Friday, November 16, 2018

Upside Down

Hello friends! 
Life this week has been up, then down, then up again. I'm surviving. Did 50 hours at the day job and I spent time at the table too! Good news is I got my monthly commissions inked. Just have to scan/color them. Will post live here on Patreon soon! Also I got all the STARSLAM BONUS 20 PAGE STORY all done! Just gotta scan, clean up and send to my colorist. I was trying to get ahead on the KISS cards as they are due at the end of the month. I did a big chunk at the day job but after penciling around 30 of them, I realized I drew them all upside down!!! There's a KISS logo at the top of the cards and I drew them upside down. Used to the logos on the STAR WARS sets, where the logo is at the bottom. I went on auto pilot and created more work for myself. Great! :)
I am happy to say I am three months ahead on Patreon stories, pencils and inks all done for them. I just need a couple good nights of scanning, coloring and lettering. I'm starting the new year off with a special treat for longtime fans of my stuff. 
Also, I have ramped up production on PLEASANT LIFE 2!!! I got 6 new pages all penciled and I began inks. These will add to the already 40 I had previously done. But I drew a major scene in the book today. The reunion has begun!

I decided to deactivate my Facebook account. Its done me no good as far as promoting what I am doing and its a MAJOR distraction with lots of headaches attached. I do miss it but I think I just need to disconnect for a while. 
Let HENRY ROLLINS say it better than I can:

With Facebook now 5 days out of my life, I am reading more. I finished Brian Posehn's FOREVER NERDY and am now reading FRANK ZAPPA's Autobiography. Its a fun read so far.  
In good news I got about 90% of my Xmas shopping done. Tomorrow as I write this, I am getting my boys for the weekend. I plan to cook a nice ham, green beans and mashed potatoes. Just spend a weekend with them relaxing and then artworking when I can. Believe me, I need both. To be productive and to relax. This week was a hell week for many reasons. But I am on the upswing and that ain't gonna change. 
So why not smile a bit? Maybe do a fashion show: 

Life is full of upside down moments. Its up to us to turn it right side up and get on with it. 
Onward. --T

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


I'm sure by now the news has traveled to you folks. Stan Lee has gone to the beyond.

Everyone is sharing their memories and their love for the Stan the Man. My friend Mark had many direct dealings with him and you can read his stories and see his intimate thoughts right here:

I never met Stan. I saw him a handful of times. Walking past areas I was at in Pittsburgh Con or Detroit Fanfare. Closest I got was in San Diego 2008 when he and his guards fast walked past me while I was drinking in the hotel. I was like, "Damn! The dude can move fast for 85!" He also was a participant in the LLOYD KAUFMAN ROAST that was at San Diego that year and I attended. In fact, I recorded his roast of Lloyd here:

I was more of a DC COMICS guy, honestly. The only Marvel comics I got into as a kid was X-Men. It was the Jim Lee/Chris Claremont stuff. Over the last few hours I've seen a lot of people I know share their stories and personal accounts. Consensus is that Stan Lee created their childhood and they feel like they've lost their dad. I certainly can understand feeling like that. I've lost heroes along the way too, and I am sure more are to come. But just wanted to give some love to those dealing with those feelings this week. It sucks. It truly does. 95 years is a great run. And his works will live on through time.

Not bad, Stan. Thanks for inspiring the world with your ideas and your spirit. Excelsior!

Sunday, November 11, 2018


Hey friends!

Did my one and only "Appearance" show at a TOY SHOW in Okemos, MI where I mostly sold off a good chunk of some nerd stuff I had laying around. I brought all my books, some original art and things but they didn't sell at all (just like at a real comic show! Just like old times!!) But I did sell off some of my old con prints to one guy who took a nice stack. I'm just glad that my things go to a good home, you know? I don't care at this point. My focus is online stuff like Patreon and Kickstarter here. (Plus I've had a surge in online sales at GUMROAD too! Have you got my comics digitally from Gumroad? If not, consider yourself a holiday purchase right here: )

The show itself was well attended and full of vendors. It was really steady all morning until like 2pm. I got to catch up with a lot of old friends I had not seen in a while. I made a few new ones too. That is what I love best about the shows. See old friends, make new ones, etc. I sold off all my "big ticket" nerdy items and of course poured that money right back into collectibles I brought back home. (so it goes) But overall I had a great time! I really enjoyed being a sort of "dealer exhibitor" this time as opposed to just selling my original stuff. A lot of people saw my books and made with the "Whoa! YOU make these??" statements. It was cute. No buyers. But hey, that ain't what its about for me. I'm just glad to go out and share my nerd love with other like minded people. I had a nerdy garage sale, I suppose. I enjoyed myself. Getting out of the house for some sun once in a while is a good thing, right? Anyway, I'll gladly do it again.

Here are some pics of things I saw and got. First up my neighbor had these cool SPOCK PJs. Oh if I were a kid again...

I found this really creepy looking Spock doll that the dude sold me for cheap. Looks like he's been smoking waaaaaaaay too many cigs... (Side note: Leonard Nimoy died of COPD from his years as a smoker. So I call this COPD SPOCK. Is that wrong?)

So I scored the Spock, a couple custom STAR WARS lego figures and I got a box of TREK CAPTAINS COLLECTION cards. I pulled two autographs and bought a third of Celeste Yarnell. She just died a couple weeks ago, so I wanted to get her autograph before anything. Might have been the last thing she signed for all I know. Good to have in my collection.

I got this original HE-MAN animation cell too. It captured my imagination. Is he tossing something, or is he gonna catch something? Either way, it made me giggle.

I found this cheap TARDIS thing that I guess is a sort of jewelry case or something? I got it for my girl. She will enjoy it. (and yes, it is bigger on the inside)

I didn't do much this week besides day job work, but I did finally watch INCREDIBLES 2 with my girl. It was a fun little flick. I'm still counting down the days until I get to see CREED 2! I'm such a massive fan of the ROCKY flicks. CREED 1 was the shit. and this new one looks to be equally as good. Can't wait!!

On the art front, I am finishing up commissions this week, inking STARSLAM BONUS PAGES (which are all finally penciled and complete BTW) and I got two new Patreon stories penciled and ready to ink. Plus some new pinup stuff. TONS of things to come from me. I better get back to it!

Later gators!

Friday, November 02, 2018


Hello friends! Welcome to November! 
Hoping to get a few months ahead on things like my PATREON so I can be free a bit. I might "take a break" from artworking the month of December (Although who am I kidding? I never quit!) But I got some exciting shit to do and have fun with lately.
Exciting time to be a nerd. Not only do we get tons of cool movies and TV shows, we get lots of toys and games as well. Things I am excited for are things like CREED 2 (dropping Thanksgiving), the long awaited delivery of my new FIREBALL ISLAND board game (Backed on Kickstarter in April and its finally shipping this month!). This week I got a couple new nerdy things too:

My fiancee bought be this as a "wedding present." I didn't even know I got one!! The wedding is a few months away but I guess since it dropped now and its hard to find, she went ahead and scored one for me:

I've always wanted a stand up arcade cabinet in my home, and now I got one! The reviews on these things are mostly positive and I look forward to assembling it this weekend with my boys. I gotta figure out where I am going to put it, but I will find a place! GALAGA is my favorite arcade game of all time. That and the VECTOR STAR WARS game. I'll assemble it and let you know how it is.

For music nerds, I got my METALLICA: AND JUSTICE FOR ALL box set shipped early!

Man there is a shitload to listen to there! But I'll get to what people want to know...

The main criticism about this album is that the bass is waaaaaaaaaay down in the mix. So does this "Remaster" fix that? In short, no. I knew it wouldn't. But I was excited about the "Rough Mixes from the Vault" disc. Maybe that would be a version with bass in it! In short, no. Well, maybe... I did a comparison of my old 1988 CD version, the new REMASTER version and the ROUGH MIXES version... I can say of the three, the ROUGH MIXES sounds the best to me. Its "warmer" and louder. Plus a few parts here and there are different. Different riff or solo, etc. Vocals sound the same on all three. The REMASTER does sound a tad louder. The album hasn't sounded better. But I listened closely to "Blackened" on all three versions, going back and forth from all three and I didn't hear any discernible bass track. Unless Jason played it right on the nuggets of the rhythm guitar. But I certainly would try to track down the Rough Mixes version. Interesting bit of history.

I still got all the demos, live tracks to go through. There's a ton here. And the book is worth the price alone! If you are a fan, take the jump and get the box set. You'll thank me. Don't let the bass stuff ruin the greatness of what is a great album. Arguably Metallica's best. IMO. But a case could be made for any of the first 5 albums with them.

In other nerd news, I bought and read comedian Brian Posehn's new book "FOREVER NERDY." It was a quick read, him showcasing all the stuff he loves, how he discovered it and all the bullying he endured as a kid. I felt like I got to know him a little better. I met him once briefly and he was nice but very quiet. Still one of my favorite comedians working today. If you like nerdy talk about how you discovered things like heavy metal, Star Wars, girls, etc... check out his book: FOREVER NERDY.

For some reason I have been into reading and listening to D&D stuff. Especially podcasts. I got turned on to Brian Posehn's "NERD POKER" Podcast. Its kind of fun to sit and listen to them play a D&D campaign. Made me want to play myself.

I never played growing up. The closest I came to playing as a kid was playing HEROQUEST: THE BOARD GAME (Which I will score one on ebay soon, dammit!). I played the real thing a handful of times in college with my friend Jon and that was fun. So maybe in total I've played it six times. Last time I played was an attempt to start a new campaign with Jon back in like 2011. I'm not super into doing it. I never have time. Stupid second shift work! If I worked first shift at my job, I might consider it. I'm too inconsistent to get anything going. Plus a lot of my friends live far away. Maybe skype a session? I dunno. Not as fun. So I just enjoy the NERD POKER podcast and read copies of DORK TOWER meanwhile. Maybe someday I will do something with my passing interest in it. I've often thought about creating a mini campaign around STARSLAM and making a fun, sexy role playing game for fans of the series. Maybe I will someday. Would be a fun bonus wouldn't it?

Another thing I liked as a kid was reading DRAGONLANCE books. I read the very first one but never got into the others. I should. I was big into LORD OF THE RINGS when the movies came out. But the novels aren't the funnest read. So I guess my nerdiness is limited. Although I do love Mid-evil RPG video games... Just never have fucking time to play them!

So this weekend: Kids all weekend. Assemble my Galaga game. Dive deeper into my Metallica box set and get caught up on artworking. I want to get far ahead on the patreon stuff, finish a commission and finish the KISS cards. I also have to finish digging through my collection for the upcoming toy sale in Lansing on Nov 11th. Selling my shit! Buying new shit!

Lots to do. Let's get to it!

Sunday, October 28, 2018


Hey friends!

Its been a stressful damn week. I had a panic attack even. Just A LOT to get done and the OT at the day job is here! Plus home woes (Fleas, Furnace... all of which I discuss on the newest Podcast)... But I am making progress. Got some commissions done this weekend, got stuff boxed up I need to mail to various places and all the USA Starslam mailers are out. I just gotta work on the overseas ones this week. All the paperwork is filled out for them and they are ready to be mailed out. Thats what I will be doing this week.

Also I spent some time today grabbing more Xmas presents off my list. (I'm striving to get all my Xmas shopping done before Nov 11th... just because!) I have also dug through all my tubs, toys, comics, books, games, etc and gathered stuff for the Nov 11th TOY SHOW in Okemos, MI that I will be set up at. I'll sell my old shit and my comics and art there. Should be a good time. A different vibe than a comic con. Much needed. Plus I need to be rid of some crap. If I make a little extra scratch for it in the meantime, why not!

In addition to finishing things off the TO DO list, I am working on the other new stuff I need to do.

Like this:

Recognize any of that? Those are some of my earliest comic work! They will all be scanned and collected into a book for next year's celebration of my 25 years in self publishing. I'm just gonna scan em and see where I can get to after that. Maybe a kickstarter? I dunno. Its old shit. Its honestly HORRID to look at. Does anyone want to see that? We'll see I suppose!

Cute kitty sitting on my kid's car seat!

Anyway, nothing new beyond that.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

NIN Concert in Detroit - Oct 2018

So I saw NIN for the second time in Detroit. I only went because my girl hasn't seen them ever and they are in her favorite bands list. They did something different to keep the tickets from bots and scalpers. You had to physically go to the venue a couple months ago and buy the ticket. Then you come back and see the show. (LIKE THE GOOD OL DAYS!) In actuality, I kinda liked this system. Yeah it was a pain to get up at 3-4 in the morning and go buy the ticket, but I used to do that same thing when I was a kid. I'd stand outside Warehouse Records in Mt. Pleasant (RIP) and line up for tickets to a show. You could pick you seat and found happiness. So this was similar and it kept it going to the real fans. Of course you are going to get people buying extras and scalping them. Assholes abound in this world. What you gonna do?
I saw them live in 2014 I think it was. They played a lot of the more later albums. But this show the majority was PRETTY HATE MACHINE and BROKEN. A couple from this album and that, and four new ones. But nothing off the later albums really. The stage was stripped down, no screens. Lights and smoke. It was a rockin' good time. 
I'm showing you folks some of my pics and then pics from the Detroit Newspaper, as they got MUCH closer than I. So enjoy these. They played at the Fox theatre... which is GORGEOUS! Here are my pics:
I'd say that this show tops the last time I saw them, for sure. I love those first two albums. While there were a couple songs that they've been playing on this tour that they didn't play the night I saw them, overall I'd say it was a killer time. And you know what? No assholes around us. Perhaps doing the tickets the way they did got it to the real fans who appreciated the show for what it should be. Of course there were loud, drunk arseholes... probably bought tickets from a scalper... but luckily they weren't around me and didn't dampen my experience. 
Concert retirement begins now for me? In a way, I hope so. I'm getting too old for this type of thing. My feet, back and ears hurt a bit. I've seen some great fucking shows in my days of concert going. Legendary performers. If this is indeed my last show ever, its a good one to go out on. 
But it will happen again. Maybe I'm still a bit too young to retire. We'll see. 

Saturday, October 20, 2018


Well, I'm back posting here again.

I still have my Patreon, which you can find right HERE, but I decided to keep more active as well. So basically I am doing both. Here's how its going to work:

---I will continue blogging, promoting and podcasting here at AND my Patreon. My Patreon will get the content (and extra content blogging-wise/podcast-wise) FIRST. Then it will post here. This site will NOT be getting the monthly erotica comics content, nor the process pencils/inks and bonus comics content that I post at the Patreon.

So basically, if you come here to good ol', you'll see my blogs again. I think I am uploading all of my Patreon podcasts to the old podcast page here.

Why am I doing this? Well, to put it simply, cross promotion.

Yeah, I'm creating more work for myself. But I think the ends justify the means. Promoting myself to a paywall has only got me so far. The Patreon is basically new monthly and specifically themed content. While promotes my history and ALL my content. NSFW and clean alike.

Next year is my 25th Anniversary in self publishing and I plan to do some big things. Surprise content, new books, some appearances, etc. I need to be open about the process of promoting that and my work.

So yeah, if you liked the old blogs (all archived here) and the podcast ( morning show), its all returning here. But to get the FULL ADAM EXPERIENCE, I strongly suggest the Patreon still. You get monthly new erotica comics, process posts, podcasts first, extra podcasts and blogs that won't be posted here, sketchbook peeks, downloadable bonus comics, unreleased comics and more. Join my Patreon HERE

For now, is up and running again. I never left it. I repaid the licenses and domain name fees. Its mine. I own it. So why not use it as a tool? Never hurts, I say!

Anyway, we back. Onward and upward.