Thursday, February 08, 2018

SICK of Being SICK!!!!!

Hey friends.

Well its about a week later and it has been a week of hell. I was bed ridden for almost five days total, out of work for two, sore as hell for all the rest of them. I had to return to work due to the attendance stuff at work, but I toughed it out so far. Today I reported in and felt like absolute shit all day. Finally around 9pm, I filled up on more Chicken soup and some Advil instead of my off brand ibuprofin. Ill tell you... an hour later I felt much better. My ears drained out and I was feeling even (gulp) energetic!! I got home and did the dishes and emptied all the trash. And here I am, jamming to some Beatles and updating you all with a blog at my desktop. So maybe... dare I say... I'm getting better???

Unfortunately, my girlfriend now has what I had. We went to the doctors late last night and got her some meds as well. She is resting while I am hoping this upward trend continues for me. I had originally planned to go to ASTRONOMICON in Detroit this weekend for a day, but with the snow and me still not guaranteed to be 100%, I am still shelving the idea. Although Id REALLY love to go. I think I need a show, man. I miss the hustle and bustle just a tiny bit. Not manning a table, mind you... but just going and seeing a bunch of dealers and doing some digging.

Im going to hope that me feeling a bit better tonight continues and I am finally indeed better after all this shit. But I will take it easy this weekend and try to relax when I can. But my TO DO list grows longer and longer and I gotta get cracking on shit that I need to get done. I need some solid solid solid productive time. Seems like everything keeps getting in my way and I have to keep pushing things back! Its a bullshit hill I gotta keep pushing that rock up after it rolls down at the halfway point. Fucking Sisyphus.

Anyway, just thought Id update everyone on how I am feeling. Please: AVOID THE SICKNESS AT ALL COSTS! Everyone I know has managed to get some sort of bug this season. You could be next!!


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