Thursday, September 22, 2016

Keeping Afloat

Hey friends.

This is just one of those "okay" weeks. Had some shit happen and I'm rolling through it. Necessary stuff and it makes things stronger in the end. But of course it triggered some depression on my end. But I feel like its clearing up and I am getting back into my own head again. Its incredible how easily I can be derailed sometimes. But I've learned that its best for me to just stay quiet, hunker down and just get through the passing head storm. Its my way I guess.

I haven't done any artworking so far this week because of this. I hope to this weekend and I'm starting a new routine on Mondays with heavy production. I haven't had a good daily routine on comic art since college. This week, I learned that my old college haunt where I drew many pages of my comics was tore down...

Here is all that remains of the great LIL CHEF RESTAURANT.
Yeah, my LIL' CHEF is gone. Scenes from a few Pleasant Life comics take place there. I probably drew those pages in there! Lil Chef closed a couple years ago but now the building is no more. Read more about Lil Chef in my old blog post right HERE

I'm sad about that. I mean, I don't live in that town anymore. It didn't exist anymore. So why be sad? Maybe it was just that its another reminder of days long gone. My old hometown of Mt. Pleasant has changed so much. I don't really like to visit it anymore.

 Too much change.
In an old hometown.
In all our lives.

So we change and adapt.
We grow and evolve.
So it goes.

The biggest change for me this week has been the introduction of my lifestyle change. Now that all the trips and depression for my friend passing away are concluded, I promised myself I'd get back on the horse and get to work on my health. I quit Coke, Mt. Dew and Pepsi three months ago. Lately I've been having the occasional Sprite or 7Up. Now I only allow myself one a day or every other day. I'm on water, big time. Constantly peeing. I'm off breads and some pastas. I now have a regular schedule for eating and its healthy eating. We started the gym this week too. We're going again tonight.

With all that change, this week I am gifted with an 8 pound weight loss. I went from 385 to 377. Not too bad eh? Its a nice start and its very encouraging. The dance continues.

I have quite the mountain to climb. With my health. With my finances. With my artwork. But I hope to emerge in the early part of 2017 triumphant with all of those things in check. So many pots are boiling. The stove is always running.

Anyway, just checking in and letting you folks know how I'm keeping things afloat. Don't forget my BOOK SALE ends on September 30th. Order link is right HERE

Now excuse me while I go take care of some business. Its about time.


Sunday, September 18, 2016


Hey friends. I'm back from a long weekend at an event called "PANDEMONIUM." It was held at a drive inn called "The Skyline" in Shelbyville, Indiana. It was two days of ten horror sexploitation movies, Director Jim Wynowski, Burlesque Show and Live music. We were allowed to camp out on the grounds all weekend. Truth be told, I'm not into camping whatsoever, but Kitty D is. So for her it was a treat to go! For me, I saved money on a hotel. Good in theory, except it rained bad on Saturday. Let's just get to the photos to recap shall we?

First up, a post-birthday lunch at Crunchy's for Kitty D. We like burgers.

We arrived at the drive inn around 5pm. It wasn't as busy as we expected it would be. It was kind of a bummer to see that the place wasn't packed. But those that did come had a great time. Just would have liked it to be more successful for the family owned business. They really put a lot of effort into the show.

The vender tent. Joe set up all weekend and made some nice scratch.

I was kinda tight on cash so I didn't get much. I got a cheap Severin Blu-ray and this: ICE PIRATES on VHS! Nice!!

At 7pm Friday was the Burlesque Show done by the Rocket Doll Revue girls out of Indianapolis. If you get to see them, I highly recommend it! Their website is right HERE

I discovered at the performance that Kitty D and I have similar taste in women, as we both picked the same favorite! Heh.  

Oh my!!!

All the girls taking a final bow.

And so began the movies. Up first: CHOPPING MALL!

Director Jim Wrynowski was there promoting his films. We saw CHOPPING MALL, ARKASAS WOMEN'S PRISON MASSACRE, CAMEL SPIDERS and LOST EMPIRE of his. After that I saw most of SUPERVIXENS and FRANKENSTIEN CREATED BIKERS. Each flick had some nice fun grindhouse trailers before the movies began. Some movies played well into the night while we slept so we missed a lot of them.

Here we are drunk and hanging with some of the Rocket Doll girls!
We got severely drunk and passed out around midnight Friday. It was a fun night for sure!

But then the rain began....

It started raining early Saturday morning and didn't let up until 4pm. Our tent and blankets got soaked. So we sat in the car mostly, waiting for it to stop. That sucked.

Captain T-dizzle says "Fuck da rain!"

There was this cat walking around all weekend. We found out it belonged to a neighbor and came around all the time to hang out. His name was GEORGIE. We petted him a lot. If he wasn't the neighbor's cat we certainly woulda taken him home. But he was always on the lookout for food somewhere. Georgie don't care. Georgie don't give a fuck!

After the rain, this little fella hung around us a lot as well. I got real close to him.

Then on Saturday night, there was this asshole duck that was sitting by our area watching movies and refusing to eat popcorn we tossed at him. He honked at everyone. Asshole fuckin' duck!

Camel Spiders. (sorry, its the only one that turned out decent)

One last petting of Georgie. Man I miss that cat!

Some kinky washed out sexy short film. A WHOLE LOTTA SKIN was seen on screen all weekend!
We left around 1:30am Sunday morning to get a head start on the trip home. After gassing up in Anderson we stopped off to sleep in the car, then finally made it home. Just enough time to clean out the car, start laundry and get food before the kids arrived. I got to see my boys from 4-8pm today. I'll get them next weekend too.

So thus concludes my little trip to a drive inn in the middle of nowhere Indiana. It was a trip that Caleb and I planned together and of course, he was heavy on my mind all weekend. I wish he coulda been there with us, enjoying the smutty flicks and getting drunk with us. I'm sure somewhere he was laughing his ass off at us just sitting in the car dealing with the rain and our soaked pillows and blankets! Certainly anytime I'm at these horror events now, he will be on my mind. For the rest of my life, that is certain.

Now, all my trips for the year are complete. No more vacation time for me. And to be honest, that's a good thing. Its been a stressful couple months but now I am quite rested and I've spent a lot of time reflecting on my friend and how I feel about everything. Now I'm ready to get to work on three main things: HEALTH, ARTWORK and FINANCES. Its time to get my weight under control finally. Its time to get all my projects done and its time to start saving for my future next year. Big shit is coming for me next year and I want to be fully ready for it. Kitty D and I are totally committed to the changes to come. Its exciting!

So, onward and upward. How about one last shot of us with the Rocket Doll Revue girls!

Our favorite girl is the one on the right. LOVE HER! Go see them!!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Adjusting to Life/Taking the Ride

Hey friends!

Lots of people are taking advantage of my massive book sale! Most of the orders coming in are for Anna Pocalypse and Pleasant Life books, which pleases me. As much as Starslam is my most "successful," I am glad folks can give my other non-sexy books a chance. Take advantage of my book sales by clicking right HERE

This whole week I nursed a massive head cold. I left work early last night to try to wrestle it down. I was achy, couldn't breathe and just miserable. But finally after 12 hours in bed, I woke up feeling much better. Still got a sniffle, but that is way better than the sinus pressure I was dealing with. As I get older I find that I get sick more often. I gotta stock up on more meds for when this type of crap happens.

Last weekend at Horrorhound is still reeling in my head. It was tremendous fun and I want to do it again. There is another horror show in November but I really need to start saving for Xmas and Car Insurance and other things. I probably should sit that one out. The guest list sure is tempting though. That's okay. I got production to roll on anyway.

Speaking of production, check out the pages that Andy turned in with his STARSLAM 3 colors:

I'll tell ya, he's really making my shit look awesome! He does little touches that I just absolutely love. I'm glad he reached out to work with me and I'm glad I let my guard down to make it happen. That took some adjusting. I pencilled and inked 4 pages this week and I am going out today to do some more before work. I really am excited to get this book done and rolling out the door to you folks. Gonna be a long time before that but we're on our way!

Yesterday was Kitty D's birthday. We didn't get to do much because of our work schedules, my sickness and our low funds. But I got her some minor presents and am looking forward to this weekend's fun at the Drive Inn campout thingie. Its basically two nights at a drive inn showing a ton of grindhouse style horror movies. Joe and Jynel are going and it will be lots of drinking, chatting and camping. I'm not the best at camping but it saves on a hotel room! Besides, Kitty D likes it, so we'll do that. It was a trip that Caleb invited me to and I was looking forward to all of us drinking and hanging out. But we're still going to honor him. He of course will be heavy on my mind all weekend. But I feel like he'd want me to go and live it up. So, I'm adjusting to the idea.

Doing horror shows instead of comic cons is a new thing. To me, a better thing. Gone is a lot of the BS I had grown to not like about comic cons. And I've met some great people. I'm coming up with ideas to do my own horror comic that I can sell there at the show. I'm adjusting to the idea.

After the drive inn this weekend, I'll get my kids for a couple hours. They started 1st grade/preschool this week. My oldest is a Junior in High School. Last time he was up we played CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY and he knew what everything on every card was. Hard to believe your almost 17 year old having a conversation with you about "bukkake." But hey, he's growing up and he's a fine boy. Its just a mind fuck in some ways. But I'm adjusting to it.

Next year, I'm doing joint custody on Bots and James T. I get to help them learn and grow more than I do now on the weekends. Its scary to see the juggle it will be but I'm honestly looking forward to it. They've grown so much... and so have I.

Here they are on a recent trip to the zoo: 

I'm proud of all my boys. Cody has a full ride to MIT. Scotty is getting better and better with his autism. And James is getting better on using his words and adjusting to his emotions. (He's still obsessed with vacuums too!)

Everyone around me is adjusting to the changing tides of their lives. Its good to see constant evolution of yourself in a world full of assholes and arguers. I think to where I was a year and a half ago and how I was miserable and didn't know if I wanted to live. And here I am now. Some things I got right. Some things I fucked up. But I am adjusting. I'm living for me. And I'm very happy. Look at this:

This was my DVD collection in March of last year.

This is my DVD/BluRay/NES GAME collection today. Granted some of them are Kitty D's, but you see my point.
It feels good to be able to get things that I want and enjoy them.

But all that is just stuff. Stuff that is important to me (movies, music, games, etc) and its a part of my life. I'll never get away from enjoying those things. In many ways, I feel rich and happy to have these things and that I earned them. It feels good.

I guess the point of this whole meandering blog today is this:

I see my friends suffering. I see them go through down times. And there will be down times in all our lives. Things will come and knock us down. But we must never lose what is important to us. We must never forget those who are important to us. And we must never lose OURSELVES. The world is full of wickedness, don't become wicked and bitter yourself. Take the punches, keep standing tall. Adjust to what life throws at you. Enjoy the ride. We only get one shot at this, folks. Might as well enjoy it, and enjoy each other.

I've truly been blessed in this life with good friends, great family, great art and media. I wouldn't trade any of these things (good or bad) for anything in the world. If you are in my world, thanks for taking the journey with me. And there is great work ahead of us.

There is so much to come in the future to look forward to. I cannot wait to take the ride.

Onward and upward!


Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Hey friends! It's time to clean house a little bit.

I want people to read my books. And I understand times are tough. So why not a sale? This might be the best deal I have ever offered on my comics. Here's the skinny:

ALL my books are $10 each! Pleasant Life collected (500 pages), Anna Pocalypse (84 pages), Captain's Log Artbook (200 pages), Starslam 1 (126 pages), Starslam 2 (128 pages).

That's a lot of comics! You're basically getting them at cost. So for the measly cost of $10 a book plus shipping, you can get one of my five major graphic novels I sell at my online store here for usually $20-25 each. That is a MAJOR discount!

And I'll go you one better: Every order over $30 gets entered into a drawing to win this: My 6'x3' ANNA POCALYPSE Convention Scrolly! I took it to many shows for over 4 years and it might be yours if I draw your name!

--Each book comes autographed inside and ships in 1-2 weeks after placing your order.
--For international shipping, please add an extra $10 to the total.
--On Sept 30th a winner will be drawn from the names of anyone who places an order of $30 or more. They will then be notified and I will ship the scrolly directly to them at that time. 

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SALE ENDS SEPT. 30th at 11:59pm. Get on this now. Supplies are limited!! Support indie comics! You'll never see a sale here better than this.

--Thanks, T

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Horrorhound Recap (TONS OF PICS!)

Hey friends! I'm back from a whirlwind weekend at Horrorhound Indianapolis. I had a complete blast and it was exactly what the doctor ordered. I partied hard, drew like mad, and relaxed as much as possible. But I spent lots of time around the things I love and with people (old and new) that I love as well. Of course, it was all in honor to my friend Caleb and he was heavy on my mind all weekend. It was strange being at a horror show without him. Sometimes it felt like "eh, he just took a bathroom break and he'll be back here in a minute." But I really tried to enjoy myself and have a good time like I think he would want me to.

Day one I had only like 5 hours of sleep and my alarm didn't go off so I was late for work! But I got through my shift and headed out and got Kitty D and Jynel and we headed down to Indy. We arrived around 9:00pm and dropped her off and we checked into our hotel. It was a little ways away from the show and through a dark shady area. We called a taxi to come get us but after a 45 minute wait, he didn't arrive. So we took the chance and walked it, passing our Taxi on the way! We arrived shortly before the show was ending and got our wristbands and checked out the booth. Then we went to Joe's hotel and drank some and I met Alfonzo and Sonya, nice people! So all of us then headed back to the Marriot and got wasted. Severely wasted. We ended up taking an Uber back to the hotel and then passed out. What a fun night! 

I took a ton of photos so lets share and recap em all! Here we go:

Any trip to Indianapolis from Michigan means a stop in ANDERSON for some White Castle!!

Once in Joe's room we all did shots to Caleb.

I'm friggin' jealous of the room they had! A FULL fridge, stove and a fucking dishwasher for only $89 a night. What did I get in my hotel? Ants and non-working jets in the tub for $169. Fuck!!

Joe's wife Jynel rode down with us. Great to finally get to know her a little bit.

Rafael and I mean muggin'...

...Jynel joins in.

The party scene outside every horror con I go to. My people!!
Must... Get... Drunker!!!

Us with Alfonzo and Sonya.

Our crew getting drunk. Ya Boobay!! (Eric Andre Show reference)

Day two:  I got up at 9:30 and took in some hotel breakfast. Then we piddled around the room a bit before heading over to the show early. I wasn't due there til 2pm but we wanted to get some shopping in. Kitty D bought art and I got some more fridge magnets and some Troma movies for my collection. Around 1pm I set up at the table early and starting drawing for people and helping with the raffle fundraiser for Caleb.

When you're hungover, ANY food is good food.

I made this sign for the table to advertise what I was doing.

A "THE RING" sketch.

A Vampyra.

Karloff Frankie.

One person wanted a penis commission. So once I did one, that opened the floodgates for some penis artwork! Fellow table helper and Con Jesus' girl wanted this one: A penis shooting a penis gun, shooting penises at some penises. Penis.

Creature From the Black Lagoon for our friend!

Across from my table was "CHAINSAW" from SUMMER SCHOOL. Seemed like a nice dude.

Directly across from me was Jeff Daniel Phillips, known for some Rob Zombie stuff and a Geico Caveman. People dug him. Nearby was the Bradster and Tom Atkins from NIGHT OF THE CREEPS.

Colleen's sister getting a drawing for herself!

This is the girl who opened the penis commission work I was doing. She wanted mini penises in a big penis. Hey, I'm happy to oblige!

This is the raffle for the Fundraiser benefit for Caleb's family. Some GREAT items! I actually won one of them! Caleb's favorite movie releasing company was SEVERIN. So I put some raffle tickets I bought into the Severin bowl and I won a pile of their movies! I was really excited. It meant even more to me to win them since they were Caleb's favorites.

My loot from the show. Not pictured: some STAR TREK TMP card packs I got from a friend.  TONS of movies to watch now and a lot of them are some soft core goodies! NICE!

Joe ended up raising over $1,500 for the fundraiser, which is fucking awesome! There were other items donated that he will auction off at a later date, so the work will always continue!!!!

After the drawing, Kitty D and I took off to relax in the room. Only so much overstimulation can I take in one day! So we ordered pizza, watched some STAR TREK on BBC and got liquored up. Mine didn't take so much because my tummy was full of food. But I still kept sipping on beers and had a good time. We got back to the show and caught the tail end of THE JASONS' set. Then we partied outside until we went back into the party and saw the end of ARGYLE GOOLSBY's set and then the CHUMP CHANGE VARIETY SHOW. Some carnival style burlesque stuff. Entertaining! 

Punk band: The Jasons!

Kitty D and me. Rockin' out with our Tongues out.

Joe stole Kitty D's robe for the PJ party and did a "Goodbye Horses" routine for everyone.

... and so did Jynel!

Leaf Umbrella.

Burlesque show.

Burlesque performer asking Con Jesus to squeal like a pig. His reply: "You better MAKE me squeal!" So he got out the flogger and flogged Con Jesus. Sacrilicious!!!

Floggin' Jesus!

After not catching that much of a buzz, we decided to call it a night and walk back on our own. We finished off our pizza and opened our stuff from the weekend, watching more TREK in the room. We finally passed out at 3am.

Sunday morning, I am a little worse for wear: 


But we made it home safe. All in all, a great weekend. The spirit of Caleb was for sure with us as we just celebrated life and our love of all things weird and spooky. I can't wait to do Horrorhound Weekend again! My thanks to Joe, Jynell, Severin, Con Jesus and wife, Gonzo, the other Joe, Shane, Rafael for the drinks, Alfonzo and Sonya for great company, those who supported the fundraiser for our friend and anyone else I have forgot. Make mine HORRORHOUND 4 LIFE!

Next time, MORE booze. BIGGER buzz!!!!!