Saturday, January 02, 2021


 Hey friends! I do not post here as much anymore as I have moved my operations over to my PATREON PAGE - There for only $1 a month you get exclusive BLOG writings, personal writings, (Safe for work) cartoons, new pages of PLEASANT LIFE 2, PODCASTS and more! For $8 a month you get all that plus one (Not Safe for Work..AKA SMUT) comic story from me (A new story drops every month!), plus NSFW art, sketches, process sketches/pencils/ink of the monthly comic and more. $20 a month gets you all that, plus a monthly commission... which is now the ONLY way to get a commission from me! Do that for three months in a row and you get your original art for the commissions mailed to you, plus extras I toss in. (I take care of those who support me!) 

So consider joining me on PATREON By going right HERE

As I announced several times and I meant it, as of January 1st this year, COMMISSIONS ARE CLOSED! The only way to get them now is through the monthly PATREON tier (Mentioned above) and if I offer them for a future Kickstarter for a new book I am publishing). I am too busy and want to focus on getting projects done. I have been open to private commissions and seeking freelance for 23 years now and its time to focus a bit on what I want to do and get done. I appreciate all those who seek and support. But outside of those two options, I have to decline. Thank you for your interest and support over the years!

One of my goals for 2021 is to get an online store rolling again. You can get all my books via digital download on GUMROAD (Go HERE for that) or at you have to search for it there via my name as they bury them (Oh the joys of publishing NSFW comics... so easy to promote!) But I plan to open an online store where you can directly order physical books and things through me. Right now I do have a place where you can get shirts, coffee mugs and things with my art on them. Its through TEEPUBLIC! For purchase options, go HERE 

I still do my IDIOTHEAD MORNING SHOW PODCAST through and you can search for "IDIOTHEAD MORNING SHOW PODCAST" wherever you get your podcasts! I appreciate all who listen. I just got a new mic, pop filter and stand so I will be increasing my podcasting efforts in 2021. Here is my RSS feed link: and here is the direct subscribe link to ITUNES/APPLE PODCASTS:

I thank you all for continuing to read, listen, support and follow me and my work. I want to make 2021 one of my most productive years ever. Its time to turn all of this around and make it happen! Much love to you all! Now go hit up that PATREON and get new and three year's backlog of content! JOIN ME! My PATREON is HERE

Much love, ADAM T.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020


 Hello friends. Some news...

I've announced before and I mean it, after December 31st, 2020, I will no longer be accepting any outside commissions beyond what I offer via Kickstarters or my PATREON PAGE

So I wanted to be sure everyone knew and took advantage of my last chance option for direct commissions from me. After this, you'll have to get them through Kickstarter or my Patreon. All requests will be kindly declined. Too busy. Too many other things I got to get to. So I am giving it through the rest of the year for you to get a piece done or finish any sort of comic project we might do together. My prices are as follows: 

To order a commission Email me at: and we will talk about what you want done and I shall give you payment instructions.

Also, I wanted to mention my new Kickstarter for my new smut art collection: OODLES OF DOODLES! Its 28 pages of new art, remastered/recolored older art all with the theme of erotica and pinup! There are plenty of options to get commissions, sketch covers, sketch inside and some of my other books via digital download! Check out my new book right here: OODLES OF DOODLES!


I know I don't post much here on anymore. I save everything for my PATREON page! Only $1 a month gets you SFW (Safe for work) comics, blogs, podcasts and more exclusives.. including exclusively for now, PLEASANT LIFE 2!! (It trickles out to $1 and up a few pages per month for everyone!) For fans of erotica stories, $8 a month gets you a new story each month, pencils/inks process of the comic and special erotica pinups/bonus stories as they come out!  And for $20 a month, you get all that plus a digital commission! Do $20 level for three months in a row and you get mailed all your original art plus freebies! Its the best deal around and a way to directly fund what I do. Join my Patreon page by going right HERE

I hope all is going well for everyone. I am doing great! Busy, obviously. :) Thank you for checking back! Come join me on Patreon and/or get my new book or a commission. Treat yourself to something nice!

-Luvs, T

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Get Adam's new book now on KICKSTARTER!

Announcing Adam's new erotica short story book: LATE NIGHT SHORTS vol 2, now live on!  84 pages of saucy action guaranteed to give and get boners!

Support Adam's Kickstarter!!

Monday, March 30, 2020

New PLEASANT LIFE is Live to read!

My friends, today is a day to remember. Its been years in the making. PLEASANT LIFE 2 is now officially launched. You can read the first 8 pages of it now on my PATREON PAGE right now by signing up for only $1 a month. ONE DOLLAR. That is less than a soda, less than a coffee. Bottom of purse change that goes to help support an artist, his family and the work that he strives to keep providing over 26 years. Here's a look at a couple pages:

I cannot begin to say what today means for me. Its the biggest step in a long time, years long, journey for me. To be working on these characters again, to empty some shit in my personal basement and giving it to those who have followed me through the years... there's no explaining it. I can't. Its the biggest thing I've ever done, honestly. This story is a journey and I invite you to take it with me.

For your $1 a month at my Patreon, you get a few pages of PLEASANT LIFE posted to read every month, plus exclusive blogs, sketches, podcasts and more. You get ALL THE THINGS, for only $1 a month. Join me for the journey by clicking here:

Thanks for your support, T

Friday, March 27, 2020

Read my Graphic Novel: PLEASANT LIFE for free! (Also: Sequel starts this Monday!)

This Monday, I am finally launching the sequel to my 500 page Graphic Novel I did back in college: PLEASANT LIFE. This sequel has been a long time coming, I assure. It will slowly trickle out a few pages at a time on my PATREON page for ALL LEVELS of support. 

You can read it for only $1 a month. But for now, I am offering everyone a FREE DOWNLOAD OF THE FIRST BOOK! Its 500+ pages of some of the oldest and most personal work I have ever drawn. (And yes, its old so don't judge the art from back then too harshly) But it was where I started from. And it is where I shall return, starting Monday. 

Please download and read this book while you spend time at home. Its my favorite and most personal work, and now my gift to you. And if you like it, consider joining me for the sequel next week. 

Download the book for free right here:

Sequel starts Monday on my PATREON! Only $1 a month to read it and two years' worth of exclusive blogs, podcasts, comics and more! Sign up here:

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

I'm so Quiet here lately... what gives?

Hey friends! Someone asked me why I keep this site and why there isn't as much activity here as there used to be. Well, I am now on PATREON!

Not on my PATREON yet? Consider joining my community there! You get exclusive blogs, podcasts, and comics launched there first, including my sequel to my slice of life comic PLEASANT LIFE that will be available for all reward levels there starting at only $1 a month... (Less than a soda!). At $8 a month you get monthly erotica comics, process/making of the comic, sexy pinups, sketches and more! At $20 a month you get all that plus a monthly single colored digital commission. (Half off my normal rate) and you get an exclusive confession blog where I share sexy stories that I personally know about! We've built quite the community there and that is where I mainly do business. The money helps me keep the lights on and I appreciate everyone there. They get ALL THE THINGS~! Join us:

Also, did you miss out on one of my Tshirts for Starslam? Get it and others I have done right here at my TeePublic store: - They also have coffee mugs, art prints/wal hangings, pillows, phone cases and more. This is my official indie comic merch store and I do get a % of the sales. So rock your favorite comic creator's art in your life and say loudly and proudly, "I SUPPORT ADAM TALLEY CAUSE HE ROCKS!" I appreciate it!

You all are welcome to follow me on Twitter:  and my instagram:  ALL ARE WELCOME. I am pretty accessible. Lastly, email me anytime at: -- I answer everyone and welcome thoughts, critiques and just general friendship. You following, chatting with me isn't an interruption of my life, but the purpose of it. I thank you all.

In other news, I got the proof copy for STARSLAM RETURNS in the mail:

So once off the UPS truck after printing, they will go out to all the Kickstarter backers. I will have NO PHYSICAL COPIES left to sell here. But you can get a digital copy at my Gumroad page:

Also in Late March/early April I will be launching another erotica collection on Kickstarter called "LATE NIGHT SHORTS vol 2!" So watch for that!

I am on another sketch card set for Dynamite comics. I am not sure if I am allowed to say what it is yet. Just know that I am not done doing sketch card work. In fact I have a few blanks left available for commission. Check it:

Email me at for your interest and details. Asking $25 per card.

Lastly, I am stopping all open public commissions at the end of this year: Dec. 31st. After that, no more. Retired. Patreon only. So take advantage now! Here's my commission rate and rules:

Thank you all for your support. Find me on PATREON! PLEASANT LIFE sequel drops there starting next month... Only $1 a month. JOIN US!

Thanks for giving me a great life. I counted it up last night, in 26 years, I have drawn and self published over 1,900 pages of comic art. WOW!  I couldn't have done it without you!


Saturday, January 25, 2020

Unsuccessfully Coping with Turning Older and Dealing with Life's Bullshit

Thanks for coming here for a read, my friends. Gather round as grandpa titillates you with another barely coherent ramble of nonsense from his aging spine flower. I appreciate those who come here and also who stick through til the end of my postings. I wish I could say I do it all for you, but in truth, it is for me. To get things off my chest and rid myself of some of the thinky pain, by sharing my thoughts aloud to the ether and to those who would lend me an ear. I do appreciate it.

I turned 42 this weekend. I received lots of messages of love and appreciation, all of which got a return thank you note. The least I could do. My lovely bride got me the Harlan Ellison book I've been wanting. I'm reading it rather quickly, enjoying every word of it! I got a gift card from my dear father in law, with which I took the wife on a necessary trip to a couple local swap shops, diving deep for physical media to fill our already well fed media shelves. Oh so necessary. I love my gluttonous shelves jam packed with dusty but well loved DVDs, Blu-Rays, Video Games, Books, Records, CD, Toys and anything else I can use to distract myself from the daily grind. I found three vintage in the box STAR TREK TNG figures from Playmates, as well as TMNT (1990) on Blu-ray, BATMAN ANIMATED SERIES season 4 DVD set, yet another JEFF BUCKLEY live Cd (How many of those things exist? I do not know, but they all must be mine), and KING DIAMOND'S "ABIGAIL" on vinyl. Do I need these things? Of course not, but yet I do. Don't judge me. Its how I fill the holes. I also sat down to a lovely lunch/dinner at Logan's Steakhouse, where I had grilled chicken and shrimp. I plan to have a steak dinner with my father in law sometime soon, so I shall savor that moment to come.

All of these things I have used to be a welcome interloper to the stress, anger and depression that has been swirling around my head like a vulture waiting to gnaw on the remaining unspoiled specs of meat. The last couple weeks have been hell. My wife to be has lost a parent and we are coping with all of that. On my side of the fence, my father is having some personal struggles of his own. All of this indeed weighs heavy and sometimes I think I'd rather french kiss a cactus than face it head on. But despite all our distractions, the pain exists and we are working through it. Everyone has been lovely with their messages and gifts of food and comfort. It means the world to us. Thank you so, so, soooo much. That is all I will say about that for now.

I passed out the bad news of the delay of the physical release of STARSLAM RETURNS. Just have had too much going on to finish the things that need finishing to send it to the printer. But for those who are waiting, I do promise (as I always do) to deliver. I appreciate your patience and bearing with me. I also have been busy keeping steady work on the PATREON comics for the year of 2020. Right now I have scanned in all the original art and partially colored the flats for stories that lead all the way through to September. My goal is to finish all the year and get it scheduled, uploaded and done so that I can focus on other things for a while. I want to get PLEASANT LIFE 2 finally launched sporadically on the Patreon, as well as doing some writing. I want to finish one of the 19 novels I have planned/started/almost finished. Seriously, I want to.
I need to.
I shall.
This year.

I have seen the first episode of STAR TREK: PICARD and I am pleased to say that I enjoyed it. I think there are a couple established cannon factoids they didn't address but perhaps those will be answered in later episodes. It feels good to finally be taking the STAR TREK story forward instead of doing another prequel. I detest prequel stories in general. I feel that they fail on all levels, most important of which is living up to expectations. While I sometimes do flashbacks in regular stories, you will never see me do a prequel to anything I ever write. Always moving forward is a good thing. Not just in creative endeavors but also in life.

This week I have taken the time to watch some new things. Movies like RUNNING SCARED, JAY & SILENT BOB REBOOT, and episodes of the classic THE OUTER LIMITS and THE TWILIGHT ZONE. I'm also sitting down to read not only my Ellison book, but the booklets of some box sets I have purchased but haven't dug through as deeply yet. I also got my preordered SONS OF APOLLO album, which I haven't listened to yet. I am currently enjoying a re-listen/re-appreciation of the NEAL MORSE BAND'S "SIMILITUDE OF A DREAM," ALTER BRIDGE "FORTRESS," OPETH "IN CAUDA VENENUM" and other stuff. New stuff I've pre-ordered include the new PEARL JAM and STONE TEMPLE PILOT records. Exciting stuff in music coming!

Currently I am reading ELLISON'S ENDLESSLY WATCHING, UNFUCK YOURSELF by Gary John Bishop and a re-read of DRAGONLANCE: DRAGONS OF AUTUMN TWILIGHT. Its all keeping me sane but most importantly as I said, distracted.

Its been a bumpy road so far this year. In 25 short days, we've had threats of war, a circus of a senate trial, the death of Neil Peart, Terry Jones, my mother in law and other things. I've been dealing with back trouble and up and down eating patterns around the anger/depression of the above things happening. But I'm getting through it. That is the important thing right? I'm still here, trying hard. I'll get it all sorted and figured out someday.

Anyway, thanks for reading. I hope you all have it sorted and figured out someday too. It's the goal, right?