Tuesday, November 13, 2018


I'm sure by now the news has traveled to you folks. Stan Lee has gone to the beyond.

Everyone is sharing their memories and their love for the Stan the Man. My friend Mark had many direct dealings with him and you can read his stories and see his intimate thoughts right here: http://bigfanboy.com/wp/?p=33152

I never met Stan. I saw him a handful of times. Walking past areas I was at in Pittsburgh Con or Detroit Fanfare. Closest I got was in San Diego 2008 when he and his guards fast walked past me while I was drinking in the hotel. I was like, "Damn! The dude can move fast for 85!" He also was a participant in the LLOYD KAUFMAN ROAST that was at San Diego that year and I attended. In fact, I recorded his roast of Lloyd here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_qQMc_x0Ls

I was more of a DC COMICS guy, honestly. The only Marvel comics I got into as a kid was X-Men. It was the Jim Lee/Chris Claremont stuff. Over the last few hours I've seen a lot of people I know share their stories and personal accounts. Consensus is that Stan Lee created their childhood and they feel like they've lost their dad. I certainly can understand feeling like that. I've lost heroes along the way too, and I am sure more are to come. But just wanted to give some love to those dealing with those feelings this week. It sucks. It truly does. 95 years is a great run. And his works will live on through time.

Not bad, Stan. Thanks for inspiring the world with your ideas and your spirit. Excelsior!

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