Thursday, January 26, 2017


And finally here we are. I'm officially launching my Vlog channel with today's post of the first intro video. The previous one I posted was like an episode ZERO, and this is the real start of it all.

I worked hard on this project and I got a couple more in the can already. I'm always filming for stuff to put in the Vlog now. Coming up over the next year you will get a variety of videos from me. From random travels and happenings, one on one talks, collection or shopping videos, tutorials/watch me draw type of videos and much more! Its going to be fun to watch it all go down in video form!

Here at, you've had the blog for over 10+ years, a podcast for five, so now you get a proper Video channel with exclusive content!

Here's episode one:

PLEASE SUPPORT! Subscribe/comment via youtube. Help get new eyes on what we are doing here. This is all D.I.Y. on my part and I leave into your hands to help it become a thing. Organic as possible.

Thanks all for watching! I hope you enjoy this intro to the Vlog channel!


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