Friday, December 02, 2016

Honoring Our Friends

Hey friends. I got a quick Friday blog for you all. I try not to post too much here but I like to keep content flowing, but mostly if I have something to say that is worthy for you to come here and read. Today, I do.

This week, my day job honored my friend Caleb ( Remember Him Here ) by planting a tree in our yard at work with a plaque baring his name and dates. We were all excused to go out there to pay tribute to him and memories of him. His wife, kids, brothers and sisters and mom and dad were there. After the reading of a poem, my boss said a few words and then opened it up to all of us to swap funny stories. Of course there were tears but also plenty of laughs. It was a great moment.

I absolutely love that my day job did this for him. There are a couple other trees in the area that are similar tributes to fallen friends before my time. I've seen other places of employment have tribute to employees who passed on as well. The local best buy has a glass case with a person's uniform and pics of him in it. The local Walmart has a plaque on the wall bearing a guy's face and dates. Its great to be at a place who actually CARES about their employees and honors them in such a way. It makes me feel very valued at a place where I work... perhaps for the first time ever in my life. And if you scroll through the last 10 years of blogs here at my site, I've had a ton of different jobs! 

I feel happy now that I got a place to go at the day job where everyday I am reminded of him. I have some things in our office that are for him. Like at my desk I got a pic of us together. And when I arrive there, I have to sit at his old desk for a couple of hours. For weeks, I didn't want to. I wouldn't even go near there. But this week it was unavoidable. But once I did, I felt better about it. We still got a couple small things that were his at the desk.

Now, I'm just grateful that I have a place to go when I walk outside to reflect on things. I haven't made it out to his grave site in Owosso. I just cannot do that yet. The tributes will keep coming. I already plan to get my first tattoo in March at Horrorhound Cincinnatti and it will be a tribute piece I am doing for him.

I was talking with his daughter and I told her and his wife about my tribute horror comic idea. I have to start on it soon. I've already pulled the reference for it and it has to be done early 2017. But I just haven't started it. Soon I will have to. But I want it to be my best. A lot rides on it for me. The book will be sold at the conventions his friend and wife go to. The money will be split between Caleb's family and Joe's family for their kids' needs. I won't see a dime from it and that is what I prefer. I just want them taken care of the best I can do with that I was given on this planet to do. If nothing else comes from my years of doing comics, me using this stuff I've learned to make something to help someone else makes it all worthwhile to me.

Anyway, I guess it goes to show that the work never stops. I keep thinking: Ok, get through this day and we can move forward. Get through this event and then we can move forward. But the events, tributes and works keep flooding in. Sometimes its tough to keep reopening old wounds. But I think sometimes in doing that, you can gain strength from the pain and turn it into something different. Like there's a part when you lose a musician, say... and you hear their songs for the first time after they are gone. And you are saddened that they are gone and this is all you have now. But after a while, you begin to celebrate what you have of them. The song starts to become "yours" and you use it to celebrate and be joyful that you even have this part of their art or their life. You use it to define you. So it shall be with Caleb and all that is still to come. The work, never ends.

I've had a few losses in my life. And every day I think about those people. Every day. This month alone marks my mother being gone 16 years. Its been a long road, this life. But every day I am thankful when I wake up. I made it another day. I get to honor my fallen loved ones again. I get to carry their spirit again, one more day.

I'm honored to do so... all the days of the rest of my life. They live on. And so shall I.

This tree will live longer than I will. The winds will not take it down. Its roots will grow deep and always remain. Nature thrives where we cannot. But nature will remember and it will live on. Never forgotten, never saddened...

...but it shall remain. It shall stand.


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Back to the Grind

Hey friends.

Well, started the work week back into OT at the day job. Thats fine to an extent because I got a bunch to save for in the next year. But the downside is that Kitty D and I feel like ships passing in the wind. So it goes. Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.

I was having a bummer of a Monday. A couple crappy things happened to start my week off into a slump. Then her kindness led to me getting to unbox one of my gifts early:

The Pat NES PUNK guidebook to NES. It was the main thing I wanted for Xmas this year! Its 450 pages and VERY heavy! I toss this at your face, you're dead. No buts about it. But man is it awesome! I will be reading this for a very long time. Wish it wasn't so heavy so I could read it on the toilet like I do everything else!

I have a ton of reading to catch up on. And I really should. Its preferable to scanning the Facebook and the news every day. I only hop on FB maybe twice a day now, if that. My posts there are slim. I'll post a pic there from my phone but then just stay away from it. Every time I log in its the same old stuff. I just like the quieter times in my life now. I need that more I think. That and work.

Not only are Kitty D and I feeling the effects of working a lot, so is Lily Munster... who waits by the door for us to come home. She loves us... 

Her waiting for me at the front door when I was off to work on Monday.
This really leaves no time for any sort of production on the 50 things I gotta do currently. I'm just drained all around. But I did manage to pencil a couple new Starslam pages for a commission and ink one of them. Here it is: 

Such a cool idea, I think I will make it part of the main story of Starslam 3!
I got this weekend off with the kids so hopefully they will let me get some more pencils and inks done. I really desire to get these comics done and out into the world. (And off my mind!) Luckily I got a colorist here to help with me now. I don't know what I would do without him. With my productivity slowed to a crawl, and motivation slower than it ever has been, he is the spark that keeps my head in the game. Gotta keep pushing through.

Get it done.
Get it done.

I don't plan on going anywhere during the winter months. Just staying home, hunkering down and saving money. Let's hope that I emerge with some quiet productivity on these things. Days drift on by and do does my zeal for all things that used to define me. Its a weird feeling. What is it that is causing this?

I don't know, but I'm scared shitless.

Luvs, T

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Post-Thanksgiving Gobble Gobblez

Hey friends! Turkey Day has come and gone and I gotta say it was a relaxing weekend all around. EXACTLY what I needed!!! I took time off from everything and just did my best to relax and spend time with Kitty D. We watched movies, munched on leftovers and just enjoyed each others company. Of course tomorrow I go back to work with the overtime at the day job. No rest for the wicked!

Over the break I enjoyed some new media... like the new Metallica album and Rush documentary. Both essential.
On Saturday I ventured out and finished 95% of my Xmas shopping. And even got a couple things for myself. Some discount blurays and this:

Will be excellent for my house party game collection! 
Miss Lily Munster "helps" with the wrapping of the presents...
I watched a couple newer flicks too.

GREEN ROOM - Eh, it was good, but not spectacular as some told me it was. Worth a watch.
GHOSTBUSTERS (Remake) - Not funny. Not BAD, but just not funny. In the end, it gave me no reaction. To give it the same review a pal of mine gives a movie: "It was a movie. I watched it."

Last week I also got a tune up for my car to make sure the winter months ahead are not a problem. Also an oil change and tire rotation. I think I'll get the alignment checked as well this week to be 100% on point with my car management skills. Meanwhile, I'm back at the day job until Xmas doing overtime hours and saving my pennies for 2017.

I will be having a special announcement soon here on the website for new fun (and FREE) content from me! Stay tuned!

Anyway, its back to our normal lives... whatever that means nowadays...

Cheers, T

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Gathering of the Juggalos of Thoughts

Another blog so soon? Eh, why not. Its my outlet to write in the mornings. Plus people dig it, so fuck it. Let's go.

I'm out of new Howard Stern and podcasts this week, so I am listening back to old Idiothead Morning Show episodes from this past year. First of all, I think I'm boring as fuck and you folks are saints for still listening! Second of all, I've drifted through a lot of shit. I re-read some blogs over the last couple years and I gotta say this: I'm really goddamn lucky.

We look at 2016 as a shit year and yeah, it has been! Lots of celebrity death, lots of personal losses, economy being so-so, bad events, political BS.. on and on. But you know, I'm happy to have those things. I'm grateful I have the works those musicians, artists and actors left behind. I'll always have them with me. I'm grateful to have met a man like Caleb and I know his friends and family. We will continue to carry his spirit on with us the rest of our lives. I'm grateful for the bad shit that has happened to me. It kind of puts a nice spin on the good things that have happened to me and makes me more grateful to have them. We got to be alive at a great time to know these things and have them with us no matter what. Be grateful for that.

I'm slowly putting together my best of 2016 list and its surprisingly full of content! For as much bad shit that has happened this year, we got a lot of good things as well. And we're still here to keep the fires burning on the good things we have and of things to come.

I got a spark of enthusiasm about my projects this week and I know the end game of some of them now. I know how to push forward in the things I want to do. I'm making plans for things to come in 2017. Some things will be checked off my bucket list, that is for sure! I am returning to and embracing things that are important to me.

All in all, its a good thing to be right where we are. I know, you turn on the news or check the trending Twitter topics, it doesn't feel like it. But we're here. We're still standing and we're kicking ass. We'll be here to rise up and make our voices heard. Through our works and on down to how we treat each other. We are good people and we will prevail. And the art of who we are and what we do, will remain.

I'm proud and happy to stand with all of you, my friends. Let's keep rocking and rolling. Happy Thanksgiving.


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Gearing Up the Holidays

Hey friends!

Seems like everyday I am going, going, going. In a couple days it will be Thanksgiving. I'm going to have a friend come by to eat, along with my kids for a couple hours. Then I will have two glorious days of peace and quiet. I don't plan on doing anything. Not going anywhere. Maybe pick up a pencil or two, but other than that, just staying at home and spending time with my girl. Sunday I'll have the kids again, and then its back to work. But I am very much looking for this little mini break I am getting. I need it. The day job, while I love it, it can get a bit mundane and I am looking forward to a break. I'm getting older and things just seem to take more out of me. Plus this:

Star Trek: FIRST CONTACT came out 20 years ago today. It was the best of the TNG movies. It also is the only movie I saw twice in the same day. I saw it early in the day, as I do with all Trek movies that come out. Then at night a group of friends all wanted to go see it so I went with them. It was worth it. It ranks highly on my favorites of the Trek flicks.But 20 years???? MAN THAT MAKES ME FEEL OLD!!!!!

But its not all bad. My new kitty has brought some life and excitement to the daily drone on. 

She LOVES to drink out of our cups. Can't leave them laying around or else she'll tip them over.

And she's EXCELLENT with the kids!

James sitting in her toy basket.
But its not all without some productivity in the house. This week I took the Bat Blazer for a tune up and got some erotica pages inked. Also did some new Pleasant Life 2 pencils...

New Pleasant Life 2 pencils!
And I paid my colorist and so I got a slew of new pages from him and man are they killer! I can't show the bulk of them cause (spoilers) but here are a couple: 

Starslam 3 colors!

Man, the HQ hasn't looked any better than this!
Man, Andy is killing it with the colors on these pages! My art has never looked better! Its a great high note to go out on!

Whoa, whoa, what? "Go out on?" What does that mean?

I'll let those thoughts gestate for the time being, but I'm really thinking about doing other things beyond comics. Like the novel writing. Getting back into oil painting. Doing model kits for my home, etc. I figure why not finish all the projects I promised and then call it a day for a while... or longer than that. It will be a while before that can happen, and who knows what vigor will be reignited in that time from now til then. But I'm considering all these things as I move forward. 2017 will be a huge year as far as releases from me goes. You'll see a lot of me in print form. After that, I have nothing planned. Not sure if I will plan anything either.

But let's not dwell on those thoughts today. We've got a lot of work to get done before those questions can even be pondered. Four comic projects. Two novels. Its a lot to get done, so the work continues. Also: I got some special plans for the video youtube channel I plan on announcing very soon. A nice little Xmas present coming for ya'll!

I'm such a cock tease...

I hope everyone has a good holiday weekend. I know I will!

Much love, T

Friday, November 18, 2016

Pre-Holiday Thoughts

Hey friends!

My commission sale drive continues until next week Thanksgiving! Details HERE - We've already raised an additional $250 for the Arlee Rodgers fund for her surgery and I appreciate it. Let's keep it going!

Arlee's family is on my mind this weekend. This weekend is the Days of the Dead con in Chicago. Last year this time, Arlee's dad Joe, myself, Caleb and his wife Colleen drove through the two day blizzard to get to the show for one night only. It was scary as hell but we made it. I had a great time at the show itself. You can see pics and a recap right HERE - We got drunk off our ass, danced and partied. I met some new celebs and bought some cool shit. But it was my first horror con and I was loving every second we were there. This year Joe, his wife and Colleen are going. I wish I could but I have my kids this weekend and no days off left in which to head out there as well. I wanted to go out if only to toast to my friend Caleb and celebrate his life with my friends, his friends and family. I called for a rain check on that event until March Horrorhound in Cincinnati. Still, I wish I could have gone. I've been thinking about the trip from last year a lot and how much fun it was, despite the scary snow drive. I hope to make it to many more horror shows and bring Caleb's spirit with us every time we go. I guess that makes these things even more special than they were before. So that's a good thing. I certainly will never forget that weekend last year... or him.

This weekend I have my boys and next week is Thanksgiving! We've already bought our turkey and have made plans on what we are going to do. I'll have the boys for three hours that day and a friend might be joining us. Other than that, I plan to just take it easy for a couple days. I REALLY need to relax and have some quiet time. I never get to do that and I desperately need it. We got some things to do on Saturday that will be fun, other than that, I am just going to focus on the therapy I need of relaxing. I might get productive on some artwork, but I'm not promising myself anything other than some much needed rest/relaxation... whatever form that takes.

I plotted out some new pages for Starslam 3 and scanned a bunch of new things for the Patreon.. whenever that is going to launch. I might do some inking on the pages this weekend if the kids let me. We shall see.

I'm addicted to the new Neal Morse album, THE SIMILITUDE OF A DREAM. It might dethrone Anthrax's FOR ALL KINGS as my album of the year. Its a big musical journey, for sure. Ranks up there with some of his best. You can check out the album yourself on Itunes or order it through his website HERE - If you like prog rock, stuff like early Genesis, Yes, Floyd and other stuff, you'll certainly dig this.

I wrote a song at work the other night. Some great lyrics that I need to hone down and put music to. I know early on this year I got a new bass and wanted to do some recording. Those plans never happened. But I still desire to get something going with it. Perhaps after the holidays and I get a couple of these comic/book projects out the door, I might focus some creative energy that way. I'd like to. I got a ton of good personal songs I'd like to get done and out into the world in some form. Maybe the Patreon? Who knows! We'll figure it out.

Thanksgiving is the precursor to the big Xmas season. I've already started buying presents for the kids and Kitty D. I have a lot to be thankful for this year. Yes, even after this year of absolute shit. Right now I'm just thankful I'm awake and still here. Its all I need at the moment. And next week I'm going to cook the fuck out of a large 22 pound Turkey, Taters, Dumplings, Stuffing, Biscuits, Asparagus, Beans and more. To celebrate life and love. To think to the good days ahead.

Yeah, sometimes we're all deep in the shit. But we know the light keeps us safe and sane. We can be each others light. Let's keep striving for that.


Thursday, November 17, 2016



Yes, from now until next week Thursday, I am taking orders for commissions. Get 2 for the price of 1! And 100% of what I earn from this drive will go to the Arlee Rodgers SDR Surgery Fund.
Learn more about Arlee and consider donating to her fund at her families GO FUND ME page right HERE - But basically my friends are in need of some help and I'd like to see Arlee and her family get some help during their time of need.

To take advantage of this Commission Sale offer, paypal me the corresponding price at - or Email me for clarification at the same email address right HERE

But the info is this: You get TWO commissions for the price of one. These are SINGLE IMAGE commissions, limit of 1-4 characters. Black and white only. (Color is extra and can be negotiated if you email me.) If you live in the continental USA, you are guaranteed to get the pieces no later than a week before Xmas, making these the perfect Xmas gift for someone you care for. So you take care of that, in addition to helping a family in need! That is what the holidays are all about.

Thanks for reading and please check out the links above. Take advantage of this offer now! Sale/Drive ends next Thursday (Thanksgiving).

Cheers, T