, before the long TREK is over!

Lets do it.


Friday, January 12, 2018

New Music Recommends

While I am here braving the up/down weather of Michigan, consistent overtime sucking up my free time during the week, busy weekends, etc... Ive had the opportunity to check out and enjoy some newer music. Thought I would toss out some recommends.

First up is JUDAS by FOZZY. Seven albums in, Fozzy finally has a big radio hit and its well deserved. That chorus is sooo good. I saw em live a couple years ago and they won me over with their performance and zeal for playing music. Check them out.

These young kids, GRETA VAN FLEET are great up and comers. You would swear that its a Led Zeppelin song. The lead singer sounds so much like Robert Plant, it aint funny. Its almost reincarnation! Watch out for these guys.

THE STRUTS are another band that remind me of an older famous lead singer... this bands singer has a VERY Freddie Mercury quality to him. Check out this band. They are going places!!

SONS OF APOLLO might be my favorite album of 2017. You got the singer from TransSiberian Orchestra, Gun N R alumni Bumblefoot, Bass great Billy Sheehan (Mr Big, Winery Dogs) and former Dream Theater players Derek Sherenian & Mike Portnoy. Anything Mike Portnoy drums on is a MUST GET for me. Check this out.

Lastly, an oldie but maybe you havent seen it yet:

This dude does metal covers of older video game music. His Mega Man 2 mix is great, as well as his Castlevania mix. Check him out.

All the above bands music is available via itunes. Buy their songs and support their work!!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Cold Survey

Hey friends. Not much new to report. Drifting through, trying to remain sane. Not working so well, but I am trying. I got three new STARSLAM 3 pages penciled. I pulled a bunch of reference for three new Patreon Erotica stories and I hope to work on those this week. Im trying to get myself going on a routine schedule of getting up early and getting shit done. Let us hope anyway. But I am up now and trying to get my brain oiled up for the day. Lets survey.

What is your middle name? 
A~ Earl. and no I dont like it.
How old are you? 
A~ In a few days I will be 40.
What is your birthday? 
A~  January 24th.

What is your zodiac sign? 
A~ Aquaries. And no I dont believe in any of that astrology BS.

What is your favorite color?
A~ purple

What's your lucky number?
A~ 89,407

Do you have any pets?
A~ Three miss kitties.

Where are you from?
A~ Earth. Michigan. Mt. Pleasant area. I miss it.

How tall are you?
A~ 5 foot 11.

What shoe size are you?
A~ 12.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
A~ Two Vans Half Cabs, pair of boots and thats it.

What was your last dream about?
A~ Shane and I recording a cover of Silverchairs TOMORROW.

What talents do you have?
A~ Some guitar, can draw, write and other things.

Are you psychic in any way?
A~ no and that is all bullshit.

Do you want children?
A~ Well, I dont really have a choice in the matter now do I? HEH

Do you want a church wedding?
A~ No.

Are you religious?
A~ No.

Have you ever been to the hospital?
A~ When I was a kid.

Have you ever got in trouble with the law?
A~ No.

Have you ever met any celebrities?
A~ Oh yeah, many. Too long to list.

Baths or showers?
A~ Showers get the job done. I cant fit into a bath really.

What color socks are you wearing?
A~ No socks. Feet in slippers.

Would you like to be a big celebrity?
A~ No. I wouldnt like the attention.

What type of music do you like?
A~ rock/progressive rock/alternative rock/jazz/80 to 90s pop

Have you ever been skinny dipping?
A~ Yes.

How many pillows do you sleep with?
A~ Two. A regular one and one cylinder shaped one. I love that pillow.

What position do you usually sleep in?
A~ On my stomach.

How big is your house?
A~ I live in a very small apartment. Looking to upgrade this year.

What do you typically have for breakfast?
A~ Nothing.

Have you ever fired a gun?
A~ Never.

Do you have any scars?
A~ Inner and outer.

Are you a good liar?
A~ Not even slightly.

Are you a good judge of character?
A~ I like to think I am, but sometimes I am waaaaaaaay off.

Can you do any other accents other than your own?
A~ Oh yeah, several.

What is your most expensive piece of clothing?
A~ Probably my shoes. I am not into fashion and need high end shit. I can go to Goodwill and find shit.

Left or right handed?
A~ For what? Drawing or jerking?

Are you scared of spiders?
A~ Fuck Spiders. Right in their furry asshole.

Favorite food?
A~ Fattening, greasy edible matter.

Are you a clean or messy person?
A~ Mostly clean but it gets messy when I dont have time to clean it. Which is always. But usually once a week I get it done.

Most used phrased?
A~ Man Im fucking tired.

Most used word?

How long does it take for you to get ready?
A~ About 6 minutes.

Do you have much of an ego?
A~ Not at all.

Do you talk to yourself?
A~ All the time.

Do you sing to yourself?
A~ Oh yes.

Are you a good singer?
A~ Ask the interior of my car. It knows.

Biggest Fear?
A~ Failure.

Are you a gossip?
A~ I probably am. But I only deal in truths.

Do you like long or short hair?
A~ On women, I like short hair.

Can you name all 50 states of America?
A~ Yes. And about 85% of the capitals. Some I get tripped up on. I love geography.

Favorite school subject?
A~ Art/Music.

Have you ever been scuba diving?
A~ No. Never could do that. Scared of the water.

What makes you nervous?
A~ Everything.

Are you scared of the dark?
A~ Yeah, to some extent.

Have you ever been in a position of authority?
A~ Ive been a manager at several places I have worked. Never again.

Have you ever drank underage?
A~ Yes. Im not proud of that.

Have you ever done drugs?
A~ Just pot. And that was a long time ago.

Who was your first real crush?
A~ I cannot recall. I had several of them when I was a kid.

How many piercings do you have?
A~ Just my butt.

What are you allergic to?
A~ Dog dander and dust. Especially dust. Im constantly dusting.

Do you keep a journal?
A~ On some things, yes.

What do your parents do?
A~ My mom was a homemaker and passed away 17 years ago. My dad was in the drilling oil industry. Retired.

Do you like your age?
A~ No. I want to be 18 again.

What makes you angry?
A~ Bad driving, assholes, Being stuck in situations I dont want to be in, not having time for things I want to do, etc.

Do you like your own name?
A~ No.

What are you strengths?
A~ Dealing with peoples shit. Creative outlets. Coming up with ideas.

What are your weaknesses?
A~ Man... you got more paper for this one? And a few more pencils?

How did you get your name?
A~ My parents fucked and then gave it to me.

Color of your room?
A~ Plaid and technocolor.... oh man.. that shit just kicked in!


Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Frozen In Place

Hey friends. Well Ive made it into the new year somewhat safely. I'm slowly adjusting my health habits and it is going to be a long process. I'm really trying to avoid failure. I gotta brave the ice and snow for some more fruits and chicken sometime this week. Its about 2 degrees outside right now. I will be wearing my long johns today at work, that is assured. I am still on OT at the day job and it will likely be that way until March. On one hand that is great because it gives me a leg up on saving for the things I want to do this year (vacation, move, stay ahead on bills, etc). On the downside it really allows me about an hour or two before work, and maybe half that after work. I do not get much production time on art stuff unless I want to get up super early or stay up super late. I will try to get some stuff in on this weekend when the boys are here, but even that is limited.

Things like this have me scared to attempt a Patreon page. I know I want to do it, I am just scared of getting stuck on deadlines and expectations. I really could use one week of solid production and bang some shit out. Starslam 3 is behind. Patreon stuff is behind. Pleasant Life 2 stuff is behind. I haven't even been able to begin to start looking at the Wise Intelligence files. I really should just hunker down and just spend a whole month getting no sleep and just get caught up on this stuff. I really should. I shall consider doing that. I got these scenes and drawings dancing in my head and I gotta get them done and out.

Bottom line is that I do not want to disappoint you folks. Nor myself, anymore. New years resolution, I guess. Im working hard to make things happen.

..........Cut to my knee hurting, my eyes straining and I peed out a kidney stone this last week! heh... all true! I do have a shelf life after all.

Anyway, off to bundle up and brave the cold once again. Stay warm and sane, my friends!!


Friday, December 29, 2017

Wrapping it Up... In More Ways Than One

Here we are my friends! My big annual year end wrap up!! This is going to be a big blog full of info and one that will stick with you. Some big announcements and reveals at the end. Let’s just get to it.

2017 sucked. Not as bad as 2016 did, but it still had the feel of a pants full of angry, hungry sea urchins, covered in Tabasco and rubbing alcohol. Politics sucked. Drama sucked. Celebrity deaths sucked... but we also gotta remember the good things that happened. Here are my personal lists for the year:

Sons of Apollo
Spocks Beard: Snow Live
NIN: Add Violence/Not the Actual Events
U2: Songs of Experience
Roger Waters: Is this the life we really want

Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Trainspotting 2
The Founder

The Orville
Doctor Who

Doug Stanhope: Digging Up Mother
Invincible (ending early 2018. Rip)

The IT Crowd
Nightmare Before Xmas/Its a Wonderful Life (yes I finally saw them)
Mongolian BBQ
Fateful Findings/Neil Breen movies!!

Star Trek Discovery
Trump (nuff said)
Bat Blazer: RIP
Depression issues/therapy
Coworker’s baby health issues
Weight/health decline

Anna’s Kidney Transplant success
Tool/Roger Waters live!
Horrorhound in March
500th episode of Idiothead Morning Show
Two successful Kickstarter campaigns
Snes Classic release (I scored one! Fuck you, scalpers!)
Gumroad launch/success
New Idiothead music
New Car (aka The Pony)
Burlesque Show visit
Video Game parties with friends
Seeing Doug Stanhope live and getting a hug from him

IN MEMORIUM: Chris Cornell, Tom Petty, Hugh Hefner, Harry Dean Stanton, June Foray, Nichole Bass, Gregg Allman, Adam West, Martin Landau, Bernie Wrightson, Sonny Landham, Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, George Romero, Daisy Berkowitz, John Hurt, Shyla Stylez, Lawrence Montangne, Stewart Moss, Bernie Casey, Skip Homeier, Miguel Ferrer, Don Marshall, Len Wein, Tommy Castillo, Henry Deutschendorf and probably more I am forgetting at the moment.


2017 was a bummer of a year. I started it out with goals and dreams and one by one they fell by the wayside. I spent a lot of time digging myself out of a lot of emotional windfall that remained from the previous year of events, so much so that I tried a therapist. Some things we did together worked, others did not. I let my health decline, sharply. I had a major scare of hand and wrist trouble. I thought the art part of me was over. I got into drinking heavily. I kept my feelings inside and didn't express myself well. Instead I ate and bought my feelings. Oh, how I did! It got bad. We had to cancel grand plans and vacations we wanted to do. We dealt with a car that was dying on us and let the stress of the outside world get to us. We spiraled... but importantly, we also healed.

I made progress on some new things. I made two new books and launched them via Kickstarter. The first was TALES FROM THE GORE... a horror comic tribute to my friend, Caleb. Then I took a bunch of short stories I had around, plus pinup and sketch art and released THE EROTIC ZONE graphic novel. Both were well funded and rated highly among those who supported them. I kept the podcast up, while attempting a vlog channel that sadly fizzled. I learned new skills at the day job that allows for better job security and personal growth.

My personal time was very limited. I barely could venture out to see friends. I couldn't take the time to see and absorb new media as much as I wanted to. I tried to play video games and watch new things when I could. But the whirlwind life that we live led to great periods of exhaustion, frustration and ultimately, unproductive habits.


So now is the part where we discuss the goals of 2018. Before I go into this and finally cement the thoughts in stone, I will admit that moments ago, I took a long break in writing this and listened to the music that inspired some of what is to come... Just to play with the thoughts that have been in my head about all of this. I had to be sure that what I am about to say is really what I want. And after the last track ended, I still know... it is. Here we go.

Goals and resolutions are essentially embracing change. As I write this, I am a few days away from turning forty years old. I cannot keep doing what I always have. I can feel my body breaking. I must change what I do to it. I can feel my attitude sinking. I must change who I allow to effect it. I can feel my dreams fading... I must rekindle the love for them and daydream it all up again.

All of this is essentially, redefinition. Redefinition is changing who you are and that is nothing to be scared of. It is a major part of growth. Your values, goals, dreams... all of it changes. You learn to find what you really want and go after it. You finally look at the past and just let it go. Fucking goddammit already... LET IT GO!

So I am. Ive thought long and hard about this. My approach to things. My goals. The next phase. How I accomplish what I want. All of it.

Some of this is personal and I am not going to go into it here. But it involves better living, healthier living, sane living. But the other stuff, the big stuff, effects you here. So here it is.

In early 2018, the IDIOTHEAD MORNING SHOW PODCAST is ending. This BLOG that you are reading now, is ending. My physical online book STORE, is closing. And eventually, Idiothead.com as a website will likely shut down.

Um, what?? Yes, I said it.

Am I quitting? No. Fuck no. I couldn't if I wanted to. Art is how I chose to express myself and my life here on this ball of mud. You are stuck with me. That is, if you want to come along for the ride.

So I'm happy to officially announce that in early 2018, everything will transition over to my own personal PATREON PAGE. A new blog, new podcast, new music, monthly comics, other art stuff, writing.... all of it... is going there.

Idiothead.com as a site has been open for over 12 years. I have given out tons of free content during this time. Podcasts, 1,700 blog posts, pics, sketches, comics, audio, etc. All of which will remain and archived here for the time being. But NEW content will all go to the Patreon page. Yes, it will be behind a paywall, of sorts. But there are good reasons for this.

1~ It will allow me to fund my efforts and keep doing them, as well as contributing money toward my future and the future of my family.
2~ It helps me police who can see my stuff and what stuff can be seen. Ive had to keep stuff here at idiothead.com very SFW and I could not fully show progress stuff of my erotica I have been doing the last few years that seems to pay the bills way more than anything else I have attempted.
3~To finally and fully embrace my erotica work and put it more at the forefront of my business model.

This is a maturing, really. While I will miss the old ways of doing things, I have to be honest with myself and say it is not working. I get a nice amount of hits and downloads of the blog and podcast but it has not transitioned to many sales of physical media. My digital downloads and commissions have increased big time. Conventions are not an option because of the expense of them and very little payback. Its time to evolve and go to the big convention in the sky and be paid to do it. I will talk more about the Patreon breakdown in a later blogpost but it most likely will be $1 monthly access to blogs, $10 access to monthly erotica stories, downloads, podcasts, stories, commission shares, book sketches, BTS sketches and tutorials, etc. A LOT of the work will be erotica based but other things will find homes there. PLEASANT LIFE 2 will likely be dolled out in sections on the site... as well as other comics I have promised in the past but have been unable to finish. ANNA POCALYPSE 2, LINGERIE PARTY MASSACRE and others, for example. All will go on there. I will do a physical book run for those that want it, probably via Kickstarter or something. But I will not order many beyond those initial orders to stock a physical book store anymore. I will have to keep one available in some capacity to house the novels I have coming up... those long long long long long long long promised novels I have in various stages. I will clear my plate and get those out there. Promise.

The Patreon is the next step for me. To be honest, I am scared to do it. Its entirely possible I could close shop here, launch it and be doing all that work for like 3 to 5 people. Or maybe I could find many more that want my content. But I gotta chase the whimsies. I have to take the shot. I am inviting you guys to join me there for the ride. For less than the cost of a 20 oz soda, you can get all the content Ive always offered here and more. I think it is okay to ask people if they want to pay for what I do. After almost 25 years in self publishing, I think I am able to do that, finally. Ive paid the dues and then some.

So look for all of that early in the new year.

On the health front, at one point this year I was at the heaviest I had ever been at 415 pounds. I am proud to say that today I weigh 366 pounds. I know, its like throwing a chair off the Titanic, but hey, its a start! When I actually start walking again and kicking the soda demon once again, the pounds will start dripping off again like they did before. Id be happy to be around 250. Just being a fat guy would be fine enough. Raise the stats a bit. Get out of 4X shirts. It is doable.

I have so much to save and plan for. These first few months are going to be difficult. With dieting, saving money, working lots of overtime and drawing in every spare moment I got to launch this Patreon thing... its going to be a challenge. But it is one I am ready for. I cannot look to outside sources to make myself happy, it starts right here. Change comes from within. And to turn 40 is a life change. One I am ready to embrace and kick some ass with. I look forward to all that is to come. Good or bad, tough or easy.. I'm ready to face it.

I wish everyone a safe and happy new year. I wish everyone to follow their own personal goals of change and growth. We can change and be the better version of ourselves. Tell the world to eat your ass and balls and go out and make it happen. We get one shot at this life, folks. Time to step to the line and take the fucking shot. Get it done.

Onward and upward! ~~T

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Highs, No Lows!!

My new pet PORG and his pal PUSHEEN hanging out at the Talley Ranch!
Hey friends!! Whew... what a weekend! Friday I had off of work so I stayed at home and took a nap and then finished off the last of the EROTIC ZONE book sketches and packed every remaining order up. Mailing this week!!! Then I got a couple commissions rolling.

Saturday, I spent with my boys opening their gifts and mine from my girlfriend. The boys were very happy with their gifts and James and I played Lego Star Wars: Force Awakens all day! Then Sunday, they went home and I finally, finally, finally, finally saw ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE. Then we watched HOME ALONE. The stress of the previous week got to us and it was a bit of an insane night. I didnt get much sleep as a result.

Today, Monday we woke up and spent all day at my girlfriends parents house. Her mom made a huge dinner and nice breakfast. We all opened gifts and man, they REALLY overdid it! My girl was serious when she said that Xmas was a big deal to them. It was insane. Also, it was snowing pretty bad outside, but we made it safely there and back.

I'm still reeling from the events of the last few weeks. Lots of shopping, wrapping, drawing, a bout of stomach illness, lots of OT at work, spending lots of time with family.... Frankly, I'm a bit exhausted. I'm going to get through New Years and then hide in my cave until late January when my birthday weekend rolls around. Maybe I will catch up on artworking while I am in the house hiding from the snow. Wish me luck!!

Barring any major happening, next blog will be my year end wrap up. Probably sometime this week. For now, I leave you with pics of my holiday weekend! Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!


Is the world ready for an Adam with glasses?? We will soon have to find out!

Lilly and Luna Butt are cuddling in the warmth of my pillow.

Gifts from my girl. Does she know me or what?? NAILED IT!

All the gifts from my inlaws... equally nailed it! (Not pictured, a couple more coats and shirts!)

The Talley crew opening their gifts. They came out happy, I hope!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Thoughts

Saw this quote this past week. Thought I would share it.

I am up early on my Xmas Morning. Well, its the day we are having our Xmas with the boys, so therefore it is our Xmas as well. Lots of things on my mind. Since I am up early, why not share?

~~I have been blessed with the best and most loyal fan base in this life. I get messages, emails and gifts quite often from them. It truly makes me feel humbled and blessed to be seen and cared for that much. I cannot wait to launch the Patreon page next year so that we can have a new (and more importantly, INTERACTIVE) place to create and roll together. It truly is going to be a wonderful thing to transition to.

~~The old ways I did things is dying. Talkshoe is really acting up. Podcast might have to end. So ends well over 11 years of my life in audio form. But onto the new things. Conventions are drying up as a business model for someone at my level. I don't desire to continue it further. I'm ready for the new thing.

~~Fair warning: I am thinking VERY SERIOUSLY about shutting down the physical book shop. I will do initial print runs when I release a book. But then, shut it down, selling digital copies only. I will miss the old way of doing things but perhaps it is best to adjust to the times. Cheaper, less heavy on me when I move again, etc. Plus I am very low on copies. If I did reprints of them, I have minimums I would need to print... Not cost effective in the long run. Maybe I should do a sale and then be rid of them for good? Maybe I should switch to DIGITAL ONLY commissions from this point forward? Just something to think about. What do you guys think?

~~My mom died 17 years ago yesterday. I miss her greatly and think about her everyday. I asked myself yesterday that if she were alive today, what would she think about me now. I know deep down she would be proud of all I have accomplished and achieved. I do regret that my boys and my girl never got to know her. She would have loved them so much. It truly is a shame she is gone and they did not get to meet her.

~~Planning 2018 already. I got dates picked for a real vacation and other things I want to do. So much to achieve and accomplish. I hope I can follow through this time.

~~I bought a Porg and I love him. I don't care what you say about it. ;)

~~I turned down a couple new card sets. Somewhat for the unrealistic deadline. But more so I could get my personal comic goals achieved. Plus a bit of a break. I'm killing myself a bit sometime with all this stuff going on. Need to stop and smell the roses and shovel the snow off for a bit. That is allowed, right?

~~Watching my kids open up their presents is the highlight of my year. I know I got some nice stuff under the tree from Santa Girlfriend and that will be great too. But seeing the excitement on everyone s face has me so jazzed for this morning. Only a couple hours away until they get here and I get to see it!

~~I still haven't bought a new MAC keyboard. I cannot write quotation marks or apostrophes without it. Nor use my usual short key commands when I color with my wacom tablet. (sigh) I really need to get on that. But my MAC itself is going to shit the bed soon too. Hopefully it can last until August when I move into the new place and maybe get a new one. We shall see.

~~Spending New Years with some old friends. I cannot wait!

~~I am hip deep into the main big fight at the end of Starslam 3, where HUGE shit happens. I got about 30 pages to go on it but its coming along. I cannot wait to finish it and then get even deeper into Pleasant Life 2. That story has been bouncing around my brain for years now. Id love to put a lot of this shit to bed and get on with it. Then get to the other things I want to do. 2018... its going to be a palette cleanser of a year....for many things..... hopefully and finally.

Okay, that is all that is on my brain as of late. I hope everyone has a great and SAFE holiday weekend. Take care, spend time with loved ones and enjoy yourselves.

Cheers, T