Saturday, January 02, 2021


 Hey friends! I do not post here as much anymore as I have moved my operations over to my PATREON PAGE - There for only $1 a month you get exclusive BLOG writings, personal writings, (Safe for work) cartoons, new pages of PLEASANT LIFE 2, PODCASTS and more! For $8 a month you get all that plus one (Not Safe for Work..AKA SMUT) comic story from me (A new story drops every month!), plus NSFW art, sketches, process sketches/pencils/ink of the monthly comic and more. $20 a month gets you all that, plus a monthly commission... which is now the ONLY way to get a commission from me! Do that for three months in a row and you get your original art for the commissions mailed to you, plus extras I toss in. (I take care of those who support me!) 

So consider joining me on PATREON By going right HERE

As I announced several times and I meant it, as of January 1st this year, COMMISSIONS ARE CLOSED! The only way to get them now is through the monthly PATREON tier (Mentioned above) and if I offer them for a future Kickstarter for a new book I am publishing). I am too busy and want to focus on getting projects done. I have been open to private commissions and seeking freelance for 23 years now and its time to focus a bit on what I want to do and get done. I appreciate all those who seek and support. But outside of those two options, I have to decline. Thank you for your interest and support over the years!

One of my goals for 2021 is to get an online store rolling again. You can get all my books via digital download on GUMROAD (Go HERE for that) or at you have to search for it there via my name as they bury them (Oh the joys of publishing NSFW comics... so easy to promote!) But I plan to open an online store where you can directly order physical books and things through me. Right now I do have a place where you can get shirts, coffee mugs and things with my art on them. Its through TEEPUBLIC! For purchase options, go HERE 

I still do my IDIOTHEAD MORNING SHOW PODCAST through and you can search for "IDIOTHEAD MORNING SHOW PODCAST" wherever you get your podcasts! I appreciate all who listen. I just got a new mic, pop filter and stand so I will be increasing my podcasting efforts in 2021. Here is my RSS feed link: and here is the direct subscribe link to ITUNES/APPLE PODCASTS:

I thank you all for continuing to read, listen, support and follow me and my work. I want to make 2021 one of my most productive years ever. Its time to turn all of this around and make it happen! Much love to you all! Now go hit up that PATREON and get new and three year's backlog of content! JOIN ME! My PATREON is HERE

Much love, ADAM T.

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