Thursday, August 03, 2017

Roger Waters 2017 Concert Review (PICS!)

Hey friends!

Last night I saw Roger Waters of Pink Floyd for the 3rd time. This show was at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit. I've seen a few shows there and now that the Pistons are leaving the venue, who knows if this might be the last time I'm touching that floor.

Anyway, I saw Roger back in 1999 for the IN THE FLESH tour and in 2010 for THE WALL LIVE tour. Both were great shows for different reasons. When I heard he was touring again, I was on the fence about going. It was my co-worker who brought up the idea and we just got tickets on a whim. We ended up getting his friend and my other fellow co-worker to go as well. And last week, Colleen and D decided to join us as well. Luckily we were all able to score floor tickets! This was probably the closest I've ever been to Roger when I've seen him live, and that was cool. I also was able to tailgate a bit and drink a few before going in. Usually I am the one driving (I'm a control freak). But this time I relinquished driving command to the younger folk and rode along. (Of course I shit my pants along the way, but I digress... I got there and back safe and sound) We drank a few and all laughed and lifted the spirits high before we went inside.

The first set was subdued, with most of it from Dark Side of the Moon, his new solo record, some Wish You Were Here stuff and even a Meddle tune!

Colleen, myself, Zillins, D and J.D. all enjoing some beers and the sun.

Opening video was about 20 minutes of this chick just sitting in the sand. Then abruptly the sky turned red and then the show began.


Wish You Were Here

Roger sings.
There was an intermission and then he opened the set by recreating the Battersea Power Station (from the ANIMALS album cover) and even launching out the PIG and doing some powerful political commentary from those songs. Then some more Darkside stuff and ending it off with three The Wall tunes. They made a giant prism using laser lights and then at the end, some confetti came down on the crowd. It was a great experience!

Some other shots from other folks in attendance: 

Overall, it was an excellent show. I didn't think the other two times I saw him could be topped but this came close. In 1999, I appreciated hearing more of his solo stuff.  In 2010, I saw my favorite album of all time performed with the complete stage show, but I was far away. This time I was close and the production values certainly were raised up. The politically charged nature of some of the songs certainly didn't provide any escapism from current feelings and events. And I could feel (and have been reading some) comments and vibes about hating that part of the show from some in attendance. To that I say, "Wow... do you even KNOW about the music you claim to love? Check out the lyrics..."

To me, it was great to see a dude using his art to make comments on the world. That is what art is all about, really. Showing what you see through your eyes. Its up to the observer to agree or disagree and that is fine. Art isn't escaping. Art is reflecting. Just depends if you want to pay attention to the message or gather one of your own or not. That is part of the gig, man. (But I'll tell you, I heard PLENTY of loud cheering during some of that anti-Trump stuff and that felt encouraging... much better than the anger and vitriol I read every day when I pick up the newspaper or read a comment thread.)

I've loved all three Roger shows for different reasons. But this time was excellent. The band hit their marks, Roger sang in great form and it was a spectacle of a show. It kind of sucks a little that it isn't the complete Floyd on stage doing these songs. There's always that air of slight disappointment in that. But this is as close as I'm going to get to it. And that is fine enough. I got the albums and now the memories. And that is all I need.

This aging greyed hardcore music fan just saw some of his favorite songs performed live again by the dude who wrote the majority of it. What do I got to bitch about? Not a damn thing!

While the show was great, the music was performed wonderfully and the stage show was exciting and great to be a part of, the best part was those I went with. We laughed and joked the whole time on the way, at the show and on the way back. We remembered Caleb, whose last conversation with me was about Floyd's music and got to spend it with his wife and feel his spirit there with us enjoying the show. I got to show my favorite music in a visual aspect to D, my love, who hadn't had the pleasure of connecting all of that yet. I haven't laughed that hard or smiled that big in quite a while. I got to chat with other Floyd fans around me and hear their experiences and share some of my own. Music connects people. That is the only true magic there is.

Sometimes, I feel really fucking old. On the way we were discussing bands we've seen live.  I didn't speak up because a lot of the bands I've seen are either broken up or dead. I was the oldest in our group there as well. I was the only one with us that was alive when "The Wall" fucking came out!! But to see my favorite music live, knowing it still connects... still feels relevant... still rocks... still brings the same feelings... still brings out the tears... makes it and myself, feel timeless and ageless.

Does it all still resonate? More than ever.


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