Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Labor Day Pains


Heh... anyway, welcome back, folks. Yeah its been a crazy weekend. I did relax a little.

On Saturday, I went to my co-worker's house, where we all collectively played the re-release of NIGHT TRAP (videos coming) and then beat MEGA MAN 2. Took me 30 years but its finally done. Check that off the list!
After a long week of work, I had planned on getting a lot of shit done around me. I managed to clean the car and finally move around and organize my shelves of books and comics at home. Saturday night I hung with co-workers playing video games. But then when I got home I was sick and vomiting. Something about Little Caeser's Hot N Ready pizza sauce, I can't handle anymore. The man in my tummy hates me.

Sunday I got the kids the majority of the day and then spent some time with D getting groceries and doing stuff around the house.

Monday, I got up early and got the last of the boys' bday presents and got them all wrapped. Then I finally sat down and got some artworking done. I got 5 commissions fully penciled, inked and halfway colored. I also inked and scanned the Erotic Zone cover and a couple other pieces for Starslam 3... one of which might be the cover. I am not sure yet. I'll color it and we'll see.

This week I got a ton of stuff to get done. More artworking, laundry, keeping the house straight... my dad is coming this week to stay with us over the weekend and he's bringing my sister. Also this weekend I will have the boys. It will be a full house in our tiny apartment, that is for sure.

Anyway, just giving an update. Barring any major event to come this week, I might be MIA for a while due to being busy. I hope everyone's weekend was great. I'll see you on the flipside. The EROTIC ZONE book is almost complete!!! Kickstarter soon.

Cheers, T

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