Saturday, October 20, 2018


Well, I'm back posting here again.

I still have my Patreon, which you can find right HERE, but I decided to keep more active as well. So basically I am doing both. Here's how its going to work:

---I will continue blogging, promoting and podcasting here at AND my Patreon. My Patreon will get the content (and extra content blogging-wise/podcast-wise) FIRST. Then it will post here. This site will NOT be getting the monthly erotica comics content, nor the process pencils/inks and bonus comics content that I post at the Patreon.

So basically, if you come here to good ol', you'll see my blogs again. I think I am uploading all of my Patreon podcasts to the old podcast page here.

Why am I doing this? Well, to put it simply, cross promotion.

Yeah, I'm creating more work for myself. But I think the ends justify the means. Promoting myself to a paywall has only got me so far. The Patreon is basically new monthly and specifically themed content. While promotes my history and ALL my content. NSFW and clean alike.

Next year is my 25th Anniversary in self publishing and I plan to do some big things. Surprise content, new books, some appearances, etc. I need to be open about the process of promoting that and my work.

So yeah, if you liked the old blogs (all archived here) and the podcast ( morning show), its all returning here. But to get the FULL ADAM EXPERIENCE, I strongly suggest the Patreon still. You get monthly new erotica comics, process posts, podcasts first, extra podcasts and blogs that won't be posted here, sketchbook peeks, downloadable bonus comics, unreleased comics and more. Join my Patreon HERE

For now, is up and running again. I never left it. I repaid the licenses and domain name fees. Its mine. I own it. So why not use it as a tool? Never hurts, I say!

Anyway, we back. Onward and upward.


Monday, September 17, 2018


My new book: STARSLAM 3 is now available for digital download! Check out the Gumroad link to your right or click HERE

ALL activity from this page has moved to my PATREON page. I have several months of exclusive NSFW erotica comics published online there, tons of new blogs, exclusive video content, podcast content and sooooooo much more! Only $1 gets you access to blogs and podcasts. $8 gets you that plus the monthly NSFW comics, pinups, erotic art blogs and more and $20 gets you all that plus a monthly digital commission! Help support my work directly by checking out my Patreon page right HERE

Thank you for the years of support. You ain't seen nothing yet! Join my PATREON page to be part of the fun!


Sunday, March 25, 2018

Why you still coming here? PATREON!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Yeah you.

Why you coming here?

I know. Ive been here for 13 years. Old habits die hard. But I told ya friend. I have moved my entire empire over to my PATREON PAGE.

If you arent there, you are honestly missing everything.

In the last month I have posted over 24 different things. Blogs. Pics. Process pics. Upper level sneak peeks at my stuff. Full download links to comics. My new podcast: THE NAUGHTY SAUCE and so much more.

You are missing it. You can have the basic plan for only $1 a month. You get the blogs and the podcast for that. Pay a bit more and you get the comics. Pay a little beyond that and you get stuff NO ONE ELSE will ever get. It all goes to support me and what I have worked so hard for the last 24 years. It feeds my kids. It puts food on the table. It keeps the lights on. It helps me buy pens and toys. It helps me pay for internet so I can download my porn and AVGN videos....

This is the future, folks. Exclusive, artist support, paid content. You support the artists DIRECTLY and they give you what you want. That is what I am doing. At my Patreon.

Come join us. $1.00 a month. Less than the cost of a soda gets you a month access. The cost of 3 specialty coffees gets you a ton of art, comics and even upcoming VIDEOS! yup. All of it is there. And its been one month and Ive posted 24 times. That is WAY more content than I ever posted here on a monthly basis... and its not as depressing of posts as I used to do here! ;)

Come join us. Click here: ADAM PATREON PAGE

Its the only place I am now. Join me.


Thursday, March 01, 2018


Today is the day!!! My new PATREON page is live and posts are already there! The first BLOG is up, first monthly COMIC is up, the first episode of my new PODCAST (called THE NAUGHTY SAUCE) is live and more!

$1 a month gets you access to the blogs, podcast and some sketchy type stuff. EVerything you have got here at ~~ That is less than the cost of a 20 oz. soda!

$8 a month gets you all that plus my monthly erotica comics, free downloads of some old ones, sketches, pinups, other comics I periodically will upload and much more!

$20 a month is superfan status, which gets you all of the above, original art mailed to you every three months of faithful service, one monthly digital commission, process blogs, maybe even some skype type of meet up and videos!

(special treat... STARSLAM 3 previews never before seen for the $8.00 and up!) 

This is where I am going, folks. This is the future. Help me make it happen.

Join my PATREON today by clicking HERE and sign up!

~Love, T

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

A Non~Political Post

Yeah yeah yeah... Im making a Patreon that launches tomorrow and im excited and all that, promote, promote, blah blah... But I want to focus a post here about the recent events in Florida.

It is rare that I drill deep into these things publicly, beyond a retweet of someone who said it better than I could. But this is so strong on my mind that I have to speak up. In my lifetime Ive seen many mass shootings on the news and its kind of always goes to the same thing:

Two weeks later: ANOTHER ONE! WE SHOULD DO SOMETHING! (repeat)

Let it be known, I am not against guns. I respect people who are respectable owners. I have close friends that are. They use them for personal protection for thier home, hunting, etc. I have zero, zero, ZERO problem with that.

What I do have a problem with is private citizens getting a hold of assault rifles, THAT ARE BUILT FOR ONE PURPOSE ONLY... (killing mass amounts of things in a short and quick amount of time, effectively). Without training or really NEED for such a thing. I know, it is really COOL and maybe even NEAT to have such a thing. You feel like a badass. Fine.

But I ask you to consider this:

Say, if I were to build a nuclear bomb in my home. If I was smart enough to do that... would local law enforcement let me keep it? I mean, I dont intend to use it. I just think its cool to have. Would they let me keep it? No. Of course not. Now, why wouldnt they let me keep it?

Simply this: They couldnt trust me to not use it. Say I have a really bad day. One of those days where you really wish for a zombie apocalypse to come and wipe us out. Whats to say I might not be tempted to push the shiny red button?

Im not saying people who own assault rifles feel this way. What I am saying is the item I made, in this case the nuclear bomb is TOO POWERFUL A WEAPON to just have floating out there. Say they do trust me... what if someone were to break in and steal it and then use it themselves? In short, the weapon itself... designed for ONE PURPOSE ONLY... is too powerful to be around untrustworthy people.

And I know I am untrustworthy. Some days when an asshole driver cuts me off, I am so angry at them that if I had a handgun next to me, Id drive up and shoot out their tires, fucking up their day. It gets that bad. Now you never know who is next to you in the traffic light. What if they hate your bumper sticker or the music you are playing?

All these things I mention above come to one simple statement: WE ARE ASSHOLES. We cannot take care of each other. We do not care about each other. Look at the message feeds on this current gun debate. We are calling each other names, saying how uneducated the other is, not trying to see the other persons viewpoint, etc etc. We are truly barely out of the woods on this planet. Barely out of the fucking woods. I see it in small gestures everyday on my way to work. People cut each other off in traffic. They have to be FIRST! Ive had people flip me off for going 80 in a 70, because I wasn't going fast enough for THEM. In cars we are anonymous. With an assault rifle or in another country flinging bombs, we are anonymous. We don't see the faces. We don't know who we are killing. Lesson is HUMANITY DOES NOT CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER! Fuck... we don't even care about ourselves half the time. We put chemicals into our bodies, etc.

These items, again, BUILT FOR ONE PURPOSE ONLY, are available for people to get. Mental health restrictions were rescinded last year in a law passed by the president. (dont get me started there) These nuclear bombs (so to speak) are available and those who want to inflict the most damage, will. In public places.. like clubs, theaters, churches, concerts, malls and yes... schools. Seems like we cannot go anywhere without the fear lingering.

But we must live our lives. We cannot hide or else the fear wins. I remember when the DARK KNIGHT RISES shooting happened and I planned to hit the theater the next day. I was scared to go. What if there were planned repeats? It seems silly now, but it was a scary time. I decided to still go see the movie but I sat toward the front doors. In case someone did come in, I would take a chance to jump at them or even use myself as a shield so maybe others could escape. Am I brave in that? No. I am just trying to live my life in the WHAT IF.

But my kids shouldnt. And when I think about the Florida events, I imagine burying my own kids and living the rest of my life in anger like those parents in Florida are now. Or at Sandy Hook. Or many other places where this goes on almost semi~daily... in AMERICA. America loves its trinkets dont they? And the entitlement we have as Americans to BE FIRST... to HAVE ANYTHING WE WANT, NOW NOW NOW... erodes our sanity and our complacency.

What amazes me too is a lot of the folks arguing PRO~GUN are also self proclaimed Christians. One church I read about is even raffling off an assault rifle because (and I am not telling a fib here), they say that WHEN JESUS COMES BACK HE WILL COME BACK WITH RIFLES! Yeah.They said it.

How about Isiah 2:4 ~
And He shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.

Somehow that great scripture is forgotten among these folks.

This is a gun debate, not a party or political debate. This is a HUMAN issue. We cannot take care of each other. We are ALL mentally ill. And maybe we need to wake up and agree that we cant take care of each other. And while we try to work on ourselves and our society at large, maybe we can put away the worst of the worst for a while. Maybe we dont need these major types of assault weapons out there for us or others to get. While it may be COOL and NEAT to have a killing trinket, maybe we need to let this one go for the greater good and use common sense.

But we wont. This will happen again and again. Just like throughout human existence. Until it happens directly to you... then maybe you will understand. So I invite you to login to Facebook and Watch THIS FOOTAGE ... and imagine that is coming from your childs phone. Really imagine it. And maybe you will cry as hard and as frequent as I have in the last few days.

Back to my point about me building a nuclear bomb. No, I wouldn't be allowed to keep it. Because its too powerful a weapon to leave in the hands of me, a simple monkey. Maybe some other things BUILT FOR ONE PURPOSE ONLY fall under that category too.  Think about it.

This is not the world I want to live in and its not the world I want for my boys. We gotta evolve. We gotta be better. Its mental health to choose some SANE CHOICES in what we will allow us monkeys to have.


Sunday, February 25, 2018

PATREON launches MARCH 1st! (plus a surprise!)

BIG BLOG TODAY. Last blog? All shall be answered! 

First of all, I have been very busy with things. I am scanning new STARSLAM 3 pages and getting them to my colorist. (more on her later)

Second, Ive still been working OT at the day job, although its starting to dwindle. More time for artworking and making things happen.

Third, I am still learning to take time for myself. Last night my girl and I took a break from cleaning and artworking to watch a couple flicks. I revisited my old favorite: METROPOLIS for the first time in a few years. Then we watched a British flick she loves called DRIVING LESSONS. I also drove to Grand Rapids to visit my friend Tim and get to talk music and movies... two of my favorite subjects! We ended up making a deal for some of his old NES games, still with the boxes. These ones are extra special to me because they were his original, original, ORIGINAL buys from when he was a kid. So I have a piece of his history now on my shelf. Believe me, they will be there until I croak... simply for that reason alone! A lot of the things I collect are not for the value, but what they remind me of. Like my Trek 3 poster I got that reminds me of my mom and my old boss and his friendship. Things that hang on my wall are memories. Cds and DVDs are the same thing. And now these new games will always remind me of him, how we met and our friendship. You cant put a price on things like that. I am very much a nostalgia collector. But I am also making a museum of my memories.

But I know what you want to talk about... the PATREON!

Well, its live. Check it out: HERE

It OFFICIALLY launches March 1st. The first comic and blog will be live on there by then. This is in many ways a reboot for me, so I am going to treat it as such. Some of the first blogs and content there will be celebrating and refreshing everyone about my history. Then we will get to some probably semi~daily postings about things. New pinups and process stuff will go up and a few other surprises.

To say I am excited is an understatement. To say that I am scared as fuck is 100% accurate. But I am taking the leap, because WHY NOT.

Now, what happens to

Short answer is nothing at the moment. What remains in the online store will stay there. This will still be a hub I will direct people to. I will likely post here about new blogs, podcasts and things on the Patreon. Most of those blogs and things will be behind the paywall, but some may be public. I might just copy and paste them here, but really I am trying to redirect everything there. I realize this is a major change and will not happen overnight. But I will try all I can to make this work. will remain here as a backup plan in case it fails.

Ive spent well over 12 years of my life here. I thank everyone for their continued reading and support of everything I do. Looking back over the blogs, a lot of it is typed out on a down note. It makes me seem like a guy who is stuffed full of insanity and on the verge of just jumping off the cliff. But to be honest, I am not that way at all. I am filled with joy at the chance to know that PEOPLE DO CARE about me and my work and are willing to toss me a couple bucks a month to prove it. And for those that want continued comics from me every month (of an erotic nature mostly), there is that too. This I hope will be a launching pad to fund my future... in comics, writing, music and my life as well. I will not let you down. Come with me on the journey. This next week: It launches Thursday, March 1st.

The beginning is NOW!

I will alert everyone that morning of its start. But I wanted to leave a little present for everyone before I go.

Here is the official cover to STARSLAM 3. Coming very soon as well. Thank you for paying attention to me here at the blogger all these years. The work continues... at

Cheers, ~T

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Late Night Thoughts pt 85 ~ Patreon Coming Soon....

(Note: I started this blog Saturday night and now am finishing it this week. PATREON stuff after the pictures. Enjoy!) 

Can’t sleep tonight. How about some random thoughts and happenings:

—-This week I tried this late night diner that Ive been meaning to try for the last seven years that I’ve lived in Lansing, MI. Its called “The Fleetwood” and I really enjoyed it. Good late night breakfast! While it doesnt dethrone Golden Harvest as the best breakfast in town, it does come close. I used to have a late night diner in my college town called Lil Chef (also seen in the pages of my comic PLEASANT LIFE). That place closed down a couple years ago. I drew so many pages of art there. I miss it greatly and I still havent found a place to replace it in my life rhythm.

—-I also hit a new antique store and inside I got some cheap vintage Trek and Wars toys MIB. Also some series 4 Garbage Pail Kids packs. But the main find was a complete in box WEAPONS AND WARRIORS board game, as seen on Board James. You can’t find a complete copy on ebay cheaper than $125. I got this for $11!!! Quite a find. Man I get off on finding a great deal on vintage toys. Now I just need time (and space) to set up the massive board and play!

Antique Store Finds.

—-I got my new blank cards for thr new Star Wars set I am on this week. I pulled reference and hope to start this weekend. Just a quick bunch of cards, no big deal. But I am excited about the characters I get to do this time... mainly PORGS!

—-Been reading THESE ARE THE VOYAGES TOS VOL 3 this week. I am almost done with it, thus completing the trilogy. Already learned a bunch of stuff about the making of the original Trek series 3rd season that I didn’t know before. Up next I got a TANK GIRL collection and a new Adrine Tomine collection called KILLING AND DYING. Should be good. (EDIT: I finished the TOS book yesterday. Onward!)

—-I’ve also been watching vintage Tom Baker DR WHO episodes I bought on itunes a while back. Always fun. And my GF and I are finally working our way through RICK AND MORTY. So far, Im liking the show a lot. (I know, im late to the table on that one too)

—-I discovered the works of this writer, Chuck Tingle, who writes these absolutely insane anthropamorphic, homosexual erotic fiction books. The covers and titles are an absolute laugh riot. Its obviously a joke and he is making bank on the whole concept, releasing these less than 5,000 word stories for Amazon Kindle. Wikipedia his name and look at the bibliography. The titles are an absolute riot!

—-I scored tickets to see PEARL JAM this summer in Chicago!!!! Finally, I can cross them off my bucket list as the last remaining band I have to see before I croak. I scored pretty close tickets too. Im very much looking forward to finally, finally seeing one of my favorite bands live. Getting PJ tickets is no easy feat, but I was finally able to do it. After I see them, I can retire from seeing concerts, unless I repeat a show or take my girl or kids to one. But as far as bands remaining that I have to see, this was it. Mission accomplished. Bring it on.

 —-Had the kids a lot these last couple weeks, especially after they had to go home when I was sick. James and I 100% beat LEGO STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS. But he decided he wanted to start over and do it all over again! (Sigh) So we worked on that this weekend. He is actually getting quite good at it all. He even was training Scotty how to play, which was amazing to watch.

—-Toyfair happened in NYC. And there were a ton of new toys announced. MUST GET THEM ALL!!!

Lastly, some recent used CD finds...
 Okay, that is your Saturday blog. Now to today:

The PATREON is coming! I promise. Even as I tried to set up this blog, adding pics was an absolute nightmare. Some I wanted wouldnt even load and then they would place in odd order. Its a hassle and its not working. It makes me all the more hungry for the eventual changeover.

I had planned on a January 30th launch. That obviously didnt happen. Then February 15th, but that didnt happen. Now I got a date in March planned. You will know about it, trust me. Then EVERYTHING will switch over to Patreon.

Im excited about it. Im not scared of it. Ive got a COME WHAT MAY attitude about it now. Ive earned the chance to ask you to follow me over. So I am going for it. Very soon you will get monthly erotica comics, a whole new blog and podcast, pinups, sketches, process stuff and BTS and early looks at all my other comics and writings. All of it. AND... Starslam 3 is on its way.

I promise all of this. Im working hard to make it happen. Soon.

Stay tuned.