Monday, September 16, 2019

Finding some calm in my storm

Hey friends! Thanks for reading, I appreciate it.

Well, the Kickstarter for STARSLAM RETURNS ended on Friday and we pulled in around $3800, Which is awesome! It really tried to shoot for the moon with this campaign, since STARSLAM 3's numbers were so high. But I suppose many factors came into play and I couldn't capture lightening twice. Once I pay my colorist and pay for printing/reprints on older books and shipping, I will have a tiny bit left. That's not to say that I am upset about anything at all. I'm very grateful for the old fans that came back and all the new ones who joined in on this journey. Starslam has become a very important part in my life and I am glad she has such rabid fans! She certainly is fun to draw!

Now comes a few long months of finishing production on the book, getting the colors and letters done and then printing it. I am hoping it will all be done by December as I promised. I'm hard at work at that and other things to keep it all afloat. So excuse me if I go radio silent for a while. Just means I am busy getting things done.

I took a much needed vacation this past weekend. We went to Muskegon State Park for some camping and a celebration of my girl's birthday! It was very therapeutic and relaxing all around. It has been a rough year for both of us for various reasons. So glad to finally get away for a couple days and just detox from all the bullshit with some great friends!

So now I am home and I have two big TO DO lists I need to get going on. Lots of commission stuff, prep for the upcoming FANTASTICON Mt. Pleasant, a card gig I just signed up for and about a million other things...priority being to get STARSLAM RETURNS out the door. Its going to get very busy for me real quick. The good thing is I am staying ahead on PATREON stories and things are going good there.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I will be back with some good news soon about FANTASTICON. I'm hoping this good streak keeps up. I need a win this year man... big time.

Thanks everyone!


Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Last Day Plus other stuff

Today is the last day for my Kickstarter for STARSLAM RETURNS! I'm pretty happy that I see so many repeat fans coming back and so many new faces too! It truly means a lot to me. The Kickstarter ends Friday at noon Eastern. And please note: I DO NOT SELL PHYSICAL BOOKS ONLINE! So if you want one, this is the only way to for sure score one. Pre-order my book on my Kickstarter right here:


Beyond that its been the usual business in my life. Both my youngest boys had birthdays in the last couple weeks. Scott turned 11, James turned 7. We had lots of presents, cake and more fun times as always.

I've been busy with commissions and I just signed up for another card set through Dynamite. One that will be a lot of fun and a bit of a departure for me. I recently sold the majority of my leftover KISS cards from my artist proofs from the Dynamite set. I still have a couple left, as well as a few BETTIE PAGE, VAMPIRELLA and WOMEN OF COSPLAY cards available. I have to check when I am able to sell them, but if you are initially interested, let me know asap. Hit me with the email:

In addition to all of this, I will be at FANTASTICON in my old hometown of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan coming up in October. I can think of no better place to celebrate my 25 years in self publishing comics than in the town where it all started! I hope to see lots of old friends and make new ones. I will be taking pre-commission sales for people to pick up at the show. I'll make an announcement and give details about that soon. Probably next week. So stay tuned. Plan to come out and party with me in October at FANTASTICON! I don't do many shows anymore so this is a grand opportunity. Let's party!!

I haven't had much time or spare scratch to get many new music or movies so I have been watching some stuff that has accumulated in the house. I recently watched YOR: HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE (which was some cheesy fun) and MILES AHEAD (the Don Cheadle acted and directed flick about Miles Davis. Awesome!) - Also of course I got the new TOOL album... scalpers be damned, I got it on release day for cost! Fuck you!! And its good, as one would expect. It will take some time to dissect as all TOOL albums do, so bare with me as I do that. I'm adding it to the "will listen deeply and dissect" pile.

After Fantasticon I plan to lay low and finish Starslam Returns and get ahead on more Patreon stories. Join me for monthly erotica comics and more at my Patreon right HERE - It all goes to help me keep the lights on in this muthafukka. Plus you get exclusive content, and its SMUT! So it works out for everyone I hope. I appreciate the support!

I reckon thats all I got. Go score you a book and more stuff at my Kickstarter right HERE -- the clock is ticking!

Luvs, T

Thursday, August 29, 2019


We did it. We got my newest book, STARSLAM RETURNS, funded! It kept chugging along, unstoppable. We did it.

I'm beyond excited for everything to come. A lot of older fans came back and got some of the bigger rewards right away. We got a nice collection of new folks checking things out. Its amazing to watch unfold. Absolutely what I wanted!

Now of course, we have the STRETCH GOALS to shoot for. Add on pages, bookmarks, pinups, centerfolds and so much more. We have 15 more days in the campaign and everything is far from over. I know we will achieve so much more and everyone will take home a bunch of stuff from this thing. I cannot wait to pack those mailers with all the stuff... ALL THE THINGS! Treat yourself. You deserve it!

On a personal level, to see another STARSLAM adventure funded is beyond anything I can put into words. What started as a rejected comic pitch at 2008 San Diego Comic Con has now turned into my biggest indie comic franchise. I can't even keep up with it. Without realizing I was doing it, I have built a rich universe of stories and characters to draw from for the story. There is so much more to do in my head and I cannot wait to get to the future adventures. It seems weird for me to pause and remember this one, as its been in my head for so long before this. To finally see it snowballing and supported like this, is just wonderful. Thank you for helping me bring it to life!

There is much work to be done. Colors are being done as we speak. I am finishing up the final pages and getting them inked and scanned. This is going to be the best of them all, I can feel it. You're going to love it.

Haven't jumped onboard yet? Join my Kickstarter for STARSLAM RETURNS by clicking right HERE

"It's time to fly!"


Saturday, August 24, 2019

A Hundred Thoughts at Once

Hello friends!

I don't get much of a chance to write blogs as much as I used to. Just have been in heavy production with the new KICKSTARTER FOR STARSLAM BOOK 4 and commissions. Also my PATREON PAGE. Plus day job taking up lots of time. It is necessary though. I've just been busy. Looking forward to a vacation we will be taking to Lake Michigan in September for a couple nights of camping. To get away from it all is very much desired. I'm looking forward to some peace and quiet and nature surrounding me. Just disconnect and get away from it all. That is what I need!

My mind is so busy lately. So much going on. So many things that attempt to bring me down. I got a new sketchbook yesterday and it exploded into some sketches, writings and single panel comics all in one day. I've done this sort of thing since high school. I write poems, do quick sketches, to do lists and other various notes and ideas I hope to one day get to. I think I have about twelve fully loaded sketchbooks full of things. Maybe someday my kids will read them. But I've wrote some DARK shit in those. I hope they don't think I was a massive depressive person all my life! Usually my sketchbooks are for therapy. I get out the crap I am feeling. Seems like something new is always around the corner to come along and try to fuck me up. But that's life, isn't it?

Things are okay. My bills are paid. My Kickstarter is off to a good start. I'm pretty sure things will keep rolling and it will get funded. Its slowly trickling together. I'm damn proud of it. My colorist is working extra hard to get things rolling with me and he's kicking so much ass. I have some friends doing pinups and fan art for the book and beyond. Its incredible to see! I'm truly blessed in these things.

This week, this album turns 25 years old:

This is an album in my top 10 of all time. I got turned onto it by my friend Tim, to whom I am forever grateful for that. It took me a while to fully listen to it beyond a casual listen. I pulled it out while I was in some down times back in 2015. I call it the "soundtrack to my divorce" album. It was my therapy. It helped me fall in love again. I owe a lot to this album. I became a total Jeff Buckley fan, chasing down every live CD/DVD, his demos of his unreleased second album. I have all the Record Store Day releases too. Just a month ago I found the LEGACY edition with the extra disc and DVD full of videos and documentaries. Jeff was that soul of a poet whose life was taken from us way too soon. But man, what an album to leave behind. So fucking great.

Currently also I have been listening to this:

I saw the movie in the theaters a couple weeks ago and I absolutely loved it. My favorite of the year so far. The soundtrack comes complete with radio ramp ups and commercials. You toss it on and its like you are cruising around in 1969. I know people are trying to assign a certain agenda and crap to Tarantino now, but I think the man is just wonderful. He is my favorite modern director out there. I love all of his films. My favorites being Kill Bill and Jackie Brown. Just fucking awesome.

I don't get out to the comic shop much but I am absolutely loving the new YEAR FIVE Star Trek series from IDW. The art and writing on it are top fucking notch. I think I practically own every single STAR TREK comic that is out there. These new ones are greatness. Total wood.

And I am still diving through STAR TREK DISCOVERY, despite my initial reaction to it. I am almost done with the first season. As a show, I like it. As a STAR TREK show, I don't. But I do watch it. I like most of the characters. I just try to not pay attention that it is a Star Trek prequel and just think its an alternate timeline. Much like I think STAR TREK PICARD will be. But hey, at least I am getting new Star Trek. I'll take it.

So many cool things are coming. A BREAKING BAD movie, THE MANDALORIAN, STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER, GHOSTBUSTERS REMASTERED for PS4, LINKS AWAKENING and DRAGON QUEST 11 for Switch... I'm just bursting. Good shit is on the way! I can't wait.

I got big things coming up. I got this current Kickstarter that is running. Then Fantasticon Mt. Pleasant in October. A nice vacation in September and of course HALLOWEEN SEASON all the fall! Greatness just around the corner. For now, I just gotta clean house, keep drawing and enjoy the ride. Keep that depression and the toxic people at bay. I'm doing a good job of it so far. But man sometimes it is so hard.

I'm trying, folks. I really am.

Cheers, T

Kickstarter for STARSLAM RETURNS is Live!

Hello my friends! The Kickstarter for my new erotica graphic novel, STARSLAM RETURNS is live on Kickstarter and you can pre-order the book and get great stuff for yourself right here:

Below here is a trailer I made for the book on YOUTUBE:

Its 140 pages of slam bang hot action as Bethany Hofferman (STARSLAM) comes to terms with who she is and why she does what she does. There are a ton of new characters and the return of a few old friends in STARSLAM RETURNS!

Folks, I'm proud of this one. I've had it in my head since last year. And now I'm seeing it all come together, its a happening. A total happening. You won't want to miss it. Join my Kickstarter now and get the book to see all the glory! I thank you for your support.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


Hey friends! Its no secret that I am going to be launching a Kickstarter for a FOURTH Starslam book in a few days.  I am offering up something special for my artist friends out there if anyone is interested in taking on the task.

I will publish a pinup of any character in the STARSLAM universe in my new book that you can draw. And if yours gets picked to be put in the back of the book, I will send you a free digital copy of the book when it is released!

Its simple. Pick any character from the STARSLAM UNIVERSE (even STARSLAM herself) and do up a pinup of them. I need it around 300DPI, full color preferable and around 12" tall. Subject matter is of course mostly open. But if you have questions EMAIL ME HERE TO ASK

Deadline is SEPTEMBER 5th, 2019.

Thanks to those who are interested. Onward and upward! Let's kick some butt!!

Monday, August 12, 2019

25 Years Ago This Week... MY Woodstock Happened.

Lots of folks this week are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of WOODSTOCK that happened in Bethel, NY. For me, I am looking back fondly at my Woodstock... Woodstock 1994, that happened twenty-five years ago tonight as I type this.

I was a smidge too young to have been able to go. I was only 16. But I wanted to be there so bad! The lineup included bands I was way into even back then. Like Nine Inch Nails, Collective Soul, Rollins Band, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Greem Day, Primus, Metallica, Peter Gabriel and so many more. I was upset I wasn't able to go. At 16 I had just got my driver's license. For me to venture 20 miles out of town to visit a mall in Midland, Michigan was a major journey. There was no way I could drive from Michigan to Saugerties, NY for such an event.

However, I feel like I was "there" in a sense. I had taken the weekend off of work at McDonalds and I stayed peeled to MTV all weekend watching the coverage and footage. You couldn't see too much of the performances, as they were selling that as a PAY PER VIEW feed at the time. But later on I saw bootlegs of a lot of the performances. And I think most of them are readily available on youtube if you do a simple search. I watched well into the night every night and wished I was there. It really had an impact on me for some reason. I felt like it was a cultural thing I just had to take note of and be a part of.

Shortly after that weekend, they released a VHS and double CD of one song each from the major performers. I watched and listened to it over and over. I STILL have that double CD. No joke. Recently I missed out on an exclusive Record Store Day vinyl of Green Day's entire set from the show. I'll get it someday.

You can tell I was obsessed with it because in the comics I drew at the time, I drew a couple WOODSTOCK posters in the backgrounds and on t-shirts. So yeah, I was there... in a sense. Sorta. Kinda. Shut up. ;)

I wasn't into the lineup of bands that played at WOODSTOCK 99... and we all know the story of what happened there. I'm glad I did not go to that event. But I had hoped that for this year, the 50th/25th of Woodstock that they would announce a big show and the lineup would be killer. They did announce a show, but in my opinion, the lineup was total ass. I was very disappointed. Apparently so was everyone else because ticket sales just weren't there. So investors pulled out. They tried to save it, move it, but it wasn't happening. A couple weeks ago it was officially cancelled. Its a pity, but I completely get why.

Something happened in 1969 and even in 1994. Stuff that you cannot recreate. I remember Peter Gabriel saying at the show, "Twenty-five years ago, they believed you could change the world. To live their dreams. This is YOUR Woodstock. These are YOUR dreams." That line always stuck with me.

Well here I am, 25 years later. I'm a middle aged man. I still listen to those same bands and I have evolved myself as a person and my ideas in how I view the world. Some of my dreams have come true. Some didn't. But its been a hell of a ride. Sometimes the world seems darker than ever, especially when compared to 1994. But we strive on. We rock on. We live on. Forever young at heart.

This week I think I will dust off some of those CDs and relive the magic of that year and time. I will remember where I was mentally and how far I have come. Music is the best time travel machine there ever was. Because when I push play I am taken back again. Back where I belonged.



Thursday, August 08, 2019

Times Like These...

This has been a tough few days. Politics have me down. The shootings have me down. We had out own shooting scare here in Lansing the other night. We were out in the middle of it, not knowing what was truth and what was real. For real, a couple of domestic type of shootings happened. The next day some false alarms were revealed and everyone armchair quarterbacked us and people we know about buying into the hype and hysteria. Strangers and friends attacked me and my feelings about the situation and any opinions I shared about how I feel about guns. I'm sure you reading this have your own opinion and that is fine. I'm not here to ever debate or change your mind. I get loud online and have to backtrack, because I have friends that sit on all sides of issues. I’ve lost friends this year over everything going on. Everything isn’t pretty. It really has taken the wind out of my sails. I’ve been down and angry. Perhaps we all are...

I read this today and it helped me:

I’m trying folks. I’m trying to stop making sense of the insanity and just get through the day. I’m trying to stop focusing on the arguments that go nowhere and just keep my corner of the world happy. I’m trying not to be scared for my kids and their present and future. I’m trying to keep my head in the game of creating and keep moving. I’m finishing some major stuff right now. Commissions... and launching a new book next week. I’m trying hard to keep creating. Keep focused!

Kevin Smith is right. I gotta do it for those that can’t and to help people through who truly get what I’m doing. I know they are there waiting for me. I have to push through for them!