Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Birthday Post: 39 Things I've Learned

Hello friends! Its been a crazy week! So far, I've wanted to just do this:

Yeah, maybe even drink the pee water too. Mostly because I've been dealing with this:

Any hope for him to do a decent job has gone right out the window with several things done in his first five days... untruths or "alternative facts," getting rid of the FHA tax break (which I was looking into), spinning truths about voting numbers or actual turnout for his swearing in ceremony, eliminating the arts programs and museum/library service benefits and today he signed a bill that is allowing the Dakota pipeline to go forward. There are many other headaches, but I'll leave that for my social media ranting.

Yeah I've decided to stick with the social media. Especially now. Because, YOU NEED ME. Now more than ever. And I understand that might bore you or you might be sick of it already. However, I make no apologies. If I'm keeping social media in my life, I'm going to run it my way. I'm seeking truth and hope, like you. And I will not be silent anymore. I am using my voice and art to show the world as I see it. That's my job as an artist and writer. On social media, you'll still get updates on my stuff, music and movie links, fun memes and other such stuff I've always done, but you will also get links to unbiased news sources speaking about what is going on. And if you truly seek the truth that is going on, you'll give it an actual read and draw your own conclusions. But note: I will NEVER come onto your feed to nay-say or argue with you or disrespect you or your viewpoint and I hope that is reciprocal. Its your wall, use it as you want... just like I will to mine. If I feel like things cross the line, I will cut that line. Be respectful and courteous. That is all I'm asking. In the end, I am a warrior against bullshit and I'm on team people. So make love and make good art. That's the end of the discussion.

This week also I had a birthday. I turned 39 years old. And in this blog, I'll share a special list of 39 things I've "learned" while living on this planet with you. But before that, some minor things: 

After growing my hair long for a few months, I decided to cut it short again. I didn't like spending extra time shampooing it. Yeah, I'm lazy.

The boys got haircuts too. Here's James with his trusty Ipad.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone for the increased downloads of my MORNING SHOW PODCAST! The numbers are spiking and I'm thinking: HOLY CRAP!!! I appreciate it! I think the stats on this week posted here were the Roddenberry dvd review and my year end recap. Thanks all! The podcast continues on itunes. Subscribe for free!
 Anyway, without further delay, the reason you are all here:


1-The only currency we have in life is our story.
2-Trust is earned, not given and can go away at any time.
3-Tuna Casserole is awesome.
4-Kirk can beat Picard. I don't care what you say.
5-Never trust a hardcore music fan if they cannot acknowledge the Beatles.
6-Do something creative to give back to the book of humanity.
7-The gas gauge has an arrow on it and that shows the side where the tank lid is.
8-Enjoy every great moment. Because once its gone, its gone.
9-Reboots and remakes all suck ass.
10-You job isn't the totalization of you, but does help you do things you want outside of it. Work hard and enjoy it.
11-You'll never get to where you are going if you stop to argue with every asshole that gets in your way. Keep going.
12-Life is too short to stress about people, places or things that don't deserve to be an issue in your life.
13-Carpe Diem. Live in the right now, always.
14-Never argue online. Its pointless. Like a screen door on a submarine.
15-Take time to enjoy shit you like and feel no guilt about doing it or liking what you like.
16-Sit and watch cartoons with some cereal on a Saturday morning once in a while. Just because you can.
17-Always research and seek opinions beyond your own. Minds are like parachutes, they only function when they are open.
18-Always watch your back.
19-Everyone at some point will hurt you. But only a few are worth the hurt.
20-Go see live music.
21-Spend more time in nature when you can.
22-Take those we've lost along the way with you, spiritually. Talk to them in your head. Enjoy their continued company. Never forget them.
23-Always be truthful. Living in lies is no way to live.
24-Always be the best you can be. Have Honor and loyalty to those who matter the most to you.
25-Reach out to old friends who you haven't talked to in a while.
26-Success is your own perspective. No one can define it for you.
27-You cannot expect people to treat you and react the same way you do.
28-Dress in your favorite outfit and style. Its uniquely you and never change YOU.
29-Fuck perfection. Learn in public and learn from those mistakes.
30-Be real. What you see is what you get.
31-Don't live a life of snottiness or snarkiness.
32-Its ok to not like things but don't be a dick about it.
33-The loudest person in the room is always the most insecure.
34-Look at the big picture... always.
35-Accept yourself as you are right now.
36-Value your alone time and enjoy time with yourself.
37-Anger damages you, let it go.
38-Be healthy but indulge once in a while.
39-Live in peace. Onward and upward, always!

Thanks all for reading. I will have a special surprise this week! Stay tuned....


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