Monday, April 08, 2024


 Welcome back! For those that missed it, I got a bunch of new t-shirts, mugs, wall hangers, stickers, magnets ETC with designs I made on them! On sale for the next 24 hours... Come get em!


Saturday, April 06, 2024


 Hello friends. It's been a whiiiiiiillle.......


A few years ago I moved all operations from here to my Patreon site. Its been good there and I've had support there for years. However, most of the stuff there is NSFW focused and I was missing hitting a more safe for work friendly exposure. So I decided to start seperating the two. I will return to regular posts/blogs/info here and mostly use the Patreon for NSFW comics. 

Whats going on at the Patron exactly? Well, Ive got over SIX YEARS of content there! Over 72 stories and right now I am doing a long form erotica comic there called CONFESSIONS. It is ramping up toward its major conclusion that will drop later this year. But for now, it still updates monthly, along with smutty pinups and other things. I also post my IDIOTHEAD MORNING SHOW PODCAST there, ad free! If you are into such things, check out my Patreon right here: ADAM PATREON HERE CLICK ME

While I'm on the subject of smut, let me reveal that I am remastering/retooling my STARSLAM comics! See, the first book was originally a webcomic, that premiered right here at my faithful old website! I collected it into a book and it sold well. So I did 3 more books and they were all vertical! So the art didn't match. Plus the art is over 10 years old! I was coming up on the anniversary so I decided to try and retool the original book and make it vertical. But then I found a way to just completely REDRAW the whole thing digitally and change the colors and style to my current liking. If this goes well, I will remaster the other three books. I won't have to redraw them, but I will fix mistakes, change a few things and work on the colors so they all match! I'll launch a Kickstarter for the retooled/remastered STARSLAM book 1 this summer! Here's a safe for work peek at a couple of the new pages! 

 So, last year I relaunched my comedy/drama book about geeks and their relationships: PLEASANT LIFE! I did a 500 page graphic novel for these characters 20 years ago, using stories inspired from my own life! Well, its many years later and I wanted to catch up with them. So I started doing an ongoing series! I launched issue 1 via kickstarter last year and then I just did a kickstarter for issues 2-3! I'll do another Kickstarter for issues 4-5 this summer as well! (I'm a goddamn machine!) Here's a look at all three covers: 

You can get these three issues via digital download, plus all my smut books at my GUMROAD website by clicking here: GUMROAD STORE! CLICKY CLICK!


I'll be doing two appearances this year celebrating my 30th year in comics and selfpublishing! Coming up next is an appearance at Summit Comics in downtown Lansing, MI for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! I'll have my books and be doing free sketches for the kids! Info At their Facebook page HERE!

 And as if Lansing couldn't get enough of me... Once again I will be exhibiting at the Capital City Comic Con in July! Info on the show here: CAP CITY CON!

Beyond that, things have been good for me. I'm still rockin' and rollin' and kicking ass. Still podcasting! (Search for IDIOTHEAD MORNING SHOW on Itunes and subscribe, its FREE!) and doing all sorts of comics and art. I just uploaded a bunch of personal sketchbook stuff on my Facebook page and Instagram page. You're welcome to follow/add me there. 

So I have returned to - Feel free to check back often as I will be updating here a lot more. And if you like the smut I do, check out the Patreon, which will be there exclusively. Beyond that, I remain yours, 



Tuesday, June 21, 2022


Hi friends! Thanks for coming to my site and checking me out! I have moved all of my operations to PATREON now as far as updates, blogs and other such stuff I used to do here. But I keep this site as a main hub for people to still go to.

Link to my Patreon HERE (I post monthy NSFW comics, blogs, pinups, podcasts and more!)

Link to buy all my books via digital download right HERE (All my books!)

Link to watch me doing stuff on YouTube right HERE (Art stuff, drawing, video games, travel and other things!)

You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other such places. Just search for me, ADAM TALLEY 

I've been at this for 28 years with no signs of stopping. I thank you for coming here and checking me out. You can go to the above links to get my stuff. You are also welcome to browse the old archives here for content from all the way back to 2004 when I started this site. Woooooweeee! Lots of stuff I've done over the years. Thanks for coming by! I appreciate it.



Tuesday, May 18, 2021

MIND DRIPPINGS Issue 1 (Free Public Newsletter!)


I have posted a public newsletter for everyone to catch up with everything going on in Adam World! Check it out for free:

Saturday, January 02, 2021


 Hey friends! I do not post here as much anymore as I have moved my operations over to my PATREON PAGE - There for only $1 a month you get exclusive BLOG writings, personal writings, (Safe for work) cartoons, new pages of PLEASANT LIFE 2, PODCASTS and more! For $8 a month you get all that plus one (Not Safe for Work..AKA SMUT) comic story from me (A new story drops every month!), plus NSFW art, sketches, process sketches/pencils/ink of the monthly comic and more. $20 a month gets you all that, plus a monthly commission... which is now the ONLY way to get a commission from me! Do that for three months in a row and you get your original art for the commissions mailed to you, plus extras I toss in. (I take care of those who support me!) 

So consider joining me on PATREON By going right HERE

As I announced several times and I meant it, as of January 1st this year, COMMISSIONS ARE CLOSED! The only way to get them now is through the monthly PATREON tier (Mentioned above) and if I offer them for a future Kickstarter for a new book I am publishing). I am too busy and want to focus on getting projects done. I have been open to private commissions and seeking freelance for 23 years now and its time to focus a bit on what I want to do and get done. I appreciate all those who seek and support. But outside of those two options, I have to decline. Thank you for your interest and support over the years!

One of my goals for 2021 is to get an online store rolling again. You can get all my books via digital download on GUMROAD (Go HERE for that) or at you have to search for it there via my name as they bury them (Oh the joys of publishing NSFW comics... so easy to promote!) But I plan to open an online store where you can directly order physical books and things through me. Right now I do have a place where you can get shirts, coffee mugs and things with my art on them. Its through TEEPUBLIC! For purchase options, go HERE 

I still do my IDIOTHEAD MORNING SHOW PODCAST through and you can search for "IDIOTHEAD MORNING SHOW PODCAST" wherever you get your podcasts! I appreciate all who listen. I just got a new mic, pop filter and stand so I will be increasing my podcasting efforts in 2021. Here is my RSS feed link: and here is the direct subscribe link to ITUNES/APPLE PODCASTS:

I thank you all for continuing to read, listen, support and follow me and my work. I want to make 2021 one of my most productive years ever. Its time to turn all of this around and make it happen! Much love to you all! Now go hit up that PATREON and get new and three year's backlog of content! JOIN ME! My PATREON is HERE

Much love, ADAM T.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Get Adam's new book now on KICKSTARTER!

Announcing Adam's new erotica short story book: LATE NIGHT SHORTS vol 2, now live on!  84 pages of saucy action guaranteed to give and get boners!

Support Adam's Kickstarter!!

Monday, March 30, 2020

New PLEASANT LIFE is Live to read!

My friends, today is a day to remember. Its been years in the making. PLEASANT LIFE 2 is now officially launched. You can read the first 8 pages of it now on my PATREON PAGE right now by signing up for only $1 a month. ONE DOLLAR. That is less than a soda, less than a coffee. Bottom of purse change that goes to help support an artist, his family and the work that he strives to keep providing over 26 years. Here's a look at a couple pages:

I cannot begin to say what today means for me. Its the biggest step in a long time, years long, journey for me. To be working on these characters again, to empty some shit in my personal basement and giving it to those who have followed me through the years... there's no explaining it. I can't. Its the biggest thing I've ever done, honestly. This story is a journey and I invite you to take it with me.

For your $1 a month at my Patreon, you get a few pages of PLEASANT LIFE posted to read every month, plus exclusive blogs, sketches, podcasts and more. You get ALL THE THINGS, for only $1 a month. Join me for the journey by clicking here:

Thanks for your support, T