Saturday, May 27, 2017

Vacation Week!

Hey friends!

I'm reporting to you from my much needed vacation week. We took some travels to go see my father in southern Illinois, and it was a good trip all around. We ate hearty, saw all the family and spent as much time with dad as we could. He seems to be getting along mostly okay, which is all you can ask sometimes. We visited the graveyard and paid respects to everyone there too, especially Mom and Gloria. We found the drive there to be enjoyable but the drive back was a pain. It rained the whole way, semi trucks were not able to stay in their lane (had a couple close calls). It just took a long damn time to get back. We are taking the time now to relax and enjoy each other's company, as well as just enjoying being home. We are NEVER home due to working so much. And when we are home, we usually have a house full of kids or friends... so there's never any US time or even ME time. Yesterday we did just that. We had separate ME time and then US time. Much needed. I'm getting some reading done, which is good. Yesterday I spent time with Mr. Booze and played guitar for a while. I was happy that my carpal tunnel didn't act up very much so I could get some playing in. One day I cooked us a big breakfast and we were enjoying the nice weather and air flowing through the apartment.

Its taking in the little things that make a vacation worth having.

And of course boredom creeped in and so I had to get some work done. I shrunk and scanned over 25 pages of art for Starslam 3. I cleaned them up digitally and then sent them to my colorist. I even penciled 5 new pages before my hand gave out. I'm trying to adjust, folks. I'm trying.

This weekend I got some activities planned that I keep delaying. Including yet another Nintendo party with friends. That should be fun. Then a planned outing on Sunday. Also I hope to squeeze some more artworking and reading in there somewhere. I feel the vacation days dwindling away and I hope I can feel nice and refreshed before Tuesday rolls along and I am back to the day job grind.

This last week some stuff went down that I didn't comment on yet publicly. I've been too busy. First up was the passing of Roger Moore. He was the first 007 that I remember watching as a kid. Later on as an adult I'd go on to enjoy all the Bond movies, making Sean Connery my favorite. But Roger always had a special place in my heart for starting it all for me. He made being a deadly spy fun. RIP.

Also this week was the 40th Anniversary of STAR WARS. Now most know me as a hardcore STAR TREK guy, but credit where credit is due... Star Wars came first in my life. I remember watching it on Betamax as a kid for the first time and how the world changed for me. I listened to the records and books. I played with all the action figures (some I still have). In college I collected all the new figures (Still have em). Even today I still buy the occasional Han Solo or Jedi Luke. I remember my college job of working in a theater during Phantom Menace opening night. I was watching my kids the other day waving their light sabers while watching Star Wars. So many memories.... so many good times.

Well I got relaxing to do and I'm likely to cook a meal for my bae here in a bit. Then off to my gatherings. Everyone have a good Memorial Day weekend! Let's enjoy the time off while we still have it.


Thursday, May 18, 2017

These Times are A Changin'

Hey friends. Lots of stuff in the blog today to discuss. Let's get to work.

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their support and kindness over the carpel tunnel thing. The last blog I posted about no more commissions and all that got a massive amount of hits and my inbox filled up a bit. Everyone giving their thoughts and advice on the situation. Believe me, I appreciate it more than you know. I hope that I didn't sound defeated in my last post, because I'm not. I just have to streamline what I can and cannot do. We all have things that happen as we get older and this is just one of those things. While I am definitely saddened by it, I'm determined to still finish my project goals. Even if those last few pages come out looking like chicken scratch! But I will not rush myself. I'm letting my body tell me what I can do. And I'm wearing braces daily:

I'm going out to look at certain vitamins that might help and I am doing the exercises daily. So far, my computer work and writing don't seem to be effected yet, and that is a damn good thing. We'll adjust. The world isn't getting rid of me that easily!

Meanwhile, my world around me keeps on drifting by: 

Scott-bot enjoying some TV. Lucky devil.

Momma cat and her kittens. Its almost time to give two of them away. We already chose which one is staying...

...its this grey and white dude I've named SEBASTIAN! I think we made the right choice. But we'll be sad to see the other two go. Definitely will be missed.
Sirius Satellite radio started their 24 hour Beatles channel today, which is exciting. Their first song played: "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE." Absolutely PERFECT choice for many symbolic reasons.

I haven't been to the movies yet to see Guardians 2. I'm not in a hurry either. I didn't get to see Trainspotting 2 yet, and that is higher on the priority list for me. It comes out on disc next month. Only new thing I've watched is the MST3K revival. Its worth your time to check it out.

I've seen a huge spike in downloads of my MORNING SHOW podcast. I thank you for your continued love and support. Thank you so much. It means more than you know. 

Lastly, I want to comment on the sudden passing of Chris Cornell: 

Folks, this one sucks. SUCKS. During the grunge era that I lived in and loved (Still do), I was more into Nirvana, STP, Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam than Soundgarden.  But when I first bought a CD player with one of my first checks earned from my fast food job at 16, I bought two CDs that day... The Doors Greatest Hits and Soundgarden Superunknown. I loved that album. I went to a midnight sale of Blow Up the Outside World. I loved his first solo Cd. And when he joined Rage and did Audioslave, I wasn't that into it for some reason. But he did get back with the garden and released new music and toured. I saw them live in 2015. Here's a shot from that concert at DTE in Clarkston, MI:

The dude's voice was still killer. His playing was outstanding. I was back in as a big fan. I had Temple of the Dog on rotate for the rest of that year.

Nothing has come out yet about how he died, he was only 52. It seems like every band from the grunge era has nothing but tragedy happen to their lead singers. Kurt - (Murdered), Layne - Drugs, Scott Weiland - Drugs, man I hope Chris fared better. Like his pal Andy Wood from Mother Love Bone (Later to be Pearl Jam) died of drugs too. The fact remains for us old fans that the grunge era is dying a painful death. This one hurts man. It really does. I'm sitting here listening to Temple of the Dog (his tribute album to Andy Wood and HIGHLY recommended by me) as I type this. The man had a voice. Killer songwriter. Dynamic frontman. Seems like his heart and soul was in his playing every night.

He will be missed.

Man... it sucks getting old. Seriously.


EDIT-- They are saying it is suicide. If so, this is shocking man. Absolutely shocking. I don't have any words... 

Monday, May 15, 2017

No More Commissions

Hey friends.

It saddens me to say this, but for the moment, I am closing all commissioned work from me. Over the past few weeks I have been slowly learning what I am able to do and not do now with this new health issue of carpal tunnel. Some days I can draw fine. But most I am struggling to even grip a pencil. Its going to be an ongoing learning process and I will have to re-evaluate what I can and can't do, and how fast or slow I can go now.

So for the foreseeable future, no more commissioned artwork from me. If I get any work done, it will have to be on the pages for the comics that I promised. I'm sorry if this disappoints anyone but it is necessary. Thank you for understanding.

I will keep you all updated as to the progress on this new trajectory that my life seems to be taking. I'm honestly angry and saddened about it. But its just something I will have to cope with and accept.

Thanks folks,


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

Hey friends. Long week of work and then some illness. Been having some stomach shit going on. It still sorta is around. I've been trying to take it easy. But---- I bothered to make a big meal for Mother's Day:

Roast with gravy, biscuits, taters and chicken dumplings.
 I realized that today, May 14th is not only Mother's Day but also my mom's birthday. She woulda been 71 today. I like cooking taters and dumplings on Mother's Day because my mom taught me how to make my mashed potatoes. Its a special recipe that people always love. It isn't rocket science, but I make them the same way every time since she taught me. I even still use the same yellow strainer and the mixer she gave me back when I was in high school moving out on my own. In all my moves, they've never got damaged or replaced. Its like we are making them together. And for the Chicken Dumplings: people go ape shit over them. Its a southern recipe that was taught to me by Gloria, my step-mom who came along into our lives after my mom died. They were friends growing up and her and my dad became companions after my mom died 17 years ago. We got close, her and I. So much so that I felt comfortable giving her the honorary title of "Mom." I didn't hand that out lightly, but I felt she earned it. I'd send her Mother's Day cards and call her too. I miss her as well. She taught me how to make the dumplings. Judith, my real mom made them as well, but she never had the chance to teach me how to make them. With Gloria, I had the chance. She gave me a rolling pin from her collection to help in my efforts. On her deathbed she told me that the rolling pin she gave me was her grandmothers. It makes it all the more special. I still use it today. So anytime I make the combo of Taters and Dumplings, I am honoring them. The above pic is the result. Now, the beef roast? That is my recipe. All of us together on one plate. (The biscuits are courtesy of that doughboy from Pillsbury)

Man, I wish they were here. I miss them both greatly. Sometimes I really need someone to talk to and they both were it. While I do talk with my dad a lot I still had a special connection with them that cannot be recreated. There are times lately that I really wish they were here for some much needed advice or an ear to lend. It sucks that I don't have that anymore and I gotta pay some stranger to listen to my problems. Moms are free therapists and usually don't stretch appointments to keep the money rolling in. The advice is sympathetic but also stern and straight to the point. I miss that. After my mom died, I cannot tell you how many times I'd pick up the phone and start to dial her and then it would hit me, "Oh yeah." She's not there. (sigh) So it goes. 

Always honor your parents, folks. Because one day, they will be gone. And all you will have left is what they taught you and what little time they had with you. Hopefully it was just enough to get you through the rest of your days. And to all the moms out there: We appreciate your efforts to raise your kids the best way you can. Thank you. Truly is the most important job in the world, not to raise another asshole. Cheers to you.


I haven't done much on new art pages this week. My carpal tunnel has been acting up. But I did finish this promo image...


So I decided I will be leaving my personal account and posting only in an official Artist/Writer account located: HERE - Click LIKE and FOLLOW to see what I am doing there. I'm not adding friends to my personal account and I am avoiding certain dramas and other things that distract and bring me down. This page is focused on ME ONLY. I'm going to do my best to keep my posts there about me, my work, things in my life, etc. All positive. No politics. No drama. Etc. I'm hoping this can ween me off that damn site completely. So if you private message me on the FB, I likely will not respond or see it. My other old page will remain there but its closed, all pics and things are closed and I will not be using it. If I can erase it without altering what I got on my new page, I will. Facebook is hard to figure out with their BS sometimes. But anyway, if I got anything daily to share, I'll share it there. But all personal stuff I'll keep to the blog here. Make with the LIKE and FOLLOW if you want. Enjoy.

I hope I feel better this next week. My stomach issues are up and down mostly. I just gotta get through this week and then next week I am on vacation to go visit my dad (and my two mom's graves) in Illinois. Plus other stuff. I NEED a break from the rat race of it all. My candle is pretty burnt.

Anyway folks, thanks for checking back. Much love to you all,


Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Hey friends. A bit of an update to the website here. First of all if you look to the right, there are two new links (as well as in the ONLINE STORE). There is now a direct link to where you can buy four of my graphic novels (Pleasant Life 1, Anna Pocalypse and Starslam 1-2) all via PDF download for the cheap price of $5! Just click the link, select what ones you want, pay and you get the download! NICE!!

Now for the COMMISSIONS link, I provided one to the right now. Also, an update to Commission prices. I'm now offering DIGITAL ONLY commissions for a discounted and fair price. Here's the new commission breakdown:

8x11 Single Illustration 1-4 characters with background is $30.
8x11 Page Illustration 1-6 panels is $50. 
Prices include digital coloring, no balloons. Additional characters is extra. Content MUST be cleared by artist beforehand. 

8x11 Single Illustration on Bristol Board. 1-3 characters with background is $50. 
11x17 Single Illustration on Bristol Board. 1-3 characters is $80. 
Prices are for black and white only. Color is $20 extra. Additional characters is extra. Content MUST be cleared by artist beforehand. 

There will be more changes to come down the road but for now, this will get some things up and running where they should be. If any questions feel free to email me. 

Thanks, T

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Same Ol Same Ol

Here I am. No worries. Well, some were worried. I got messages from folks who were worried because its not like me to not post a blog twice weekly. I think its been about two weeks since the last one. Even longer for a podcast.

Truth is there's a few things going on and ways to explain my absence:

 #1 My major "production at home" days were Sundays. Now I am down to two of those because I keep my kids Sat-Monday morning twice a month so that knocks two of them out. The other two are usually reserved for some business that I don't have time to do during the week. So I get two nights free a month really. It kind of sucks but so it goes. At least I get to see my boys more. But that means that any time at home to do stuff like that usually takes a back seat. And my two Saturdays free a month involve time with D that we don't get during the week or with friends.... or severely drinking til passing out.

#2 Thing going on is that I am back into a major depression swing. I had to leave my therapist for several reasons and I am seeking a new one. I thought I was through some shit but apparently there's plenty more that has bubbled to the surface to help destroy what sanity I've tried to claim for myself. So I have wrote, but its been in private.... and you don't want to read what I wrote. Here on the blog and social media, I try to stay somewhat upbeat and positive. I'm supposed to be entertaining you folks. All my other writings shows a person in constant fear of rejection, inadequacy and emptiness. Its full of fear at every perceived failure and an endless need for acceptance and meaning. Its not fun to read. But it helps on some level. It gets it out of my brain. But it is easy to spiral down into the hole I've created for myself and just get the stone face.

I've really always been this way. Ever since I was a kid. It is hard to find someone who can deal with me when I'm like this and not take it personally. Thank the lords for Kitty D, who totally understands and helps me cope with myself when I am like this. We have a nice special mixture and can take on the drama when it heads our way. I got some doozies I'm dealing with right now. But she's there and helping me where she can. That is a good feeling.

You always try to dwell in the good feelings.

On the production front, you'll be surprised to know that I have been very productive on comics and things. I penciled ten more pages last week and things are rolling right along. I got a big new batch of pages to send to my colorist and I am coloring my own pages for my other projects too. Perhaps I owe you an update:

STARSLAM 3 - I got 45 pages in the can, complete. Another 22 are ready to be scanned and colored. We're getting into the major points of the storyline. So far there are about 6 major sex scenes... and thats SO FAR. So there is lots of nudity and sex this time around. I'm going all out for this last book!

PATREON R.I.P. - What does that mean? Well, I've done a lot of thinking about it, while still working on pages and things for it, but I decided that I cannot do a patreon. I just cannot guarantee my output with the depression issues and the carpal tunnel now limiting my drawing and writing. Its frustrating but I have to be honest with myself. I'm on a time limit with what I can do and how fast I can do it now.

BUT----- I still got these stories, pinups, written sex stories and things Ive sat on for years now. I decided that I will finish them and collect them in a new tradebook to be launched on Kickstarter. Probably before STARSLAM 3 comes out. Maybe end of summer-ish. I have a title and a premise. Its basically a sex anthology. For those that love my stuff, you'll love it! It will be around 120 pages or so and I cannot wait for you guys to see it. It collects everything erotica that I've done beyond STARSLAM. So that is exciting, right? Look for that soon.

PLEASANT LIFE 2 - I'm still working on it sporatically. I'm trying to decide how I want to get it out into the world. Eventually I'll probably try a Kickstarter to grab new fans for the series... but I do expect the numbers to be less considering it has no titties in it. But expect that next year.

WISE INTELLIGENCE - Remember this? This was a 4 issue mini series that writer Ryan McLelland and I did almost a decade ago. Terry Moore (SIP) did a cover for it even! We decided to get EVERYTHING together for this project and release it via kickstarter. I'm likely going to let him handle that, as I have enough on my plate right now. But I will be putting the book together for him and doing new stuff for it most likely. Will be nice to put a button on that book and have a nice collected trade of those comics that very few have seen! More on this later.

NOVELS -- Right now I got two novels (the short story/poem anthology and the tell all of my porn store days) in production. They've taken a back seat to the comics. I think once those are out my way, I'll get these done. Hopefully by Xmas or early next year. Because I have my first original novel (fiction) that I am itching to work on after that. Its something I've been half working on and writing dialog on for a few years now. Its a great idea and I would love to get it done... but all this other stuff has to get out of the way first. But consider this a tease.

So there ya go. Stuff is happening, despite my depression. I'm alive. Sometimes I'm angry about it, but I am alive. I know, that sounds dark. But I'm just being honest. I am determined to grow out of the depression that happens and continue my work. I'm determined to face everything the universe throws at me. Cause I'm not afraid to face it. I'll certainly bitch about it, but I will face it all. Sometimes, you just have to climb the mountain yourself just to show people that it can be done. I know I inspire others by what I'm doing and I am not going to let them down. I'm not doing all of this for me, I'm doing it for you. I hope you know that.

Anyway, here are some pics of things beyond all this depressing shit. KITTIES!!!!!!!!

Cuteness overload.

Sebastian. We picked the right one I think.

We will miss this Grey goober when she goes to her new home though.

Mommy is still protective.

Scott Bot lounges around.

What do a bunch of thirty something guys do when they get away from the girls for a night? Do they hit the strip club and the hooters? Nope. They have a NINTENDO PARTY! A bunch of my co-workers got together a couple weeks ago on my only night off and did this gathering where we played through Ninja Gaiden 2, Punch Out, Excitebike, Kung Fu and many other games. It was a lot of fun and we're already planning NES championship night 2. 

Lastly, a note a screenshot reminding me that there are some out there who care: 

I thank everyone for their messages and care. I'll be okay, no worries. I'm gonna work with this new therapist and get to a good place with the shit plaguing me. But rest assured... THE WORK WILL CONTINUE!

Cheers, T

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Starslam 3 Pages and Random Updates/Thoughts/Schemes

Hey friends! A blog of pure randomness, plus new STARSLAM 3 pages for you to see! First, here is the kitten we decided to keep. I have named him "Sebastian." Fear him, for he rules the night!

I'll tell you, having a batch of kittens around is a joy but also a pain in the ass sometimes. Mommy cat keeps howling while we are sleeping and her kittens are starting to wander around. Empty nest syndrome or something? I have no idea. Another few weeks and the other two cats will go to new homes. I'm sure I'll miss them, but I also like the idea of things returning to a bit of normal around here.

I've been watching the new MST3K on Netflix. So far, its pretty good. Nothing will ever compare to the original Joel episodes for me, but that is okay. There's enough there to keep me interested and they do callbacks to the old shows quite a lot. I'm about halfway through the episodes now. After that, I'm gonna try to tackle Better Call Saul. Speaking of which, Kitty D is hip deep into some Breaking Bad now herself. We watched a bunch of episodes last night after work. So good!

Caleb's tree at work is in full bloom for the spring! Check it out:

This Carpal Tunnel thing is a distraction to be sure, but I am dealing with it. I'm doing daily exercises and at work I wear a brace for pressure points. My colorist Andy graciously sent me some ice spray to try out. I need to get a hand brace to wear at night when I sleep. Life adjusts. I'm determined to not let this thing slow me down. I got writing and drawing to do. And I'll go down with the ship if I have to!

For those who participated in the TALES FROM THE GORE Kickstarter: All the books on my end are mailed out and done. The only ones left to ship are the Olya Stevens related sketched books and the commissions. Its hard to get together with a gal who lives 30 minutes out of town and has a ton of things going on (as do I!). But rest assured we will and all the mailers will go out within the next couple weeks with her books. Thanks for your patience. I'm damn proud of the book.

I got a couple messages asking if I will be back at Summit for Free Comic Book Day. Unfortunately, I will not be doing anything for Free Comic Book Day as I will have my kids that weekend. That is okay, because I don't have anything to sell beyond books as it is. I will try to get an appearance rolling next year. But if you are in the Lansing area, check out Summit Comics in downtown anyway as they will have a great guest lineup, prizes and hey, FREE COMICS! Great for the kids and their reading, ya dig?

While I'm talking about comics, I wanted to briefly mention that I am still busy working on Pleasant Life 2 and comics for the Patreon! Right now I got about 60 pages done for Pleasant Life 2 and three new stories done for the Patreon... as well as all the old content I already have created for it. I hope to launch that Patreon sometime soon... this summer! In addition to comics, it will have a new BLOG there as well as an exclusive PODCAST. You only get this content if you are a paying subscriber. Trust me, I think the content will be well worth it for you to dig into. Tons of erotica and a bold new step into that direction, full on. For now, that's enough teasing....

Okay, by the blog's title I promised you some new STARSLAM 3 pages and so here they are! Obviously I cannot show you any pages with T&A as this blog is visually PG-13 for the most part. But rest assured there are PLENTY of naughty pages done so far for the book. As for our progress we got 48 pages completely done and in the can. There are 16 more floating around in various stages of pencils and inks. Wednesdays are my main drawing days on the book and so I hope to push a new batch out tomorrow. But for now, here are these new ones for your viewing pleasure:

Candid photographs!

Doc Nelson and Bear Girl have a special journey of their own in the new book!

Um, we're gonna need a bigger boat!

Updating the team's image!
I got a plan in my head as to when you will see this book complete. I'll be working all summer on it to get it done. With Starslam 3 and the upcoming Patreon stuff, you'll be seeing a lot of my erotica comics headed your way!

Thanks for reading...