Tuesday, October 23, 2018

NIN Concert in Detroit - Oct 2018

So I saw NIN for the second time in Detroit. I only went because my girl hasn't seen them ever and they are in her favorite bands list. They did something different to keep the tickets from bots and scalpers. You had to physically go to the venue a couple months ago and buy the ticket. Then you come back and see the show. (LIKE THE GOOD OL DAYS!) In actuality, I kinda liked this system. Yeah it was a pain to get up at 3-4 in the morning and go buy the ticket, but I used to do that same thing when I was a kid. I'd stand outside Warehouse Records in Mt. Pleasant (RIP) and line up for tickets to a show. You could pick you seat and found happiness. So this was similar and it kept it going to the real fans. Of course you are going to get people buying extras and scalping them. Assholes abound in this world. What you gonna do?
I saw them live in 2014 I think it was. They played a lot of the more later albums. But this show the majority was PRETTY HATE MACHINE and BROKEN. A couple from this album and that, and four new ones. But nothing off the later albums really. The stage was stripped down, no screens. Lights and smoke. It was a rockin' good time. 
I'm showing you folks some of my pics and then pics from the Detroit Newspaper, as they got MUCH closer than I. So enjoy these. They played at the Fox theatre... which is GORGEOUS! Here are my pics:
I'd say that this show tops the last time I saw them, for sure. I love those first two albums. While there were a couple songs that they've been playing on this tour that they didn't play the night I saw them, overall I'd say it was a killer time. And you know what? No assholes around us. Perhaps doing the tickets the way they did got it to the real fans who appreciated the show for what it should be. Of course there were loud, drunk arseholes... probably bought tickets from a scalper... but luckily they weren't around me and didn't dampen my experience. 
Concert retirement begins now for me? In a way, I hope so. I'm getting too old for this type of thing. My feet, back and ears hurt a bit. I've seen some great fucking shows in my days of concert going. Legendary performers. If this is indeed my last show ever, its a good one to go out on. 
But it will happen again. Maybe I'm still a bit too young to retire. We'll see. 

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