Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Cleaning out Closets of the Mind

Hello friends. Its been a few days. Normally I do not take so long to post a blog but I have just stayed busy on things. A bunch on the eternal TO DO list that needed to get done. Plus some OT at the day job. I am burning the candle at all ends (even the middle). I am pretty stressed out but I am handling it.

Boy do I need a vacation... or more of these bad boys!
A lot of things have been on my mind. Change of seasons and change is in the air. The wheels are in motion on a few things. I made a decision last week that I think will change a lot of things for me in the artworking department. Something I wont be into until 2018, but the work begins now. I think it is about time I made a decision about it and I am confident I am making the right one. As the great Clive Barker said: YOU HAVE TO TRUST YOUR OWN MADNESS. I will just tickle your ass with that feather for now and leave it best unsaid until it happens. But you will know very soon.

I have a pile of things to do and even more things in my mind I want to take care of. With that on the burner we decided to take apart our tiny apartment this last week. We opened all the (gulp) closets and tossed a bunch of stuff and reorganized things. Our apartment is cleaned out, top to bottom, inside and out. I guess we are anxious to move, which will not happen until post summer 2018, but we cannot wait. The place we are currently in is way too small for us and when the kids or a guest comes to stay over, its even smaller. And speaking about artworking vibes, they are non~existent in this place. I tossed my old L SHAPE DESK in 2015. I miss that fucking desk. But I cannot get another one here. No room! Plus I do not think it could withstand my son Scott~bots weight if he used it to play on as he does. So I will wait until the move to get one. But I have no studio space, per sae. Just a shitty old desk with no room to draw on it. But in the new apartment, I will have plenty of space and room to hang up my toys and trinkets. I cannot wait for that. I am counting down the days.

On the artwork front, I am inking new Starslam 3 pages. I wrote a few additional scenes for the Pleasant Life sequel that I started a couple years ago and will finish by next year. I finished work on the new card set for Topps and mailed them in. I got 5 AP cards coming back, one of which is claimed. When I get them in hand, I will offer them up for sale. The big news is that I am now on another new set which I cannot name yet. Im back on a property that me as a seven year old would be stoked to be on. It was an honor to do before and with the excitement in the air about this thing, its an honor to be back on it. As an adult I am thrilled to be spending a bit more time in a galaxy far, far away.... (spoilers).

As far as new media dissected, I finally finished Preacher season 2. Some hits and definite misses. I like where it is going but so much is changed from what I am familiar with that sometimes the characters in the show, their motivations leave me scratching my head. We will see what happens if it is renewed. I have given up on Star Trek Discovery and will maybe (A BIG MAYBE) catch up with it on the back end sometime. The Orville comes back this week and it excites me more than the new Trek does at this point. Curb Your Enthusiasm season 9 is wonderful so far as well. New music: I got the Mike Portnoy Sons of Apollo album. Its his grand return to progressive metal and it is a warm welcome back! Sounds great, recommend if you like that sort of thing. Im also listening to Tom Petty, Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam and a round of some Ramones. I even got another goddamn Funko Pop celebrating my love of the Ramones:

Damn you Joe Rogers....
Well folks, I got a pile of things I gotta do. As always, I will report back when I got something new to say. But for now let me just report that Im fine, Im great and yes (as you may have noticed by now) I still need a new MAC keyboard where I can use apostrophes and a few other keys I miss. Let us enter the Halloween days by being safe, party responsibly and party hard. Rock your favorite costume and make shit happen.

I know I will.


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