Friday, July 12, 2019

Slurpees and Popsicles!

Hey friends! 
I have had a busy time as usual. Work, artwork, sleep, family, repeat. But I have been making some progress! 
I chatted with my STARSLAM 3 colorist to see if he is on board to color STARSLAM 4 and he is in! So there is good news once again. I will be sending him some pages pretty soon. Also I have been working very hard to get caught up with commissions. I just gotta letter a 5 pager and finish art on an 8 pager and then I am finally caught up. Although a couple other guys want me to do a few more story based ones. The money, is good, to be honest. I need to be paying off my stuff and making up for some of the purchases I have been doing lately.
To be honest, I've gone a bit overboard. I'm not in trouble, but just went a tad crazy on the pre-orders. So I am curbing it for the rest of the summer. No seriously! There is a CD/Vinyl show here in town tomorrow and I am not going. So its that serious! HA! 
I'm joking, kids. I'm all good. Just want to get my card paid back down before the holidays come around. Also I got the big show in Mt. Pleasant in October to save for. I've been working very hard to juggle everything. But the last month or so we've dealt with some depression and my oldest son came for a visit, so we did some spending. Its okay. Life is happening! It all good. Health is better too. I am lower in weight than I originally thought I would be. So that is always a good thing. 
The sad news is that I don't think me doing TWO Kickstarters in Aug/Sept is logical or doable. I'm just not that caught up yet. But I want to get STARSLAM 4 really rocking and then launch the Kickstarter for that. I think... I am not sure which way to go. I penciled some killer new pages for that comic this week. I can't wait for you all to see this thing! 
But the work on everything continues and the PATREON is nice and caught up all the way to November. I got 5 other stories for it beyond that in various stages of development. All references are pulled and things are happening. But I gotta get these commissions and STARSLAM 4 rolling more before I can focus on those. But to be good and far enough ahead on it is a great thing! I got the comics all scheduled all the way to September. I just need to word balloon and upload the comics beyond that. I need a nice couple quiet days of solid productivity to get it done. Here's hoping!
Last week my oldest son visited. We took the opportunity to take a photo of me with all three of my boys. I think its one of the best pics I've ever taken. (And I hate pics of me!) Here it is: 
Handsome group, don't ya think? I think so! I'm proud of all three of them. 
Anyway, just giving an update to say that I am working hard and being quiet because of the productivity. Believe me, soon you will all get sick of hearing from me! 
Till next time, stay cool, eat them slurpees and down those popsicles! 

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