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It was 40 years ago this week...

 I wanted to write up a special blog to celebrate the 40th anniversary of a movie that means a lot to me. It was the first movie I ever saw in the movie theater. I was six years old. And it probably was the first time I cried at a movie. That movie is STAR TREK 3: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK. 


New 2024 Re-release poster.

In 1984, a third Trek movie hit the big screen and it had huge shoes to fill. The Motion Picture (1979) was an effects spectacle and in my opinion is the most "Star Trek" of all the films. Obviously Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan (1982) is widely considered the best of all the Trek films even up to today. Very hard to top that. It was around this time that I saw TMP and TWOK on Betamax at home. At five years old, it captured my imagination. Then I discovered there was an original series... and a cartoon! It was truly the moment I came online as a geek and it forever changed the course of my life. 

My family was into Star Trek. My brothers grew up watching it. My mother was a fan of it. And when they heard a third movie was coming they told me about it. I was begging to go see it. And so we did. It was at the Broadway Theater in downtown Mt. Pleasant. I remember that night well. I didn't know what "going to the movie theater" was like. And here were my new heroes on the big screen. There's the Enterprise! I think I fell in love with Star Trek mainly for the Enterprise. I loved the ship. I had the model kit. I had the FASA mini figures. (that was all the "toys" one could get back then) As a kid, I was obsessed with anything to do with outer space and space vehicles. Had I lived my original childhood dream, I would have tried to work for NASA or something similar. But I just became a movie geek instead. So it goes.

We sat down and watched the flick. And (spoilers) I was shocked to see my beloved USS ENTERPRISE blow up on screen. I wept. I remember crying hard at that moment. How could they destroy the Enterprise??! That ship WAS Star Trek to me! I was floored. It felt like my whole love and life up til that moment just had ended. It was gone and not coming back. Blown up and crashed onto the Genesis planet. After the movie we went to Taco Bell and got the 4 pack of the special STAR TREK 3 glasses. I used them forever. In fact, I still do. I got three sets of them in my cabinet right now. No bullshit. Hey, this is me we're talking about here. If you knew me well, that nerdy fact would be no surprise. 

Being six years old and obsessed with Star Trek was a good time. I grabbed whatever collectibles I could get around the movie. Some of which I still have to this day...

My copy of Trek 3 on laser disc (remember those?) and the novelization by Vonda McIntyre (A Michigan native, BTW) - Not pictured is my versions on DVD, Blu-ray. But I got this: 

In the 80s we had VIDEO DISCS. Yes, I have a bunch of Trek on these too!

I had all 3 of these Trek ships as a kid. I still have the Enterprise one in the box! Here's a pic of the Betamax tape I had. Yes, we bought that. It was expensive for the time, but we had it. And I had the soundtrack on vinyl! I have the 2 CD expanded score edition now that came out in 2010.

Of course here is a look at the Taco Bell STAR TREK 3 glasses. (I have three complete sets) and the model kit I had for this version of the Enterprise. It was my second one, as I had put together the Wrath of Khan version a year earlier. Im sure it looked like shit. I was six years old at the time! I knew nothing about proper model kit gluing and painting!

Instead of youtube, as a kid I had books on record! Of course I had the Star Trek 3 movie on record. It held me over while I was waiting for the movie to come out on tape. And my uncle Doug got me these four ERTL Trek figures. The figures were shitty, but it was all we had back in the day. I used to have all of these complete in box but sold them off about 13 years ago when I needed money. I will get them back someday soon.

(Not pictured are my Comic adaptations, official movie/poster magazine.. of which I had some of those posters on my wall as a kid!) 

My hunger for all things Star Trek increased at the end of that movie. I had to know what happens next! Would the Enterprise come back? What about the crew? They disobeyed Starfleet orders to save their friend. Is it over for them too? I had to know. I started reading STARLOG magazine. I started buying the comic books... they were my first comics I ever bought. (The rest is history with that... but that is a whole other blog) And of course, a happy ending... the Enterprise came back in the next movie. But I had to wait til 1986 to see it! And as of STAR TREK PICARD season three (2023) That version of the Enterprise still exists in Canon. She's still out there. :)

Over the years, I've heard the snark that all "odd numbered" Trek movies sucked. While I thought Star Trek 3 was awesome, I began to hear rumblings about how it wasn't good and how shitty it was. Trek podcasts I listen to even now seem to just tear it apart for various reasons. I do see some of their points but Trek 3 will always be special. It was epic. A movie about family and sacrifice. There are emotional moments in that movie. The excitement during the whole stealing the Enterprise segment. Seeing Kirk's reaction to the death of his son. The Enterprise... RIP. The moment when they were all reunited with their dead friend on Vulcan, resurrected and he remembers them. I still think that scene where McCoy talks to Spock alone before they land on Vulcan is one of the best moments in all of Trek. It means even more now that DeForest Kelly and Leonard Nimoy are no longer with us. I watch it much different now because of that. Star Trek never felt epic in that way until movie three came along. And I will defend it to my dying day. Naturally I am grading it on a curve. It was my first theater movie. It hit me at the exact right time. It changed my life. 40 years... it seems like yesterday to me. The story was about family and Star Trek to me, is a family affair.

Often I am asked what my most prized collectible is that I own. I have a huge collection of movies, records, CDs, games, toys, comics... But if this place were going up in flames tomorrow and I could only grab one thing, it would be this...

My Star Trek 3 poster. Just look at it. Honestly, its ugly! That horrible vector art. Its nothing like the good ol' Bob Peak painting for the tape cover or the new 2024 re-release version (pictured above). But this poster means the world to me. You see, it was hanging in the Broadway Theater in 1984 when I saw the movie that night. I remember it. They unfolded it and mounted it on foam core and put this frame on it. After the movie was gone, it hung by the bathrooms in the Broadway Theater for years. I'd always see it when I would return to there to see other movies throughout the years. And then one day, it was gone. 

Cut to May 1999. Im in college and I get a job at the Cinema Four Theater in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. The same theater chain operated the Broadway Theater but opened a larger 4 screen theater closer to campus. My first day was The Phantom Menace opening night. One of the perks of working at a theater back in the day was that we could take home freebies that came in. Promo posters, standees, reel to reel trailers and other things. One night I was looking around upstairs and saw a few posters stuffed in a corner. These posters were vintage and mounted on foamcore. Terminator 2, Ghostbusters 2... and this! It was the Trek 3 poster from the Broadway! I asked my boss Bill if I could have it and explained its historical significance to him. He said, "Naw I think they got plans for those posters. I can't let you take that one, sorry." It was okay. I understood. I was just happy to see it again and know that it wasn't thrown away. 

Many months later, October of 2000. The night I found out that my mother 100% had three months to live. The cancer was winning. I got the call at work that day and was understandably bummed. It was late in the night. We were waiting for the last movie to end so Bill and I could shut down the theater, turn on the alarm and I could give him a ride home. He did his counts upstairs and came down to see me. "How you holding up, T?" He asked me. I cannot remember what I said. Just that I was coping with the news. In shock maybe. It didn't feel real that my mother was going to die. The woman who, beyond just giving me life, gave me MY LIFE. She turned me on to movies, books, TV and... STAR TREK. I literally and figuratively wouldn't be who I am today without her. I was damn lucky to have the mom I had. And in a few weeks, I would have to say goodbye. It wasn't real. But it seemed final. Of course, I was upset. But I was swallowing it down. We chatted for a bit and he said he was going to head back upstairs to finish his counts and wait for the movie to be over so we could leave. He starts back upstairs and stops. He half turns to me and says, "Hey... if that Star Trek 3 poster disappeared tonight... I never saw what happened to it." And he went upstairs. I went up to the room where it was, grabbed it and tossed it into my back seat.

It meant a lot to me that he did that. He was breaking rules to give me that gift. A gift that was tied to memories of my mother. A silly thing I shared with him that months later he remembered. I was blown away that he did. I remember that act of kindness every time I see that poster. I remember the night in 1984 when I saw it in the theater when I look at that poster. The times I would see it again over the years revisiting the movie theater to go on other cinematic adventures as I grew up. Those memories tied to it, make it my most prized possession. And to me, its priceless. Its ugly. Its a large pain in the ass to have moved it from apartment to apartment over the last 24 years. But I always made sure I had space on my walls for it. I kept it clean and safe. And I'll never let it go. 

STAR TREK 3 is my movie. Its not my favorite Trek movie, but damn close. Naysayers be damned, I love that flick.  Pastels and crappy costumes and acting. The recycled Wrath of Khan score. The death of my beloved starship. Christopher Lloyd overacting. The obvious soundstage sets...Warts and all. And to prove my love for it.. I can spoil this: I will be honoring it in a very special upcoming issue of my comic: PLEASANT LIFE. The comic about Star Trek geeks and their relationships. My story. My "movie." You'll see what I mean when the issue comes out. Its my way of giving back to the movie and what it means to me. It birthed my whole life. My fandom. My obsession. Me.

So June 1st, marks 40 years since that movie was released. Paramount already announced a one night only theatrical release for the movie. Unfortunately as I type this, its only in the UK. But if they make a North American run somehow, I will gladly burn one of my few vacation days to go see the movie again on the big screen that night. I'll sit there with my popcorn and drink and laugh and tear up in all the same spots I always do. I'll think of all the actors in the flick who I met over the years and are now gone. I'll think of Bill and that act of kindess. I'll think of my brothers. I'll think of my mom. I'll probably listen to the score on the way there and back. Fully immersed like the big nerd I am. And proud of it. 

The search is over. Spock was found. And the search for my whole life was found along the way. Happy 40th Star Trek 3. I still love ya. And the human adventure continues...

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 Hey friends! So I set up for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY at Summit Comics in downtown Lansing, MI. Man, the crowd was huge! I sold a lot of sketch cards, books and more. Thanks to everyone who came out and scored some good reads and art!

Yer boi was even on Fox 47 news in Lansing for a nanosecond. But at least he was smiling! 

 Here's the link to watch that footage: ADAM ON THE NEWS

My next appearance is CAP CITY COMIC CON in Lansing! I'll be there all three days with my books, prints and art! Information about that show is here:

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Thanks for reading! See you at Cap City Con in July! --T 

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 Welcome back! For those that missed it, I got a bunch of new t-shirts, mugs, wall hangers, stickers, magnets ETC with designs I made on them! On sale for the next 24 hours... Come get em!


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 Hello friends. It's been a whiiiiiiillle.......


A few years ago I moved all operations from here to my Patreon site. Its been good there and I've had support there for years. However, most of the stuff there is NSFW focused and I was missing hitting a more safe for work friendly exposure. So I decided to start seperating the two. I will return to regular posts/blogs/info here and mostly use the Patreon for NSFW comics. 

Whats going on at the Patron exactly? Well, Ive got over SIX YEARS of content there! Over 72 stories and right now I am doing a long form erotica comic there called CONFESSIONS. It is ramping up toward its major conclusion that will drop later this year. But for now, it still updates monthly, along with smutty pinups and other things. I also post my IDIOTHEAD MORNING SHOW PODCAST there, ad free! If you are into such things, check out my Patreon right here: ADAM PATREON HERE CLICK ME

While I'm on the subject of smut, let me reveal that I am remastering/retooling my STARSLAM comics! See, the first book was originally a webcomic, that premiered right here at my faithful old website! I collected it into a book and it sold well. So I did 3 more books and they were all vertical! So the art didn't match. Plus the art is over 10 years old! I was coming up on the anniversary so I decided to try and retool the original book and make it vertical. But then I found a way to just completely REDRAW the whole thing digitally and change the colors and style to my current liking. If this goes well, I will remaster the other three books. I won't have to redraw them, but I will fix mistakes, change a few things and work on the colors so they all match! I'll launch a Kickstarter for the retooled/remastered STARSLAM book 1 this summer! Here's a safe for work peek at a couple of the new pages! 

 So, last year I relaunched my comedy/drama book about geeks and their relationships: PLEASANT LIFE! I did a 500 page graphic novel for these characters 20 years ago, using stories inspired from my own life! Well, its many years later and I wanted to catch up with them. So I started doing an ongoing series! I launched issue 1 via kickstarter last year and then I just did a kickstarter for issues 2-3! I'll do another Kickstarter for issues 4-5 this summer as well! (I'm a goddamn machine!) Here's a look at all three covers: 

You can get these three issues via digital download, plus all my smut books at my GUMROAD website by clicking here: GUMROAD STORE! CLICKY CLICK!


I'll be doing two appearances this year celebrating my 30th year in comics and selfpublishing! Coming up next is an appearance at Summit Comics in downtown Lansing, MI for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! I'll have my books and be doing free sketches for the kids! Info At their Facebook page HERE!

 And as if Lansing couldn't get enough of me... Once again I will be exhibiting at the Capital City Comic Con in July! Info on the show here: CAP CITY CON!

Beyond that, things have been good for me. I'm still rockin' and rollin' and kicking ass. Still podcasting! (Search for IDIOTHEAD MORNING SHOW on Itunes and subscribe, its FREE!) and doing all sorts of comics and art. I just uploaded a bunch of personal sketchbook stuff on my Facebook page and Instagram page. You're welcome to follow/add me there. 

So I have returned to - Feel free to check back often as I will be updating here a lot more. And if you like the smut I do, check out the Patreon, which will be there exclusively. Beyond that, I remain yours, 



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Hi friends! Thanks for coming to my site and checking me out! I have moved all of my operations to PATREON now as far as updates, blogs and other such stuff I used to do here. But I keep this site as a main hub for people to still go to.

Link to my Patreon HERE (I post monthy NSFW comics, blogs, pinups, podcasts and more!)

Link to buy all my books via digital download right HERE (All my books!)

Link to watch me doing stuff on YouTube right HERE (Art stuff, drawing, video games, travel and other things!)

You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other such places. Just search for me, ADAM TALLEY 

I've been at this for 28 years with no signs of stopping. I thank you for coming here and checking me out. You can go to the above links to get my stuff. You are also welcome to browse the old archives here for content from all the way back to 2004 when I started this site. Woooooweeee! Lots of stuff I've done over the years. Thanks for coming by! I appreciate it.



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