Sunday, October 28, 2018


Hey friends!

Its been a stressful damn week. I had a panic attack even. Just A LOT to get done and the OT at the day job is here! Plus home woes (Fleas, Furnace... all of which I discuss on the newest Podcast)... But I am making progress. Got some commissions done this weekend, got stuff boxed up I need to mail to various places and all the USA Starslam mailers are out. I just gotta work on the overseas ones this week. All the paperwork is filled out for them and they are ready to be mailed out. Thats what I will be doing this week.

Also I spent some time today grabbing more Xmas presents off my list. (I'm striving to get all my Xmas shopping done before Nov 11th... just because!) I have also dug through all my tubs, toys, comics, books, games, etc and gathered stuff for the Nov 11th TOY SHOW in Okemos, MI that I will be set up at. I'll sell my old shit and my comics and art there. Should be a good time. A different vibe than a comic con. Much needed. Plus I need to be rid of some crap. If I make a little extra scratch for it in the meantime, why not!

In addition to finishing things off the TO DO list, I am working on the other new stuff I need to do.

Like this:

Recognize any of that? Those are some of my earliest comic work! They will all be scanned and collected into a book for next year's celebration of my 25 years in self publishing. I'm just gonna scan em and see where I can get to after that. Maybe a kickstarter? I dunno. Its old shit. Its honestly HORRID to look at. Does anyone want to see that? We'll see I suppose!

Cute kitty sitting on my kid's car seat!

Anyway, nothing new beyond that.

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