Sunday, April 14, 2019

The Tale of A Tooth

This is a deep writing. Bare with me.

I honestly don't even know how to begin. I just have the feels tonight and I want to let it out somehow. I guess it started with my oldest son, Cody. He grew up with his mother, two.. sometimes four hours away from where I was living. While I did see him when I could, I missed out on a lot of the little things. He seems okay about it today. He's in college up at Michigan Tech making his dreams a reality. I really regret that I couldn't be there for the little things, but it was the nature of the situation we were in. So it goes.

I have two more children, Scott and James. When their mother and I divorced, Scott was five. James was one. Scott may remember, but James will never remember what it was like to have me around everyday.

In the beginning I was there always. Now, I am only there on weekends. Our weekends together consist of mostly play and me trying to squeeze in housework and my other job's needs around it. Sometimes the regular day job calls me away and I have to work, missing one of the precious few days I get to see them in a month. I wish I could do more. But I work so much. 40 hours and overtime. Plus the second job. And lately, I'm having to do even more work and time on the jobs to make ends meet. It will be like that for a while. I've tried to prepare myself mentally for the days where I might have to work instead of being home with them.

Again, I miss out. So it goes.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining about having a good job and a great fanbase that supports my work so that I can continue to make art and use my actual degree and lifelong training to draw and make worlds and art for people to enjoy. But I have to work double hard to make ends meet for my home and for my kids. And in that, when the little things come, they come out of nowhere and I have to pause and look. Usually its already passed me by. Scott would be talking and I would look into his mouth. There is a tooth missing. He'd be like "oh yeah! I lost a tooth!" And I'm on the floor sobbing. I miss so much.

I never have been there for any of my kids to loose a tooth. (Note: After I just typed that last sentence, I had to stop and cry for a bit. Its now ten minutes later as I finish.) And that is where the anger and the pain of separation from my kids comes in. All these little things most parents take for granted, I miss out on. By design, it is so. Over time, I've slowly learned to accept that. It is what it is. I miss every milestone that comes. They arrive and look older. They speak better, write better. I stay the same. So it goes.

You know the worst phrase I hear in my life? "Goodbye dad, I love you. See you next weekend." Its like a fucking knife, every time I hear it. Every time.

This weekend my youngest son James came to me and said, "I lost a tooth!" His first tooth. I of course am now biting my lip not to cry again. Just let it go. Just let it go. Bury it for now, deal with it later. Get alone after the weekend and cry it out. Talk it out. Write it out. Scream it out. Just get through it. Because this is just the way it is.

But this time was different...

James had a second tooth that was loose. I got kind of excited about it. Maybe, he might lose it this weekend! Nah, won't happen on my watch. I'm not that lucky.

Tonight, his tooth came out. His second baby tooth that was in every picture I took when he was young. He was happy to be rid of it but worried that the tooth fairy might not find him at daddy's house. I assured him that she likely would and I would put it in a plastic baggie to keep it safe for her. I wrote on a note inside: JAMES TOOTH. 9-14-19. Its in my lock box now. I'm keeping it forever. After all this time, I finally earned a moment. I earned a tooth.

When you are the father of kids who live in a separated home, its a tough battle. You feel like you have a lot to explain for. You have major obligations. You cannot afford time to feel or remember. You just have to keep going. Ignore that empty baby seat in the back of your car. Fold their clothes and put them away in quiet. Don't let the pain and loneliness trickle down to them. Its your cross to bare. Get them groceries, things to do and make plans for the coming weekend. Keep hoping you will actually get the day off with them and the sun will come out so you can walk outside or go to the park. Watch the other mommies and daddies together there as you stick out as a single parent there with your boys. Just be there. Hope for one day in the future that you can truly be there for them in a way you know how and that the pain is long gone. Hope for the days when it doesn't even matter anymore. You did your job and you will continue to be the rock for them. Keep trying to turn them on to things you like. Maybe the seeds you plant will grow? Who knows.

So much to do and get through. Tough times ahead. But the one thing I know right now is that I got a tooth. James said the tooth fairy brought him one dollar for his tooth at his house. At daddy's house tonight, the fairy left two.


Sunday, April 07, 2019

Hey friends! I got some big news...

I finally have a place to celebrate my 25th year doing comics and its a really special one. I will be a guest at the FANTASTICON in my hometown of Mt. Pleasant, MI on Oct 19-20th! I'm actually making a weekend of it by going in early and checking out my old stomping grounds for a bit. I am really excited about the show. I can think of no better place to celebrate what has been a long and very rewarding run at doing indie comics. I am HOPING to have Pleasant Life 2 there but its not looking likely as I have many things in front of it. (Pleasant Life takes place in my home town!) We have a few months before that comes along and so much to do before then. I'm sure I will whip up something by then. 
I do have feelers out for something smaller and more local to Lansing in May possibly, but I haven't confirmed it yet. We shall see what happens. All I do is chase the whimsies and see what I can do.
This week will be a busy one. I got about six commissions to finish and I gotta get ahead on some artworking for Patreon and the big project. Plus I gotta finalize LATE NIGHT SHORTS, which is still on Kickstarter until April 20th. Check that out right here:

Thanks for reading. And if you are in the mid-Michigan area in October, consider coming out and celebrating with me! 
Cheers, T

Thursday, March 21, 2019

New book is Live on KICKSTARTER!

Hey friends!

My new Smut comic collection is now available on KICKSTARTER!


Its called "LATE NIGHT SHORTS" and carries on the tradition I set with my other erotica anthology "THE EROTIC ZONE," also done on Kickstarter.

You can support the book and score yourself a digital copy, sketched in physical copy, commissions, story commissions and more! Also if you missed the Kickstarter for THE EROTIC ZONE, there are options to do that as well.

I have so much to say about this book, but I will save it for the blurb inside of it. You'll have to score one on Kickstarter to read about it.

So check out my new book on Kickstarter! CLICK HERE!!!!

I appreciate the support!


Saturday, February 23, 2019

Why I do all of this

I was actually thinking about his quote the other day. Too often we lose sight of why we got into the arts in the first place. Sure it is possible to make money, but its a long shot. And its VERY hard work. Lonely work. Obsessive work. Everyone judges you. Everyone wants a piece of you... and for very little. Everyday is a struggle and wait by the mailbox to hope you can eat and pay rent. Everyday its emailing and calling, asking for your money owed or trying to find new ways to make your bread. You are regarded as expendable, easy to manipulate and "not as good" as this person or that other person.

But being an artist (whatever your medium) is the gift of reflection of humanity. Its why we are what we are. So we can create, tell stories, expand the visions of what is possible. It reflects the beautiful exchange of experience and a voice between the art created and the person who observes it. It creates emotion. It creates a mood, exchanges information, it gives opinion, it reflects us and who we are, who we were or who can be.

In modern terms, you could say, I never "made it." I'm not rich and famous on what I've done so far. I've eeked by slowly. I've spent countless nights alone writing, drawing, etc. I can look to my left and see a shelf filled with books. Many books filled with characters I created, stories I wrote and let loose on the world. Some sold okay, others sold great! Some sold not at all. And all of that is okay. As a result of those efforts I put forth, I've been able to meet some of the greatest people on the face of this planet. I've had people all over the world buy my stuff and reach back to say "thank you." I'm humbled anyone even saw my things I've done at all. Words fail to express how much it all means to me. I sell one book or one million books... it never mattered to me. Being "famous" never mattered to me. But the honor of getting to be a part of it, to give back to the big book of humanity, or even just to entertain someone for 20 minutes while they are taking a dump, its a worthy life to have lived.

My soul has indeed grown far beyond my wildest dreams as a kid. I wouldn't trade what I am now or what I've done and created for anything. Characters like Mortin and Lucas, Anna and Starslam are all as real as my own children are to me. And I'm glad people out there care about them too. And I'm filled with zeal with every blog read number, every podcast download number and every book purchase from me. I'm grateful. So grateful.

Thats why I say, Thanks for giving me a great life. And listen to Kurt here. Pursue the dream. Chase the whimsy. Go into the arts. Whatever your craft is. Own it. Chase it. Always climb and always dance. Don't have time? Of course you do. You have LIFE TIME. Make it a priority. Find the time and do your thing. Money? Doesn't matter. But doing it makes you the richest person in the world.

Dream on, ADAM T.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Screw It, I Like it that Way

Welcome my friends. I'm always excited to see how many people take time out of their busy days to check in with me and see how my world is creeping along on this mortal plane. To answer: Its been hectic. A busy time. Constant work. Endless TO DO list. Nothing is dissipating, only compounding. Here is a laundry list of items circling my brain today :

-Day job OT. Tons of it. I had to work two Saturdays in a row. I don't mind it when it happens (Extra "Skrilla" as the kids call it, is a good thing), but when I have my kids and I have to work I get completely depressed. It was almost to happen again this weekend but luckily it was cancelled. I took the kids out for lunches and got D a new laptop, as her old one died. I did manage to squeek out a quick trip to get vintage toys and STAR TREK books I didn't have collecting dust on my shelf yet. Currently, I am hunting the great white whale of owning all the Pocket Books series and a few Hardcovers in order of release. I'm about 65% there. Then maybe I'll read them. Who knows in this wacky world, eh?

-Fuck the Oscars.

-I decided now that I police myself and my shitty stupid feelings, I am back on the facebookz. Mostly because I missed the memes and keeping up with people I know who do not suck.

-I've been busy working on these Bettie Page cards for Diamond Comics. I am also on two other sets for them which I don't think have been announced yet. I finished the KISS cards back in November and that set should be out very soon. I do have extras if you are a fan (of either them or for some reason, me) and want some commissioned. More on that later.

-I am currently in production on a couple of different personal comic projects. I will show and talk about them when the time is right. However first up to the plate is my adult comics collection: THE EROTIC ZONE 2, which will be on Kickstarter in March. The book is done, I just need to compile it and get it all print ready.

-I am five months ahead on erotic comics for my PATREON page, which directly funds my day to day happenings and you can get commissions from. Join it to support me by clicking here:

-My personal life is at a noiiiine (For those Stern show fans out there).  D and I got engaged last year and we are slowly making decisions as to the wedding, which is now slated for October 2020. Right now we are just clearing the cobwebs on some debt so we can save for it. My in-laws are the best people you could ever want in your corner. My kids are calling them grandma and grandpa, and I'm very happy about that. I've really lucked out by meeting D and her family in that I found the nicest, most honest folks a schmuck like me could ever hope to run into. And my oldest son turned 19 this month. Daddy sent him a little bit of scratch and he's chin deep into his studies up in the frozen tundra of the upper peninsula at Michigan Tech.

-As far as new media I've been slowly slowly slowly consuming, I've been watching Veronica Mars with D, early The Next Generation episodes (yes, the bad ones. I haven't seen them in a long while), The classic The Twilight Zone episodes and I've been finishing the Zappa Autobiography. I got a pile of Trek and Harlan Ellison books that are next on the read pile. For new movies off my "Oh my fucking god you have never seen that" list, I can finally scratch off RAGING BULL and HAROLD AND MAUDE. Both were excellent, as I figured they would be. Also I pulled out all my model kits and got some new glue and paint thinner. Maybe do those at some point? We shall see. On my radar for the movies this year are: Alita Battle Angel, Captain Marvel, Avengers Endgame, Yesterday and of course, Star Wars 9. I got a pile of video games that I haven't bothered to play yet. I had my NES classic modded by my pal JD, who put about 750 games from the NES library on it. I have yet to plug it in. I also got DRAGON QUEST 11 and only played maybe an hour and a half. Right now, my son James and I are trying to 100% LEGO CITY UNDERCOVER. Almost there. Mission accomplished. Big life goal achievement!

-To consume these things, I usually reserve my mornings and then a couple nights a week for production. Then every other night I am either watching something with D or we read in bed together. Its a healthy balance of working and then absorbing.

This next week D and I both will be working long hours and I will be focusing on pushing some of this TO DO list shit out the door.  Next weekend got some plans for a double date with some old friends I am way overdue to see. (Yes, sometimes I emerge from my nerdy Hobbit hole and get scared of my own shadow. But I do socialize at times)

Thanks for bothering to read all this and letting me tell you whats new. For those that just skipped to the end, I'm good.

--Endless Luvs, T

Monday, February 04, 2019


Hey friends! I'm staying busy, keeping up with new comics I am making and also getting way ahead on PATREON monthly comics. I wanted to chat about my Patreon right quick.

If you go to my Patreon here: - There are three options.

1-$1 a month gets you access to early episodes of the IDIOTHEAD MORNING SHOW PODCAST before they go on Itunes and other subscription devices. Also you get more blog writings and pics of my day to day life than you get here at

2-$8 a month gets you all the above, plus one monthly sexy NSFW comic written and done by me! Also access to MAKING OF blogs called "Process Blogs" where I show pencils and inks of the monthly story. Also you get to see sexy STARSLAM book sketches, pinups, sketches and sketchbook stuff that I only share there. It truly is a bargain!


3-$20 a month gets you all the above and a MONTHLY COMMISSION! Yes, you get a digital commission of 1-4 characters, single image, fully colored of anything you want. My usual commission prices are far above that price so it is indeed a bargain! And, best of all, you give me three months faithful service, I send you all of the digital commission comic art I made for you, plus any other art I got laying around in a special package sent to you! This can include sketches, comic pages, patreon comic pages and more! Just randomly thrown in! So if you love to collect original art, this is the way to do it!

I urge you all to consider joining my PATREON page and take advantage of these deals and let me make art for you! Click here to join:

Much Love, T

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Partnering with DRIVE THRU COMICS!

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Of course you can still get my comics via digital download from GUMROAD by clicking HERE

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Birthday Weekend

Hey friends. 
My 41st Bday came and went and it was a good one. It started off on a bummer. I had to work on my birthday and it was a stressful week already. Thursday (The actual birthday date) was full of a few bummers but I got through it and got home to some sanity. We had been tracking the weather all day to see if our little one night getaway was even going to happen. But luckily a break in the weather came for us mid-day Friday and we decided to go for it. 
We spent the day in Grand Rapids, Michigan... We started off at a restaurant that was recommended to me, before hitting a large antique store near downtown. I didn't find anything there, but looking at all the 60-70s vintage furniture was a highlight! I was hoping to find in box toys or Trek books for my collection. I found none of them. The snow started dropping heavy and so we went to the hotel and got checked in. I started boozing immediately! We then went to the pool and the lovely hot tub to relax. My back and knee has been hurting me lately with all the overtime at the day job, so I was really enjoying that. My girl and I spent the night in the hotel and it was a night of drunken fun. Always great! 
The next morning we got up and headed to this used bookstore I wanted to find and see if I could score some TREK books. We found it but unfortunately it was in a weird area without parking and the snow was preventing much searching from happening. Nothing really looked that good to stop and park at. So we abandoned the idea and headed to a local DISC TRADERS where I found a lot of DVD/Blu-Ray and NES game deals! 
We then headed back to Lansing and stopped to get my birthday cake from a bakery I've always wanted to try out. We then stopped at another CD/DVD resale shop where we shopped and petted the store kitty. We then headed back home where D took a nap and I decided to go back out to the hobby store for some deals that were expiring. I got some Micron pens, a frame for a poster I got D for Xmas and I finally decided to pull the trigger on my model kit obsession again. I used a 40% off coupon and scored the NCC-1701 TOS Model kit again (I've put this one together about 15 times in my life). I also got some paint thinner and some glue. (I checked out my stock on those things last week and the stuff I had is extremely old! I still have an EXCELSIOR, ENTERPRISE E, NX-01 and ECTO-1 in the box and ready to be finished assembling and painting as well) It feels good that I am going to reconnect with doing model kits again! One of the joys from when I was a kid. 
A few things I ordered last week arrived as well: The KIRK MEGO TARGET figure I got from Ebay, some COPIC refills and markers, my NEAL MORSE BAND and KING DIAMOND Special Edition Cds/DVD pre-orders. And just today I ordered some ReAction figures from SUPER7. Namely: KING DIAMOND and METROPOLIS ROBOT. All essential. So I got some great Birthday gifts! D's parents hooked me up with STAR TREK: THE LOST SCENES book... which I highly recommend! Might be the best BTS making of the series book I've ever seen. Get it! Also they gave me some money, which I then gave to D so she could shop too. She spent a lot on the hotel, food and other things for our trip, so I felt it was only fair of me to offer that even though she was reluctant. But we both needed a day or two to get away, relax, reconnect and shop! 
I got home and cleaned up my desk area a little bit and watched some youtube stuff. D got up and took the stickers off our discs. I grabbed a movie from my large "TO WATCH" pile and finally sat and watched "TO LIVE AND DIE IN LA," which was good. I then passed out around midnight.
Today is Sunday and I got my boys. I saved the cake so I can eat it with them and celebrate with them! All in all, a long weekend birthday celebration. I needed the break. Tomorrow we are expecting 8-12 inches of snow. Its been a very tame winter and I am not looking forward to the deluge to come. But I shall endure. And get through the overtime. I got a card set to finish and model kits to assemble. Oh and all the other artworking I am doing too! Very busy... but most of all, very happy! 
Thanks for reading!