Friday, November 02, 2018


Hello friends! Welcome to November! 
Hoping to get a few months ahead on things like my PATREON so I can be free a bit. I might "take a break" from artworking the month of December (Although who am I kidding? I never quit!) But I got some exciting shit to do and have fun with lately.
Exciting time to be a nerd. Not only do we get tons of cool movies and TV shows, we get lots of toys and games as well. Things I am excited for are things like CREED 2 (dropping Thanksgiving), the long awaited delivery of my new FIREBALL ISLAND board game (Backed on Kickstarter in April and its finally shipping this month!). This week I got a couple new nerdy things too:

My fiancee bought be this as a "wedding present." I didn't even know I got one!! The wedding is a few months away but I guess since it dropped now and its hard to find, she went ahead and scored one for me:

I've always wanted a stand up arcade cabinet in my home, and now I got one! The reviews on these things are mostly positive and I look forward to assembling it this weekend with my boys. I gotta figure out where I am going to put it, but I will find a place! GALAGA is my favorite arcade game of all time. That and the VECTOR STAR WARS game. I'll assemble it and let you know how it is.

For music nerds, I got my METALLICA: AND JUSTICE FOR ALL box set shipped early!

Man there is a shitload to listen to there! But I'll get to what people want to know...

The main criticism about this album is that the bass is waaaaaaaaaay down in the mix. So does this "Remaster" fix that? In short, no. I knew it wouldn't. But I was excited about the "Rough Mixes from the Vault" disc. Maybe that would be a version with bass in it! In short, no. Well, maybe... I did a comparison of my old 1988 CD version, the new REMASTER version and the ROUGH MIXES version... I can say of the three, the ROUGH MIXES sounds the best to me. Its "warmer" and louder. Plus a few parts here and there are different. Different riff or solo, etc. Vocals sound the same on all three. The REMASTER does sound a tad louder. The album hasn't sounded better. But I listened closely to "Blackened" on all three versions, going back and forth from all three and I didn't hear any discernible bass track. Unless Jason played it right on the nuggets of the rhythm guitar. But I certainly would try to track down the Rough Mixes version. Interesting bit of history.

I still got all the demos, live tracks to go through. There's a ton here. And the book is worth the price alone! If you are a fan, take the jump and get the box set. You'll thank me. Don't let the bass stuff ruin the greatness of what is a great album. Arguably Metallica's best. IMO. But a case could be made for any of the first 5 albums with them.

In other nerd news, I bought and read comedian Brian Posehn's new book "FOREVER NERDY." It was a quick read, him showcasing all the stuff he loves, how he discovered it and all the bullying he endured as a kid. I felt like I got to know him a little better. I met him once briefly and he was nice but very quiet. Still one of my favorite comedians working today. If you like nerdy talk about how you discovered things like heavy metal, Star Wars, girls, etc... check out his book: FOREVER NERDY.

For some reason I have been into reading and listening to D&D stuff. Especially podcasts. I got turned on to Brian Posehn's "NERD POKER" Podcast. Its kind of fun to sit and listen to them play a D&D campaign. Made me want to play myself.

I never played growing up. The closest I came to playing as a kid was playing HEROQUEST: THE BOARD GAME (Which I will score one on ebay soon, dammit!). I played the real thing a handful of times in college with my friend Jon and that was fun. So maybe in total I've played it six times. Last time I played was an attempt to start a new campaign with Jon back in like 2011. I'm not super into doing it. I never have time. Stupid second shift work! If I worked first shift at my job, I might consider it. I'm too inconsistent to get anything going. Plus a lot of my friends live far away. Maybe skype a session? I dunno. Not as fun. So I just enjoy the NERD POKER podcast and read copies of DORK TOWER meanwhile. Maybe someday I will do something with my passing interest in it. I've often thought about creating a mini campaign around STARSLAM and making a fun, sexy role playing game for fans of the series. Maybe I will someday. Would be a fun bonus wouldn't it?

Another thing I liked as a kid was reading DRAGONLANCE books. I read the very first one but never got into the others. I should. I was big into LORD OF THE RINGS when the movies came out. But the novels aren't the funnest read. So I guess my nerdiness is limited. Although I do love Mid-evil RPG video games... Just never have fucking time to play them!

So this weekend: Kids all weekend. Assemble my Galaga game. Dive deeper into my Metallica box set and get caught up on artworking. I want to get far ahead on the patreon stuff, finish a commission and finish the KISS cards. I also have to finish digging through my collection for the upcoming toy sale in Lansing on Nov 11th. Selling my shit! Buying new shit!

Lots to do. Let's get to it!

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