Friday, February 10, 2017


Hello friends!

Well, the Kickstarter for TALES FROM THE GORE, my Caleb Stevens horror anthology tribute book went live yesterday and I'm proud to say it was funded in less than 12 hours. This marks the third Kickstarter in a row for me to do that. I'm beyond thrilled about it and how people are jazzed about it! We're even doing some exclusive copies to be sold at the SALT CITY HORROR FEST In Syracuse, NY on April 15-16th. Some will be sold and some will be raffled off along with some other goodies I am tossing to them. For details on that horror show, check out their Facebook link HERE
-- There will be some cool guests there, dealers and movies on 35mm playing. The people that run that show are good people. Check them out.

Meanwhile, the Kickstarter rolls on! You can learn the ins and outs about the kickstarter and stories behind its making and why it means so much, by checking out the new episode of the IDIOTHEAD MORNING SHOW PODCAST by clicking HERE

Lastly, you can check out the actual Kickstarter fundraiser for my new book: TALES FROM THE GORE by clicking HERE


Whew, now that is out of the way. We can talk about other stuff going on.

I'm still in heavy overtime mode at the day job. And with me juggling commissions, Kickstarter launches and more book production, I really haven't had much time to breathe or do anything really. My PS4 just sits there collecting dust. Plus we're adjusting to life with our new baby:

We decided to name her "BELLE" after the character in "Secret Life of a Call Girl."

Lily and Belle don't get along super well, but they are adjusting.
Between work and all this production, I really am just burning my candle at all ends. Even the middle! I got my boys the next two weekends and so that will be a handful of a different sort.  I decided after this weekend to take an extra day off just for me to unwind, spend time with Kitty D and just be still for a moment.While it feels good to make things happen and get things done, inside I'm just screaming for the train to slow down for a minute! The stress and the overall run run run life gets to me. Its something to talk about in my therapy sessions, for sure. I need to make those more of a priority very soon.

I discovered a new hobby, that of perler beading old 8-bit NES game sprites and things. But I haven't had much time to devote to it. But one night last week, I took a few hours and just sat and did it. It was great to turn my mind off and just put beads into a rack and make things. It reminds me of putting together legos, but way less expensive! These are the things I made the other night:

I like the hobby and will continue it. I feel like it centers me a bit. Hopefully after the rush of the Kickstarter is done, I can indulge a bit more and do other things I want to do with the perler beads.

Next month is Horrorhound Weekend. I've already booked my hotel and I'm excited as shit. If all goes well, I'll be getting my first tattoo there. Its a tribute piece I thought up for Caleb. Of course I will take pics and videos there for my VLOG and BLOG here. No worries. And a trip away will be nice. Because after that, things are going to ramp up with heavy production on my remaining projects, as well as new challenges at the day job where I am cross training on some new stuff. These things will take a lot of my time and focus. Ah, the stress to come.

But today, I am happy that we crossed the line comfortably with the new Kickstarter. I did all this for Caleb and Joe's family. I did it for Caleb. And I want it to be hugely successful for them and we sell a mass amount of comics. But this is just the basic cost needs for the book to get out the door. We still got far to go with the funds to raise. So much more can be done. And we've got 13 days to do it. Please repost or check out the Kickstarter for my new book: TALES FROM THE GORE right HERE

I appreciate the support, as do Caleb and Joe's family. I've done all my work. Its up to us to keep it going. Let's rock this thing!


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