Friday, February 24, 2017

Kickstarter is OVER!

Well today was the day! The Kickstarter for my horror comic: TALES FROM THE GORE, is over! We raised almost THREE TIMES the amount asked for in 15 short days. We funded the project in less than 12 hours. Not bad for a 24 page floppy indie horror comic!

This project meant a lot to me. Specifically because its a tribute to my friend Caleb and the results after costs are covered go to his family and the Arlee Rodgers Surgery Fund (which she's doing great BTW). If you haven't seen Arlee and her progress, check out this:

So now we wait the 14 days and then we get the funds. Then place the order with Grecko in Michigan and then a couple weeks later we got our books. We will have a VERY LIMITED supply of books at Horrorhound Cincinnati at the 12 Gauge Gore booth as well. Meanwhile, Caleb's daughter Olya and I have some commissioned pieces to finish for people! We're getting to work on it quickly so that the books can go out on time and everyone is happy.

I cannot thank everyone who participated and pledged enough. Caleb would be so thrilled with this project and the success it has come with. Thank you all.

Caleb lives! The work continues.


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Oddz and Endz

Hey friends. New VLOG is up! Check it out:

We're less than 24 hours away from the end of the Caleb tribute horror comic, my new project! This will NOT be available in my online store here after its over, so this is your only chance to get it from me. Clicky Click Click HERE

I did some more work on Starslam 3 this past week. I think that is the next major thing on my plate, along with one of the novels. Once I get a couple commissions out of the way, I'll go full steam on it and the commissions for the TALES books. March/April will be busy times!

For those in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, I will be at Horrorhound Weekend March 17-19th. Stop by the 12 Gauge Gore booth to ask them where I am. I'll be wandering all over. Come party with us!

For those in Chicago, I will be at Exxxotica June 23-25th (I believe that is the dates). Mark your calendars!

Other than that I am trying to stay sane on a ton of overtime at the day job, lack of sleep and just getting through the day stress. I start therapy again today, so that might help. Just clearing some stuff in the basement. Nothing to worry about.

Anyway, thanks for checking back with me. I love you guys.


Sunday, February 19, 2017


Oi fellow Mac N Cheese eaters and those who don't eat Mac N Cheese. I think that covers everyone, right?

Busy, is an understatement. I've got a lot going and man, I need a vacation. Its getting fucking brutal. Starting off with everything Kickstarter related. Right now, it stands at over $1,200. Almost TRIPLE what we asked for! Only a handful of days left so act quick! Note: The TALES FROM THE GORE book WILL NOT be available in my online store after the Kickstarter ends. So this is pretty much the only way to get it from me. I will not have any copies to sell you. If you track down 12 Gauge Gore at a horror show, you could find one. But from me? Nope. This is the only way. Don't be left out in the cold! Pledge and support the Kickstarter for my new book right HERE - Only Three days left!!

I got the proof copy of the book from the printer this weekend. It looks great! Check it out:

Where I won't have this book in my online store, I still have my other books. I sold a Pleasant Life today even! Here's a sketch the lucky person got when they ordered the book. Thanks a lot to all who continue to support my stuff! 

I always love drawin' the boys. I miss them. Hopefully I can get STARSLAM 3 done so I can continue their adventures!

After the Kickstarter ends, Olya and I will be busy with your commissions and then once the books are here, we got books to do sketches in! So we will be busy all March and part of April getting these things done. I haven't spoken to her but we are all thrilled with how well the Kickstarter for Caleb's book is doing. Thanks everyone who has pledged and supported! It means more than you know. This is not just any other book I've done. It represents so much more.

Well, I registered my hotel so now I am 100% locked in for Chicago Exxxotica in June. More on that later. I am also sooooooo ready for a vacation!!! I'll be taking next month to Horrorhound Cincinnati. We will have limited copies of the TALES FROM THE GORE at the 12 Gauge Gore booth but mostly its time for me to walk around and enjoy myself. Its also my girlfriend and I's one year anniversary at the show! Interestingly enough, I put my deposit down for my first tattoo that I will be getting at the show! Its a Caleb tribute piece I've been talking about doing for months now and I chose the right person and place to do it, I think. Its about time I get some ink on this old body. Looking forward to the trip. I'll have plenty of pics and video to share when I come back. Less than a month away! I need it!!!

I really have been running around ragged lately. Overtime, job, artworking, kids, cats, etc. Its been crazy. Right now, one of our fur babies, Belle, is severely sick and we gotta take her in tomorrow to get looked at. I hope its nothing too serious. Even though they fight, I think Lily is a bit upset at her friend being sick:

This weekend I was able to do some inking on Starslam 3 pages. I also refined the script a bit, adding some new elements and deleting some others. I basically streamlined it and got rid of some stuff that I didn't think was working. I think now its much tighter and makes way more sense. I'm still 50 pages in but I got my next 30 plotted out. I'll pull reference and start pencils this week. I should have a batch this week to toss to Andy for coloring as well. Might as well get this baby out the door while I got the fire to get to rolling.

I also have commissions to work on and a few other things on the TO DO list. But I'm still rockin' it. Not much else to say. Just get it done. Do what I can. Make it happen. The nice weather this week has been a welcome bonus to my day too. Helps remind me that the sun is still willing to welcome me to a new day of trying. I'm busy refining my work and my life approach. Its not an overnight thing. More a lifelong thing.

Cheers, T

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

No Rest for the Insanity

Welcome back my friends.

I hope the talking heads in politics are keeping you angry and distracted from the absolute corrupt bullshit that is going on behind the scenes. Pay no attention to the white rich men behind the curtain and nevermind that they are not using lube while they fuck you. But when the smoke clears, they will take what they will have wanted and leave you pissed and blaming the next guy... or better yet, each other!

Oh well, let's leave the madness behind as it recommended and almost mandatory to do so. Let's focus on what we're doing here. We're distracting ourselves making art. It's a worthy cause.

This week, I finally, finally, finally, finally, fina-fucking-ly finished a new book. Its a 24 page book called "TALES FROM THE GORE," whose Kickstarter is close to double what we wanted to raise for it. So far, its holding the line just above $900, which isn't bad. But I'd love to see it keep climbing. We've got about a week left on it and I want to sell as many books for it as we can. So here I am offering you an exclusive look at the first page. It features our buddy Caleb as our horror host, introducing the stories inside. Check it:

I gotta say, I'm damn proud of this book. It really was like pulling teeth for me to get it done (in more ways than one). But I kept my promise and here it is. You can pre-order it by going to our Kickstarter right HERE - To draw my friend in these pages and give him dialog was a weird experience. To me, there was a lot riding on it. You want to do a good job on something like this. I hope I did alright by you guys and by him.

I miss him everyday.

Speaking of comics: This coming month is the 10th Annual MSU COMICS FORUM. I was offered a table at the show but I declined. So please note I will not be there this year. I wish them all the best and you all should still try to make it out to the show.

I really haven't had much time to myself to get anything done, nor even attempt a relaxing day. I took this past Monday off in the hopes that I could spend time with my girl, Kitty D. We NEVER have a day off together. And with having the boys two weekends in a row, a pile on my TO DO list, I knew we needed just one day together. So we both had the day off. It all lined up. One rare calm in the storm of our lives.

And what happens? We both get the flu.

It started with some stomach issues. Then repeated trips to the sink and toilet, unable to keep food down. Then it developed into full on aches and chills. I spent all day in bed and her on the couch. As we passed each other in our weakened state, we'd help the other one out with what they were too sick to get on their own. We cared for each other. I guess that is the best we can muster on our only day off. So close, yet so far apart. Angry and tired, sick and in love. We tried to keep our sanity as well as some sort of nourishment in our corrupt virus infected bellies.

We attempt sanity weekly. We're both fighting battles. Everyday, outside people, places and things come and try to take us down. But we keep fighting, together. We got each others backs. We have 100% trust and loyalty to each other. We text constantly. I hate texting. But I do it for her.

We get as close as we can to each other.
We give each other space.
We get together everyday for talking and cuddling.
We dream about the future and enjoy as much of our present together as we can.

In short. We're happy. Very happy. And we've been fighting alongside each other and happy while doing it since the day we met, one year ago this coming late March. So Happy Valentines Day/Early Anniversary day to my love. I am finally completed in knowing you and how you treat me, and let me be me. Here's to many more happy years together.

Mushy stuff aside now---

So now that Tales from the Gore is in the can, I'm thinking about what is next. Novel? or Starslam 3? Probably both. On days where I feel like drawing (rare anymore), I will work on Starslam. On days where I am writing, I will work on one of the two main books I have almost finished. I hope to have some major progress on one or both of these projects by the summer. I also have work to do for the upcoming Exxxotica Expo in June. Perhaps some pinup prints or a special erotica comic collection. I also have the Vlog channel and Podcast to attend to. New episodes will be up very soon. The work continues.

 There are so many tiny things on my TO DO list of life. I gotta keep plugging away, checking them off one by one. Painfully slow. Excruciatingly dull and tasteless as it can be sometimes. But I'm getting through it. If anything the progress on "Tales" has brought me this week, is that I still can make it happen when I absolutely have to...

...and want to.


One note on the blog here: I had to alter the blog comments posting rules. I think you have to be a registered user, not anonymous and I think I have to approve it before it posts. I didn't want to have to do that but it keeps undesirables and spammers away. Apologies to anyone this effects. I know I have many regular readers and posters that love to come here and comment to me. If you wish to contact me, the best way is via email at: - Thanks.

Friday, February 10, 2017


Hello friends!

Well, the Kickstarter for TALES FROM THE GORE, my Caleb Stevens horror anthology tribute book went live yesterday and I'm proud to say it was funded in less than 12 hours. This marks the third Kickstarter in a row for me to do that. I'm beyond thrilled about it and how people are jazzed about it! We're even doing some exclusive copies to be sold at the SALT CITY HORROR FEST In Syracuse, NY on April 15-16th. Some will be sold and some will be raffled off along with some other goodies I am tossing to them. For details on that horror show, check out their Facebook link HERE
-- There will be some cool guests there, dealers and movies on 35mm playing. The people that run that show are good people. Check them out.

Meanwhile, the Kickstarter rolls on! You can learn the ins and outs about the kickstarter and stories behind its making and why it means so much, by checking out the new episode of the IDIOTHEAD MORNING SHOW PODCAST by clicking HERE

Lastly, you can check out the actual Kickstarter fundraiser for my new book: TALES FROM THE GORE by clicking HERE


Whew, now that is out of the way. We can talk about other stuff going on.

I'm still in heavy overtime mode at the day job. And with me juggling commissions, Kickstarter launches and more book production, I really haven't had much time to breathe or do anything really. My PS4 just sits there collecting dust. Plus we're adjusting to life with our new baby:

We decided to name her "BELLE" after the character in "Secret Life of a Call Girl."

Lily and Belle don't get along super well, but they are adjusting.
Between work and all this production, I really am just burning my candle at all ends. Even the middle! I got my boys the next two weekends and so that will be a handful of a different sort.  I decided after this weekend to take an extra day off just for me to unwind, spend time with Kitty D and just be still for a moment.While it feels good to make things happen and get things done, inside I'm just screaming for the train to slow down for a minute! The stress and the overall run run run life gets to me. Its something to talk about in my therapy sessions, for sure. I need to make those more of a priority very soon.

I discovered a new hobby, that of perler beading old 8-bit NES game sprites and things. But I haven't had much time to devote to it. But one night last week, I took a few hours and just sat and did it. It was great to turn my mind off and just put beads into a rack and make things. It reminds me of putting together legos, but way less expensive! These are the things I made the other night:

I like the hobby and will continue it. I feel like it centers me a bit. Hopefully after the rush of the Kickstarter is done, I can indulge a bit more and do other things I want to do with the perler beads.

Next month is Horrorhound Weekend. I've already booked my hotel and I'm excited as shit. If all goes well, I'll be getting my first tattoo there. Its a tribute piece I thought up for Caleb. Of course I will take pics and videos there for my VLOG and BLOG here. No worries. And a trip away will be nice. Because after that, things are going to ramp up with heavy production on my remaining projects, as well as new challenges at the day job where I am cross training on some new stuff. These things will take a lot of my time and focus. Ah, the stress to come.

But today, I am happy that we crossed the line comfortably with the new Kickstarter. I did all this for Caleb and Joe's family. I did it for Caleb. And I want it to be hugely successful for them and we sell a mass amount of comics. But this is just the basic cost needs for the book to get out the door. We still got far to go with the funds to raise. So much more can be done. And we've got 13 days to do it. Please repost or check out the Kickstarter for my new book: TALES FROM THE GORE right HERE

I appreciate the support, as do Caleb and Joe's family. I've done all my work. Its up to us to keep it going. Let's rock this thing!


Thursday, February 09, 2017

New KICKSTARTER! "Tales From The Gore"


Its finally here! My new horror comic: TALES FROM THE GORE is now live on! 
View the Kickstarter right HERE

Its 24 pages, 3 horror stories, pinups, fake ads and all in the EC Horror comic style. It features the first published work of Olya Stevens on the back cover!

There are options to get just PDF downloads, autographed books, sketched books, commissions, original art pages and more! And we got some pretty cool stretch goals as well.

This project means the world to me. Literally. There is so much meaning behind the making and publishing of this book, too much for me to go into here on this blog. I'll just stick to the facts and leave my ramblings for an upcoming Morning Show Podcast. But for now, check out the Kickstarter for my new book: TALES FROM THE GORE on Kickstarter right HERE - I thank you for your support.

--Thanks all,


Friday, February 03, 2017

Cleaning the Gutters

Hey friends-

First up, a hearty HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my oldest son, Cody. He turned 17 this Groundhog's Day. Yeah... SEVENTEEN! Only one more year until he's legally able to join the army, buy cigarettes, buy pornography, and be legal enough to move out on his own and rent an apartment. That is absolutely unreal to me. Seems like only yesterday, we were doing this:

OR he looked like this:

And now he looks like this: 

I guess time moves really damn fast. Happy birthday to my oldest son. Keep rocking and rolling!

Well the biggest news in my life currently is this new girl:

We adopted this stray from a facebook posting yesterday and so far, her and Lily Munster are having a hard time getting along. But they will hopefully mend some fences soon. That is part of the reason I am up at 5am this morning... with all the meowing and hissing going on. (Sigh) No name yet. Still working it out. I haven't spent much time with her to get to know her so much. Maybe by this weekend, hopefully.

The last couple days I have got out late at the day job and then had to get up 3-4 hours later to drive to the other end of town and take the kids to school. It really jacks me up when I do that and I'm absolutely useless the rest of the day. I haven't slept well at all, honestly. Yesterday the stress and extreme fatigue lead to some scary chest pains. Its something I am going to have to go to the doctor for, I am sure. Its scary shit. I am sure its a combo of many things. But currently I am on this lifestyle change, bought a treadmill and am cutting out bad foods again. But I also gotta learn how to cut out the stress and lack of sleep from my life. Some days I roll good but then one day of early wake up jacks me up big time and I cannot recooperate. Part of it too is that I am on extreme overtime at the day job right now. Great for the paychecks, but murder on my everything else. And with my schedule with the kids, I only get two saturdays off a month. Those are my only days off from any obligation.... which usually those two days get filled up with some sort of trip or friend wanting to get together. I cannot relax and just try to de-stress at all. Such is life, I guess.

As a result, not much artworking has been done this week. I came out the gate on Monday/Tuesday with some solid work being done in the mornings, only to come to a grinding halt on Wednesday with everything going on. I'm hoping after this weekend I can get back on schedule. I'm behind on everything and I got commissions to finish! I've only had time for two things: Jack and shit... and jack left town.

I've tried to curb the extra stress of my social media political rants a bit this week. I lost it a bit last week and that certainly doesn't help. I've tried to speak my mind and try to make others aware of what I was seeing. But a lot of times, there seems to be a "we won" philosophy instead of keeping the curtains open to what is going on or what feels right/wrong. So I have to learn to just step back a bit and speak only when sorely needed. Or else I will likely go insane. There is lots to do with all of it and believe me, I'm drilled down and paying attention to what is going on. As Henry Rollins recently said in an interview with Joe Rogan: "This isn't the time to be dismayed. This is punk rock time. This is what Joe Strummer trained us for."

But I would be lying if I didn't say that I am a bit scared by all of what is going on. I'm considering stocking up canned goods and maybe even trying my hand at the shooting range. I'm not into guns at all, but if we keep pissing off countries, something might give. And then what? I don't know. We're all trying to figure it out and not live in fear, aren't we?

Anyway, now is the time for art. Now is the time to get closer to those we care about. We've gotta clean out the gutters of our minds and lives. I spent this morning cleaning out old files on my comp and researching my new hobby of perler beads. I'll try my hand at them this weekend. I'll try to relax with some video games and card games with friends and then spend time with my kids on Sunday. I'll stay inside with my space heater on high and a big middle finger to the outside icy weather. Time to turn off the noise for a bit and hopefully get down to business.

Isn't that what we're trying to do every week? Keep wishing!