Sunday, March 25, 2018

Why you still coming here? PATREON!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Yeah you.

Why you coming here?

I know. Ive been here for 13 years. Old habits die hard. But I told ya friend. I have moved my entire empire over to my PATREON PAGE.

If you arent there, you are honestly missing everything.

In the last month I have posted over 24 different things. Blogs. Pics. Process pics. Upper level sneak peeks at my stuff. Full download links to comics. My new podcast: THE NAUGHTY SAUCE and so much more.

You are missing it. You can have the basic plan for only $1 a month. You get the blogs and the podcast for that. Pay a bit more and you get the comics. Pay a little beyond that and you get stuff NO ONE ELSE will ever get. It all goes to support me and what I have worked so hard for the last 24 years. It feeds my kids. It puts food on the table. It keeps the lights on. It helps me buy pens and toys. It helps me pay for internet so I can download my porn and AVGN videos....

This is the future, folks. Exclusive, artist support, paid content. You support the artists DIRECTLY and they give you what you want. That is what I am doing. At my Patreon.

Come join us. $1.00 a month. Less than the cost of a soda gets you a month access. The cost of 3 specialty coffees gets you a ton of art, comics and even upcoming VIDEOS! yup. All of it is there. And its been one month and Ive posted 24 times. That is WAY more content than I ever posted here on a monthly basis... and its not as depressing of posts as I used to do here! ;)

Come join us. Click here: ADAM PATREON PAGE

Its the only place I am now. Join me.


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