Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Starslam 3 Pages and Random Updates/Thoughts/Schemes

Hey friends! A blog of pure randomness, plus new STARSLAM 3 pages for you to see! First, here is the kitten we decided to keep. I have named him "Sebastian." Fear him, for he rules the night!

I'll tell you, having a batch of kittens around is a joy but also a pain in the ass sometimes. Mommy cat keeps howling while we are sleeping and her kittens are starting to wander around. Empty nest syndrome or something? I have no idea. Another few weeks and the other two cats will go to new homes. I'm sure I'll miss them, but I also like the idea of things returning to a bit of normal around here.

I've been watching the new MST3K on Netflix. So far, its pretty good. Nothing will ever compare to the original Joel episodes for me, but that is okay. There's enough there to keep me interested and they do callbacks to the old shows quite a lot. I'm about halfway through the episodes now. After that, I'm gonna try to tackle Better Call Saul. Speaking of which, Kitty D is hip deep into some Breaking Bad now herself. We watched a bunch of episodes last night after work. So good!

Caleb's tree at work is in full bloom for the spring! Check it out:

This Carpal Tunnel thing is a distraction to be sure, but I am dealing with it. I'm doing daily exercises and at work I wear a brace for pressure points. My colorist Andy graciously sent me some ice spray to try out. I need to get a hand brace to wear at night when I sleep. Life adjusts. I'm determined to not let this thing slow me down. I got writing and drawing to do. And I'll go down with the ship if I have to!

For those who participated in the TALES FROM THE GORE Kickstarter: All the books on my end are mailed out and done. The only ones left to ship are the Olya Stevens related sketched books and the commissions. Its hard to get together with a gal who lives 30 minutes out of town and has a ton of things going on (as do I!). But rest assured we will and all the mailers will go out within the next couple weeks with her books. Thanks for your patience. I'm damn proud of the book.

I got a couple messages asking if I will be back at Summit for Free Comic Book Day. Unfortunately, I will not be doing anything for Free Comic Book Day as I will have my kids that weekend. That is okay, because I don't have anything to sell beyond books as it is. I will try to get an appearance rolling next year. But if you are in the Lansing area, check out Summit Comics in downtown anyway as they will have a great guest lineup, prizes and hey, FREE COMICS! Great for the kids and their reading, ya dig?

While I'm talking about comics, I wanted to briefly mention that I am still busy working on Pleasant Life 2 and comics for the Patreon! Right now I got about 60 pages done for Pleasant Life 2 and three new stories done for the Patreon... as well as all the old content I already have created for it. I hope to launch that Patreon sometime soon... this summer! In addition to comics, it will have a new BLOG there as well as an exclusive PODCAST. You only get this content if you are a paying subscriber. Trust me, I think the content will be well worth it for you to dig into. Tons of erotica and a bold new step into that direction, full on. For now, that's enough teasing....

Okay, by the blog's title I promised you some new STARSLAM 3 pages and so here they are! Obviously I cannot show you any pages with T&A as this blog is visually PG-13 for the most part. But rest assured there are PLENTY of naughty pages done so far for the book. As for our progress we got 48 pages completely done and in the can. There are 16 more floating around in various stages of pencils and inks. Wednesdays are my main drawing days on the book and so I hope to push a new batch out tomorrow. But for now, here are these new ones for your viewing pleasure:

Candid photographs!

Doc Nelson and Bear Girl have a special journey of their own in the new book!

Um, we're gonna need a bigger boat!

Updating the team's image!
I got a plan in my head as to when you will see this book complete. I'll be working all summer on it to get it done. With Starslam 3 and the upcoming Patreon stuff, you'll be seeing a lot of my erotica comics headed your way!

Thanks for reading...


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Caleb & Jen said...

I felt the same way about the new MST3K. Good, but not Joel good. The more modern pop culture references are fun, but some of the things like Tom Servo floating around disrupts a bit from the nostalgia factor for me.

And I love the new Starslam pages. I'm excited to see what comes of the new Patreon.