Thursday, August 24, 2017


Hey friends!

My favorite time of year is now upon us. FALL!!! Exciting shit going on. Weather is calming down a bit. Halloween is right around the corner. Football comes back. We're closer to big family meals like Thanksgiving and Christmas! Its all exciting stuff. And you can feel the weather change and other such things going on all around you. You try to ride the wave and see what comes.

Here I am observing the eclipse in Lansing, MI.... whole lotta clouds. (sigh)

Took my girl out for Mexican food. She enjoyed it.
My boys are all going back to school. 

Scott-bot goes back to the same school.

Lil' James starts a new one.

Some new clothes I got them for their school year. And their birthday is next month so no doubt they will get more!
I decided I needed some small changes in my own life as well. I have been the same forever and maybe its time to adopt some small new things and attitudes to cultivate...

This is a collection of socks and undies, some of which I've had for well over a decade... the socks, maybe even longer than that. They have served me well, but I just wanted a change..

They are now all replaced with new undies and a ton of new socks, new shade, new fluffiness. I've been wanting to toss all my old socks and things for years and haven't got around to it. And now its all new. YAY!
And now, something I've wanted to do for over 20 years...

Ut oh....

I remember watching WOODSTOCK 94 back in the day, and how I wanted to dye my hair all sorts of weird colors. I never did. I couldn't. The jobs at the time wouldn't allow it. Plus, I know my dad woulda gave me a bit of stink eye for it. I wanted to dye the hair green, red, purple... but I never did. Too afraid. "It wasn't me," I'd think. So I sat on the idea for almost 25 years... Until this week!

Its a shade of purple. I've never dyed my hair before. I swore I wouldn't. But I did. And I am pretty happy with the results. It makes the inner teenager inside me swell up with some pride. I even got a couple stares at me yesterday as I was out and about. Heh... "Friggin' scary youth fucker!" Take THAT, society! Heh, but seriously, this was an embrace of a long never accomplished fantasy of mine. And I quite like it. Not sure where it will go from here. I got more dye and things. Maybe I'll do other colors. Maybe I'll stick with this. Maybe.. maybe.. maybe... But I like the idea of an open ended idea. Something to chase.

I'm trying hard to be positive. I'm trying to stay in a happy mindframe. There are things around me that make me or those I care about have a bad day. Sometimes you gotta stand up and say your piece. Sometimes its best to ignore it. But sometimes you just gotta put on a silly mask and make someone you care about laugh.

...maybe that is exactly what I am here for.
Some changes are forced on you. You drift through and accept it. But you can change yourself and how you approach things if you want to. You get what you want out of life by how you approach it. That is what I am striving for.

So get crafty. Get funny. Get loud. Disconnect from the bullshit and the toxic people and places around you. Ignore the news and the talking heads and the idiots who will never care to grow and learn or even accept. Change is good. Change is constant. Change is all.

Plus, its only two months until Halloween. Better start watching horror movies and making costumes!


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