Friday, February 03, 2017

Cleaning the Gutters

Hey friends-

First up, a hearty HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my oldest son, Cody. He turned 17 this Groundhog's Day. Yeah... SEVENTEEN! Only one more year until he's legally able to join the army, buy cigarettes, buy pornography, and be legal enough to move out on his own and rent an apartment. That is absolutely unreal to me. Seems like only yesterday, we were doing this:

OR he looked like this:

And now he looks like this: 

I guess time moves really damn fast. Happy birthday to my oldest son. Keep rocking and rolling!

Well the biggest news in my life currently is this new girl:

We adopted this stray from a facebook posting yesterday and so far, her and Lily Munster are having a hard time getting along. But they will hopefully mend some fences soon. That is part of the reason I am up at 5am this morning... with all the meowing and hissing going on. (Sigh) No name yet. Still working it out. I haven't spent much time with her to get to know her so much. Maybe by this weekend, hopefully.

The last couple days I have got out late at the day job and then had to get up 3-4 hours later to drive to the other end of town and take the kids to school. It really jacks me up when I do that and I'm absolutely useless the rest of the day. I haven't slept well at all, honestly. Yesterday the stress and extreme fatigue lead to some scary chest pains. Its something I am going to have to go to the doctor for, I am sure. Its scary shit. I am sure its a combo of many things. But currently I am on this lifestyle change, bought a treadmill and am cutting out bad foods again. But I also gotta learn how to cut out the stress and lack of sleep from my life. Some days I roll good but then one day of early wake up jacks me up big time and I cannot recooperate. Part of it too is that I am on extreme overtime at the day job right now. Great for the paychecks, but murder on my everything else. And with my schedule with the kids, I only get two saturdays off a month. Those are my only days off from any obligation.... which usually those two days get filled up with some sort of trip or friend wanting to get together. I cannot relax and just try to de-stress at all. Such is life, I guess.

As a result, not much artworking has been done this week. I came out the gate on Monday/Tuesday with some solid work being done in the mornings, only to come to a grinding halt on Wednesday with everything going on. I'm hoping after this weekend I can get back on schedule. I'm behind on everything and I got commissions to finish! I've only had time for two things: Jack and shit... and jack left town.

I've tried to curb the extra stress of my social media political rants a bit this week. I lost it a bit last week and that certainly doesn't help. I've tried to speak my mind and try to make others aware of what I was seeing. But a lot of times, there seems to be a "we won" philosophy instead of keeping the curtains open to what is going on or what feels right/wrong. So I have to learn to just step back a bit and speak only when sorely needed. Or else I will likely go insane. There is lots to do with all of it and believe me, I'm drilled down and paying attention to what is going on. As Henry Rollins recently said in an interview with Joe Rogan: "This isn't the time to be dismayed. This is punk rock time. This is what Joe Strummer trained us for."

But I would be lying if I didn't say that I am a bit scared by all of what is going on. I'm considering stocking up canned goods and maybe even trying my hand at the shooting range. I'm not into guns at all, but if we keep pissing off countries, something might give. And then what? I don't know. We're all trying to figure it out and not live in fear, aren't we?

Anyway, now is the time for art. Now is the time to get closer to those we care about. We've gotta clean out the gutters of our minds and lives. I spent this morning cleaning out old files on my comp and researching my new hobby of perler beads. I'll try my hand at them this weekend. I'll try to relax with some video games and card games with friends and then spend time with my kids on Sunday. I'll stay inside with my space heater on high and a big middle finger to the outside icy weather. Time to turn off the noise for a bit and hopefully get down to business.

Isn't that what we're trying to do every week? Keep wishing!


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