Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Thoughts

Saw this quote this past week. Thought I would share it.

I am up early on my Xmas Morning. Well, its the day we are having our Xmas with the boys, so therefore it is our Xmas as well. Lots of things on my mind. Since I am up early, why not share?

~~I have been blessed with the best and most loyal fan base in this life. I get messages, emails and gifts quite often from them. It truly makes me feel humbled and blessed to be seen and cared for that much. I cannot wait to launch the Patreon page next year so that we can have a new (and more importantly, INTERACTIVE) place to create and roll together. It truly is going to be a wonderful thing to transition to.

~~The old ways I did things is dying. Talkshoe is really acting up. Podcast might have to end. So ends well over 11 years of my life in audio form. But onto the new things. Conventions are drying up as a business model for someone at my level. I don't desire to continue it further. I'm ready for the new thing.

~~Fair warning: I am thinking VERY SERIOUSLY about shutting down the physical book shop. I will do initial print runs when I release a book. But then, shut it down, selling digital copies only. I will miss the old way of doing things but perhaps it is best to adjust to the times. Cheaper, less heavy on me when I move again, etc. Plus I am very low on copies. If I did reprints of them, I have minimums I would need to print... Not cost effective in the long run. Maybe I should do a sale and then be rid of them for good? Maybe I should switch to DIGITAL ONLY commissions from this point forward? Just something to think about. What do you guys think?

~~My mom died 17 years ago yesterday. I miss her greatly and think about her everyday. I asked myself yesterday that if she were alive today, what would she think about me now. I know deep down she would be proud of all I have accomplished and achieved. I do regret that my boys and my girl never got to know her. She would have loved them so much. It truly is a shame she is gone and they did not get to meet her.

~~Planning 2018 already. I got dates picked for a real vacation and other things I want to do. So much to achieve and accomplish. I hope I can follow through this time.

~~I bought a Porg and I love him. I don't care what you say about it. ;)

~~I turned down a couple new card sets. Somewhat for the unrealistic deadline. But more so I could get my personal comic goals achieved. Plus a bit of a break. I'm killing myself a bit sometime with all this stuff going on. Need to stop and smell the roses and shovel the snow off for a bit. That is allowed, right?

~~Watching my kids open up their presents is the highlight of my year. I know I got some nice stuff under the tree from Santa Girlfriend and that will be great too. But seeing the excitement on everyone s face has me so jazzed for this morning. Only a couple hours away until they get here and I get to see it!

~~I still haven't bought a new MAC keyboard. I cannot write quotation marks or apostrophes without it. Nor use my usual short key commands when I color with my wacom tablet. (sigh) I really need to get on that. But my MAC itself is going to shit the bed soon too. Hopefully it can last until August when I move into the new place and maybe get a new one. We shall see.

~~Spending New Years with some old friends. I cannot wait!

~~I am hip deep into the main big fight at the end of Starslam 3, where HUGE shit happens. I got about 30 pages to go on it but its coming along. I cannot wait to finish it and then get even deeper into Pleasant Life 2. That story has been bouncing around my brain for years now. Id love to put a lot of this shit to bed and get on with it. Then get to the other things I want to do. 2018... its going to be a palette cleanser of a year....for many things..... hopefully and finally.

Okay, that is all that is on my brain as of late. I hope everyone has a great and SAFE holiday weekend. Take care, spend time with loved ones and enjoy yourselves.

Cheers, T


Caleb & Jen said...

Only 30 pages left on Starslam 3? Part of me is so excited to finally see it getting ready to launch. But part of me is terrified at the idea this might be the end. Starslam is like a really good friend I've known for a long time, who also happens to be cool with me seeing her naked. Those aren't the kind of people you want to lose touch with.

Phymns said...

Believe me, HUGE things in these 30 pages. Will not be a disappointment!