Monday, March 30, 2020

New PLEASANT LIFE is Live to read!

My friends, today is a day to remember. Its been years in the making. PLEASANT LIFE 2 is now officially launched. You can read the first 8 pages of it now on my PATREON PAGE right now by signing up for only $1 a month. ONE DOLLAR. That is less than a soda, less than a coffee. Bottom of purse change that goes to help support an artist, his family and the work that he strives to keep providing over 26 years. Here's a look at a couple pages:

I cannot begin to say what today means for me. Its the biggest step in a long time, years long, journey for me. To be working on these characters again, to empty some shit in my personal basement and giving it to those who have followed me through the years... there's no explaining it. I can't. Its the biggest thing I've ever done, honestly. This story is a journey and I invite you to take it with me.

For your $1 a month at my Patreon, you get a few pages of PLEASANT LIFE posted to read every month, plus exclusive blogs, sketches, podcasts and more. You get ALL THE THINGS, for only $1 a month. Join me for the journey by clicking here:

Thanks for your support, T

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