Thursday, August 31, 2017

Apocalyptic Mind Debris

Oh man does this look good or what????
Welcome back my friends.

This is literally the only moment I've had the opportunity to sit at my desk since this time last week. Had the boys over the weekend and every day beyond that has been overtime at the day job or just been too damn busy to get things rolling, creatively or otherwise. So that is why you haven't heard anything about my new book's Kickstarter (that I teased two posts ago). But rest assured it is coming. I got a few last things to do... some pinups to draw and color that I want to include in the book but I want to make sure its 100% in the bag before I start trying to sell it. So maybe another week or two at the most. I do have some commissions to finish from the previous sale I did and I got another one this week from a longtime trusted client I always do work for, even when I am not taking any work.

So I really haven't had much opportunity to get work done. But this weekend coming up I should get some breathing room and I hope to take advantage of it. 

All work and no play make Adam go something something......
While I don't have much time or energy to go out and play and live some life, I get to enjoy other people doing it around me. My co-worker just flew to Seattle for a wedding this past weekend and asked if I had any ideas of what he and his wife could do. Immediately I suggested the Sci-Fi museum. They took me up on the idea and brought back a picture of something that I would kill to see there. Probably the main reason I'd go there... the TOS Enterprise Bridge set!!!! (Well, what is left of it) Check it out: 

Oh, to be there and see that... I would weep openly.
At home, our cable bill raised $22... because my move in special from last year expired. So I called the cable company to see what other packages they had... because if I am going to pay that much I might as well get my dick sucked a bit. So we upgraded from 25 MB internet to 75MB and 10 channels to 140 channels. Last night I sat down for the first time in three years and actually watched TV after we got home. Immediately the commercials pissed me off. Heh! I never watch TV for that reason. But I did promise myself I would check out a few football games this season. I didn't watch any last year. I'm not MASSIVE into sports but I do love a good game now and then. Something about football season turns my nerd into a little bit of testosterone flowing in this old dude and dare I say, I become a tiny bit of a "man".... heh! 

Funny shirt from an indie cartoonist. I forget the guy's name but his shirts are funny. Look him up!
When the kids were sleeping this past weekend, D and I finally caught up with Preacher. Holy shit, has it turned awesome! They are nailing Herr Starr so well and the new stuff they have added to the show really adds a lot to it. I'm very satisfied with what they are doing.

We also watched an indie horror flick called "House of the Devil," which was a decent watch. Very slow paced but stylized in the 70-80s horror movie style (ala Rosemary's Baby, The Omen, etc). Worth a visit.


Okay, filled you in on a little bit of what is going on around me... now some discussion on actual artworking!!!!

Yes, I am finishing up the new erotica book. More hardcore pron from me. It will launch soon, I promise. I'm getting that creative mindset flowing again and shit is starting to ramp up. I even considered doing some comic shows to get the juices flowing again. I heard of a show in my old hometown of Mt. Pleasant, but artist alley tables are sold out. They have some more expensive ones available but I don't want to invest that much money into it. It was more of a whimsy to chase for a day. Maybe next year. But I am excited to tell you guys that I did sign up for MSU COMICS FORUM for next year February. So after skipping this year, I will make a triumphant return next year. So that is a start.

Also my new sketchbook has been very active: 

This week my mission is to finish all commissions and the pinups for THE EROTIC ZONE and get it all pdf'd and ready for the printer. THEN the Kickstarter will launch. Might take a few days or a couple weeks, but I will get it done.

May the spirit of Bettie Page guide my carpal tunnel-stricken hands to finish this erotica that the world so desperately needs! 

My spirit animal!
Next time we talk I hope to have it all figured out.

---Luvs, T

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