Thursday, August 08, 2019

Times Like These...

This has been a tough few days. Politics have me down. The shootings have me down. We had out own shooting scare here in Lansing the other night. We were out in the middle of it, not knowing what was truth and what was real. For real, a couple of domestic type of shootings happened. The next day some false alarms were revealed and everyone armchair quarterbacked us and people we know about buying into the hype and hysteria. Strangers and friends attacked me and my feelings about the situation and any opinions I shared about how I feel about guns. I'm sure you reading this have your own opinion and that is fine. I'm not here to ever debate or change your mind. I get loud online and have to backtrack, because I have friends that sit on all sides of issues. I’ve lost friends this year over everything going on. Everything isn’t pretty. It really has taken the wind out of my sails. I’ve been down and angry. Perhaps we all are...

I read this today and it helped me:

I’m trying folks. I’m trying to stop making sense of the insanity and just get through the day. I’m trying to stop focusing on the arguments that go nowhere and just keep my corner of the world happy. I’m trying not to be scared for my kids and their present and future. I’m trying to keep my head in the game of creating and keep moving. I’m finishing some major stuff right now. Commissions... and launching a new book next week. I’m trying hard to keep creating. Keep focused!

Kevin Smith is right. I gotta do it for those that can’t and to help people through who truly get what I’m doing. I know they are there waiting for me. I have to push through for them!

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