Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Last Appearance for the year This Saturday!

Hey friends. A quick note that I will be at SUMMIT COMICS in Downtown Lansing this Saturday for their spooky Halloween fest! There will be contests, free comics and more. I will be set up from Noon-4pm selling books and my final left over prints.

All my comics will be $10 each and my 11x17 prints will be $5 each or 3/$10. Blowing them out because I want them GONE! I will also have some leftover original art pieces all 1/2 off price. Blowing it all out!

Details on the show HERE


Halloween ComicFest 2016 Comes to Summit

WHAT: Free Comics and Halloween Fun!
WHEN: Saturday, October 29th from noon to 9:00 p.m.
COST: Ain’t ya readin’? It’s Free!
Free Comic Book Day (1st Saturday of May every year) isn’t the only annual celebration of free comics! Summit is proud to be a part of the annual Halloween ComicFest – sponsored by Diamond Comics and many of your favorite comic book publishers!

Free Comics

The choices this year are fantastic, and while we can’t provide them all, we think you’ll be pleased with our selection! You can check out all of the free comics listings at the official site.

Local Artists

In addition to the free comics, local artists Dean Stahl, Adam Talley, and Sherief AbouElSeoud will be appearing from 12-noon to 4pm.

Costume Contest

Costume fans take note – We’ll be giving out prizes for Greatest Creativity, Greatest Effort, and just plain Greatest – so you’ve got three chances to win when you come to our store on October 29th.
Take a photo of you – in costume – in front of or inside our store. Then email your photo to summitlansing@gmail.com (topic: Halloween Costume Contest) no later than midnight October 29th.
Costumes need not be super-hero themed – any all-ages-friendly outfits are welcome.
We’ll select a winner for each category, and award each a $40 Summit Gift Card!

Game Demos

We’ll also have a resident game expert on hand to demonstrate a variety of spooky/Halloween-themed games – beginning at 4pm – for those seeking a little healthy holiday competition.
So come on down to Summit on Saturday October 29th and join in on the fun!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Weathering the Storm

I know its my job to entertain and uplift you all. I try hard to do that with every post here at my blog. But I'm finding that difficult to do today.

I've started and stopped writing this blog a few times now. I don't know how to word what I feel right now. So I'll just go basic. It was a tough week for me. Many things went down and it was a roller coaster ride. I didn't get much done. Every Monday I write a TO DO list, and I accomplished none of it. One thing led into another and then into another and finally a big another.

I won't go into detail about specifically what happened, but its just been a tough week. I sobbed in front of my co-workers... that kind of bad. And I don't cry often. But some things happen that just break down your soul and make you reconsider everything and everyone around you. Some shit just gets too real and you gotta drill down and deal with it. That's what I am trying to do. Its what I always do.

I feel like I'm good at weathering storms that drift into my life. But sometimes some shit happens that goes far beyond the line of what a person SHOULD have to deal with, that it breaks everything down.

But tonight, I am writing. I'm sketching. I'm listening to music. And later I will drink booze. A lot of booze. It will be fine. I know it will. But I drink to drown out the anger and sorrows of the wicked world. Just to forget it all for a few hours. And tomorrow I will wake up and it all remains. But I will weather the storm.


But things cannot be all bleak here right? Life still happens around us. The Lions just pulled out a major win over the Redskins. I'm busy scanning newly completed pages of Starslam 3. I got notes and references for the next few I will be drawing. I picked up some brand new paper to get started on it.

I got plans for the Patreon thingie I am going to do. It all could launch today. But I want to be far enough ahead to make sure that I give that my best shot. It deserves my all as a potential source for secondary income. Sorely needed, I might add.

So I do have a lot to look forward to. But some things still trip me up. The whirlwind in my head, for example. And we fucking lost Steve Dillon.

Steve Dillon was the artist behind many comic books. But I mostly know him from my favorite comic series of all time: PREACHER. I posted on Facebook my thoughts on him and I won't reiterate them here. I just know I'll save a couple shots tonight to do in his honor.

The world keeps turning. We just gotta keep dancing.... for as long as we can. Weather the storm and sail through the changing ocean tide. And hope there's something better for us someday. Somehow I doubt all of that, but there's always that puncher's chance for the scoundrel.

Thanks for your continued care and support my friends. Until next time...


Monday, October 17, 2016

Passing the Ball

In today's blog I'm going to talk about my boys.

I got three kids and all are unique in their own way. They got their own likes and pursuits and I'm blessed to have them in my life. Our stories and struggles together are each different and special. Life has thrown all of us many bumps and high tides. And time/distance sometimes keeps all of us not as close in proximity as other families. But they are always on my mind.

Most days, I am occupied trying to right my own ship and provide for myself a stable life, one where I got to pursue my dreams and provide for their respective futures. I've had a good run of it so far on my own stuff. I've traveled far, made new friends and spent valued time of my limited life using my voice to create things to share. Through comics, music, words and other means, I've been able to express myself and pursue those dreams. And I continue to do so.

Along the way, I made three people.

To be honest, I never thought I would be a parent. There was a time in my life where I was never comfortable around kids. I couldn't relate to them. I'm a big kid myself. Perhaps I was too selfish to even consider being a parent. It takes time, sacrifice and so many other mixtures of things that I just knew I would be no good at. But it happened. And its been a challenge for various reasons along the way. It certainly hasn't been easy at all.

But then there are days where things just connect and you sit and think: Man, this all worked out. How did this happen?

That's the story of my kids. All three are well rounded people and all finding their way with what they got.

My youngest, James: He's got his obsessions. Mainly - Vacuums! Its all he talks about. He recreates videos of people demonstrating vacuums. He's excellent at helping with the house cleaning. He would make an excellent actor or storyteller. He's still young and has his moods, but in the end, he's always hugging on daddy and saying, "I love you." Even when I am at my moodiest and crankiest, one good hug and an "I love you" turns my whole day around. Cause I know he means it.

Two wild and crazy guys!

My eight year old: Scott-bot. He is an absolute joy to have in my life. He doesn't just battle autism, he masters it. In the last few years he has learned to beat Angry Birds all the way through, master using short key commands and typing full sentences on a mac, use google and pull images for specific image searches, crop photos online and save them for printing, cut straight lines, write and read, speak clearly and make his own movies and photos. There's even more to that. He does his own thing and he's in his own world. He's happy in it. We don't connect often while he's doing his thing but sometimes he'll come to me for a hug and we wrestle and play tickle fight. I've learned to celebrate the life I was given with him and embrace the unique perspective of having an autistic child. I'm quite lucky with him and his ongoing development. 

Scotty taking over my computer... again!

Lastly, my oldest son: Cody. He turns 17 in a couple months. Today he accepted a special award for outstanding grades in his school. The dude is taller than me and has a full damn beard! He came and spent some time with me this summer. I got to take him down south to where my family began. It was a trip we needed to take for a variety of reasons. But when we got back we did things together like play video games and cards against humanity. (Oh man what a trip it was to talk about these dirty things on the cards to my own kid, and he KNEW what they all were! He truly is mine, indeed!)

He's got a full ride scholarship to a couple colleges. He has plans/dreams/schemes of his own. He's right where I was when I began doing comic books and making my own dreams come to life. And I think he's doing that now with what he does. Its incredible to see and know him. He is one of the greatest things to ever happen to me in my life.

Congrats man. You earned it.

I'm goddamn lucky to be a dad to three great boys. Each of them do things that make me proud. While daddy is struggling with his own life and demons, each of them say to me in their own way, "Hey man, I got this."

All our lives are a struggle. We all got our own shit going on. Things haven't been easy. But we're making a go of it. And me seeing their daily improvements, achievements and milestones has been the best award of all. I got the wonderful opportunities in my life to express myself and to roll with my wants, dreams and desires. And I know someday, I will get to sit back and watch theirs happen for them too.

That is part of why I am trying to clear my stove of projects and get out all projects that I promised to myself and to the world. Because one day, my shot will have been taken. Completed. I did it. Its over. Now, its their turn. And I'm not sad in the least about that. I'm happy to pass the ball to them and let them take it to the hoop.

I still got time to finish all I have promised. They still get to watch daddy go for it before they get to step up. But that time is coming. and I'm perfectly fine with that. It's been a good life.

I'm thankful for whatever brought all four of us together in this crazy world and that we all share something unique and insane. They are made of everything that is wonderful and make me want to be the hero of my story.... and theirs.

Onward and upward to all my boys and their journeys, bold and unique. Get ready for the layup run, because very soon I'm going to be tossing the ball your way.


Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Pep in the Step

Hey friends.

Its been another up and down week. Went through some shit but then I let myself back into a bad old habit. For the first time in 3 months: I had caffeine. And I gotta say, it was fucking awesome!! It resulted in me being awake until 6am drawing new STARSLAM 3 pages! So yeah, it worked out great for me!

And earlier in the week I was blessed with slinging ink on three more pages for the book. Thank you art Gods. Been reading "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron and that is certainly helping a bit.

I cannot share too much of the pages because a lot of it is NSFW but here is some brief proof:

Some interesting stuff happening there for sure! Its mostly pages from the first sex scene of the new book. Like I said before: STARSLAM 3 will be the biggest book with the most superhero action, fights and erotic action. Like both the other two books combined. We're really ending the series with a BANG! The excitement is ramping up.

I also got a few new colored pages from my colorist Andy, who is really knocking it out of the park! Here is a look at some stuff he's doing: 

Some unanswered questions from last issue still linger...

Some movie homages...

Yeah folks. Seeing the good stuff Andy is tossing my way and my newfound love of an old friend in caffeine is making my pencil lead thicken! (gross)

Life is full of stress and craziness. Lord knows I got a few grey hairs from all the insane shit that has happened to me over the years....

See? (But its know well that "its not the years baby, but the MILEAGE!")
But, in the end, I'm okay and it all seems to work out. I get down and I seem out, but I do still have the ability to bounce back and quiet the amplified BS in my head. Then I get the pep in my step where I can comfortably write and sling lead again. Its a vicious rotation sometimes, but its how it goes.

Now I'm off to a long night of inking up these pages, pulling reference and penciling more. Production continues and so do I.

Rock it.


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Open Dialog on Change


The events of the past few weeks during this election has been a trying one. We're all sick to death of the debates, fighting, atrocities, etc. I won't begin to start unraveling it for you or trying to change your mind. Undoubtedly you have already made your decision. I've made mine already. Anything but Trump. He's an unqualified madman. But I won't go into that right now.

What I will talk about today is the things he said in an audio tape back in 2005 about how he can get women cause he's rich. He'll simply just "grab them by the pussy" and they will want it cause he's a celebrity. No I'm not here to talk about him, but more of the mentality of what he said and how some males in our society think that way.

I heard the phrase "rape culture" a while back and I denounced it in my brain. "There's no such thing," I had to think. But more and more, I am starting to believe it. I joined Tumblr this year and of course, my girlfriend and I share soooooo much porn back and forth. Its quite fun. However there are a TON of tumblr accounts dedicated to extreme misogyny. How women deserve and like to be raped, etc. Its insane.

I was reading an article today about how a woman said "send me your assault tweets" and she got some every 2 seconds. Link HERE - This goes beyond 'locker room talk,' this all but confirms to me the existence of rape culture.

 I have been a witness to assaults in my life. One I can remember vividly is that I was working at Mcdonalds years ago and one of my crew members, a 16 year old girl was pushing in napkins into the condiment bar. One of our older daily customers came up to her and said "You know you can push on this and see if its full," pointing to his crotch. She was so scared and angry that she quit.

I cannot tell you how many conversations I've had with women about people doing inappropriate things to or at them. Often I will talk with sex workers (either dancers, entertainers, web cam girls, etc) about all the crazy things said or done to them. They laugh it off and I cry inside a little bit. I understand fantasy, but I don't understand using it in every day reality. While in some cases I think terms like "slut" or "whore" can be embraced (in fantasy for example), but it cannot be our everyday mental norm for everyone.

On racism, I saw a post yesterday on a news source I frequent about how "Black Lives Matter" is a racist movement, as bad as the KKK. Its insane. All that movement is doing (justifiably so) is raising questions and awareness of how we are treating each other. But its just dismissed and not even understood. Just labeled and shipped out. But I feel like its beginning to open the dialog we need to have about it.

I appreciate the open dialog we're having about all these things like rape culture, race issues and more as we move forward into this century. With as much bad shit going on, at least we're starting to wake up and shine some light on things. Perhaps its the budding of technology that is exposing all these slimy underbelly things that have always existed and now we can shine light on it and evolve past it. We must do this personally and in our society at large. It will not happen tomorrow, but I hope the next generation can slam dunk the ball we're tossing at them for the layup.

In the erotica I have illustrated or have written, it has always been VERY important to not depict women as victims or unwilling recipients to whatever erotic action that is taking place. In fact, women are encouraged to feel that liking sex is normal. I have done commission work to the contrary when I was younger and hard up for money and I always hated myself for that. And you know what? That stuff gets more attention than my "safe" erotica. It opened doors for me, but I chose to go down a different path. I chose to say what I felt about sex and the erotic, rather than go with what everyone seemed to tell me they wanted from that world.

Every now and then I will get an email or feedback message on the erotica I've published from a female reader. They praise me on making female friendly erotica and that its not just another book where girls are tied up and raped. Those are among the best feedback emails I get and it warms me to know that yes, they get it. Thank God! They get what I'm trying to do. It makes it all worthwhile.

As we move forward, our thoughts will change. Our evolution as one race and open hearted toward the genders will continue. We must keep talking and asking the questions. We must always move forward and help usher in change. No one is perfect, especially me. But damn are we trying hard.

Stay open my friends and use your voice for change. Reveal and talk it all out. We're close to the answer.


Monday, October 10, 2016

Keep the Train on the Tracks


Life is full of shit sandwiches. We all gotta take a bite and swallow it down our gullet. We do this as we strive to keep ourselves distracted that we are actually eating shit. We keep the dreams carved in our heads that one day we'll get to move on to a tastier meal, or that the taste will not effect us as much. We ALL got big plates of shit we gotta scarf down. It isn't "woe is me." Its "woe is US."

I have many things tripping me up this last week. Service Engine Soon light on my Bat Blazer, the horrible election we're rolling through, work woes, worries about my dad, dreams plaguing me, motivation stops, sickness, energy levels, dieting ups and downs, depression, anger, confusion...

...but I'm keeping the train on the tracks.

Its all we can do, right? Keep chipping away at the things that hold us down. Set the goal, work your ass off and be patient. That's what it all comes down to.

I do have some things to be happy about. For instance:

In the new Horrorhound magazine, my boy Caleb got a shout out! He would have absolutely been floored at seeing his name like this in THE horror magazine of the world. It would be like as if they made a Star Trek character named after me. The last time Caleb and I were together when he was moving, we looked through a pile of Horrorhound magazines he had. He was a big fan of it. We even went to Horrorhound in March. It was immensely cool of them do that for him. Class act, that magazine is. Awesome.

BLAST FROM THE PAST! At one of the collector stores locally, I found a stack of old Mad Magazines for $1 each. I find a few I used to have including this one: My first Mad Magazine ever. Hell, this might be considered my first COMIC BOOK ever. In a year where I'm mourning the passing of the great Jack Davis as well, this was a cool find.
This week I snuck out and got some art pages done on Starslam 3! I got about six in total and have been working parts of the weekend on inking them. Here's a look: 

The only thing keeping me sane lately is my ability to express myself creatively. I have many outlets from the drawing, writing, audio and video stuff I do. The dreams in my head swirl as I continue to carve out my little corner of the world. I work hard to shut out the distractions that keep me from my ultimate goals in these things. I think by the end of 2017, we'll see them all come to light. For now its just about hunkering down and getting it all done.

Today I am going to spend some time writing and then go somewhere private to work on pages. I need this jump start to happen. My personal "check engine soon" light is on. But hey, still got some good miles left in this jalopy.


Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Dreams of Change

Hey friends!

This week is a busy one. I got a couple commissions to finish and I went out on Monday to some solitude before work and the art gods blessed me with six pages penciled for Starslam 3! I also wrote out a few more pages of notes for a couple more stories for the upcoming first novel thingie. I'm hoping I can get to some heavy production next week on all these things. This weekend is shot because I'll be hanging out with the boys:

Introduced James to NINTENDO. He's able to beat the first Goomba. That's something I guess!

They both are just crazy hams.

Sometimes if I am lucky I can get some inking done on pages when they are here. Otherwise its all printing and taping up pictures for Scott-bot and Hungry Hippos, Vacuums and Ipad with James. But then I got Sunday night with some quiet time where I can get some stuff done. That's my prime time for production.

During the off times at night, my girl and I have been enjoying horror flicks. So far we've watched Don't Breathe, House on Haunted Hill (original), Demon Knight, Tales from the Crypt, Creepshow, Rosanne Halloween Collection, Camel Spiders, Chopping Mall, The Lost Empire, Evil Dead 2 and a few others I cannot recall at the moment. Its only October 5th. PLENTY of spookiness to come!

This past weekend I hung out with my pal Jeff. We met through being at the conventions and we're always trying to find time to hang out and draw. Luckily now we live in the same town! This weekend I went to his house and man does he have a beautiful home! He grilled out some burgers and made some boozy drinks for us while I checked out his collection. He has a massive amount of discs, books and Cds. I was in absolute heaven. And his home was just about the kind of thing I would love to own someday. It really inspired me and made me think of what is possible if I continue to follow the plan I got to get my own house.

I've moved 31 times in my life. I'm tired of moving. I'm tired of apartment living. I'm tired of a lot of things. I just want to get my own private Xanadu, filled with everything I love in my life. Plenty of room for all my boys to live in and have their own space. I got a savings plan to make that happen. I'm so dedicated to the idea that I'm going to sell more things of mine to put into the house fund. I'm even considering selling my record player and vinyl. I never get to play them anymore and I like the CD format cause I grew up with it. Records are nice, but when drinking I gotta get up and flip the record, they are more expensive, etc. I enjoy them but really if my house burned down, would I replace them? No. I'd stay with Cds and digital. It just works better for me. So yeah, they will probably go and the money will go straight to the house fund.

My plan will take some time. There are hurdles to get over for sure. But I just so desire a home of my own. I've dreamed about it for years now. And I know with my plan I got I can earn that home. All my friends have homes. Maybe its time that I get one of my own as well. Its a nice investment for my family's future. All I can do now is save big and dream big. That means going without for a while and I'm fine with that. So long as I continue towards the goal of a house.

Dream of change and it will head your way. If you want it bad enough, you can find a way to earn it.

Well I got about a thousand things to get done this week, so I will trekkkk on. Love all of you!