Sunday, January 27, 2019

Birthday Weekend

Hey friends. 
My 41st Bday came and went and it was a good one. It started off on a bummer. I had to work on my birthday and it was a stressful week already. Thursday (The actual birthday date) was full of a few bummers but I got through it and got home to some sanity. We had been tracking the weather all day to see if our little one night getaway was even going to happen. But luckily a break in the weather came for us mid-day Friday and we decided to go for it. 
We spent the day in Grand Rapids, Michigan... We started off at a restaurant that was recommended to me, before hitting a large antique store near downtown. I didn't find anything there, but looking at all the 60-70s vintage furniture was a highlight! I was hoping to find in box toys or Trek books for my collection. I found none of them. The snow started dropping heavy and so we went to the hotel and got checked in. I started boozing immediately! We then went to the pool and the lovely hot tub to relax. My back and knee has been hurting me lately with all the overtime at the day job, so I was really enjoying that. My girl and I spent the night in the hotel and it was a night of drunken fun. Always great! 
The next morning we got up and headed to this used bookstore I wanted to find and see if I could score some TREK books. We found it but unfortunately it was in a weird area without parking and the snow was preventing much searching from happening. Nothing really looked that good to stop and park at. So we abandoned the idea and headed to a local DISC TRADERS where I found a lot of DVD/Blu-Ray and NES game deals! 
We then headed back to Lansing and stopped to get my birthday cake from a bakery I've always wanted to try out. We then stopped at another CD/DVD resale shop where we shopped and petted the store kitty. We then headed back home where D took a nap and I decided to go back out to the hobby store for some deals that were expiring. I got some Micron pens, a frame for a poster I got D for Xmas and I finally decided to pull the trigger on my model kit obsession again. I used a 40% off coupon and scored the NCC-1701 TOS Model kit again (I've put this one together about 15 times in my life). I also got some paint thinner and some glue. (I checked out my stock on those things last week and the stuff I had is extremely old! I still have an EXCELSIOR, ENTERPRISE E, NX-01 and ECTO-1 in the box and ready to be finished assembling and painting as well) It feels good that I am going to reconnect with doing model kits again! One of the joys from when I was a kid. 
A few things I ordered last week arrived as well: The KIRK MEGO TARGET figure I got from Ebay, some COPIC refills and markers, my NEAL MORSE BAND and KING DIAMOND Special Edition Cds/DVD pre-orders. And just today I ordered some ReAction figures from SUPER7. Namely: KING DIAMOND and METROPOLIS ROBOT. All essential. So I got some great Birthday gifts! D's parents hooked me up with STAR TREK: THE LOST SCENES book... which I highly recommend! Might be the best BTS making of the series book I've ever seen. Get it! Also they gave me some money, which I then gave to D so she could shop too. She spent a lot on the hotel, food and other things for our trip, so I felt it was only fair of me to offer that even though she was reluctant. But we both needed a day or two to get away, relax, reconnect and shop! 
I got home and cleaned up my desk area a little bit and watched some youtube stuff. D got up and took the stickers off our discs. I grabbed a movie from my large "TO WATCH" pile and finally sat and watched "TO LIVE AND DIE IN LA," which was good. I then passed out around midnight.
Today is Sunday and I got my boys. I saved the cake so I can eat it with them and celebrate with them! All in all, a long weekend birthday celebration. I needed the break. Tomorrow we are expecting 8-12 inches of snow. Its been a very tame winter and I am not looking forward to the deluge to come. But I shall endure. And get through the overtime. I got a card set to finish and model kits to assemble. Oh and all the other artworking I am doing too! Very busy... but most of all, very happy! 
Thanks for reading! 

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