Saturday, October 20, 2018


Well, I'm back posting here again.

I still have my Patreon, which you can find right HERE, but I decided to keep more active as well. So basically I am doing both. Here's how its going to work:

---I will continue blogging, promoting and podcasting here at AND my Patreon. My Patreon will get the content (and extra content blogging-wise/podcast-wise) FIRST. Then it will post here. This site will NOT be getting the monthly erotica comics content, nor the process pencils/inks and bonus comics content that I post at the Patreon.

So basically, if you come here to good ol', you'll see my blogs again. I think I am uploading all of my Patreon podcasts to the old podcast page here.

Why am I doing this? Well, to put it simply, cross promotion.

Yeah, I'm creating more work for myself. But I think the ends justify the means. Promoting myself to a paywall has only got me so far. The Patreon is basically new monthly and specifically themed content. While promotes my history and ALL my content. NSFW and clean alike.

Next year is my 25th Anniversary in self publishing and I plan to do some big things. Surprise content, new books, some appearances, etc. I need to be open about the process of promoting that and my work.

So yeah, if you liked the old blogs (all archived here) and the podcast ( morning show), its all returning here. But to get the FULL ADAM EXPERIENCE, I strongly suggest the Patreon still. You get monthly new erotica comics, process posts, podcasts first, extra podcasts and blogs that won't be posted here, sketchbook peeks, downloadable bonus comics, unreleased comics and more. Join my Patreon HERE

For now, is up and running again. I never left it. I repaid the licenses and domain name fees. Its mine. I own it. So why not use it as a tool? Never hurts, I say!

Anyway, we back. Onward and upward.


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