Wednesday, February 15, 2017

No Rest for the Insanity

Welcome back my friends.

I hope the talking heads in politics are keeping you angry and distracted from the absolute corrupt bullshit that is going on behind the scenes. Pay no attention to the white rich men behind the curtain and nevermind that they are not using lube while they fuck you. But when the smoke clears, they will take what they will have wanted and leave you pissed and blaming the next guy... or better yet, each other!

Oh well, let's leave the madness behind as it recommended and almost mandatory to do so. Let's focus on what we're doing here. We're distracting ourselves making art. It's a worthy cause.

This week, I finally, finally, finally, finally, fina-fucking-ly finished a new book. Its a 24 page book called "TALES FROM THE GORE," whose Kickstarter is close to double what we wanted to raise for it. So far, its holding the line just above $900, which isn't bad. But I'd love to see it keep climbing. We've got about a week left on it and I want to sell as many books for it as we can. So here I am offering you an exclusive look at the first page. It features our buddy Caleb as our horror host, introducing the stories inside. Check it:

I gotta say, I'm damn proud of this book. It really was like pulling teeth for me to get it done (in more ways than one). But I kept my promise and here it is. You can pre-order it by going to our Kickstarter right HERE - To draw my friend in these pages and give him dialog was a weird experience. To me, there was a lot riding on it. You want to do a good job on something like this. I hope I did alright by you guys and by him.

I miss him everyday.

Speaking of comics: This coming month is the 10th Annual MSU COMICS FORUM. I was offered a table at the show but I declined. So please note I will not be there this year. I wish them all the best and you all should still try to make it out to the show.

I really haven't had much time to myself to get anything done, nor even attempt a relaxing day. I took this past Monday off in the hopes that I could spend time with my girl, Kitty D. We NEVER have a day off together. And with having the boys two weekends in a row, a pile on my TO DO list, I knew we needed just one day together. So we both had the day off. It all lined up. One rare calm in the storm of our lives.

And what happens? We both get the flu.

It started with some stomach issues. Then repeated trips to the sink and toilet, unable to keep food down. Then it developed into full on aches and chills. I spent all day in bed and her on the couch. As we passed each other in our weakened state, we'd help the other one out with what they were too sick to get on their own. We cared for each other. I guess that is the best we can muster on our only day off. So close, yet so far apart. Angry and tired, sick and in love. We tried to keep our sanity as well as some sort of nourishment in our corrupt virus infected bellies.

We attempt sanity weekly. We're both fighting battles. Everyday, outside people, places and things come and try to take us down. But we keep fighting, together. We got each others backs. We have 100% trust and loyalty to each other. We text constantly. I hate texting. But I do it for her.

We get as close as we can to each other.
We give each other space.
We get together everyday for talking and cuddling.
We dream about the future and enjoy as much of our present together as we can.

In short. We're happy. Very happy. And we've been fighting alongside each other and happy while doing it since the day we met, one year ago this coming late March. So Happy Valentines Day/Early Anniversary day to my love. I am finally completed in knowing you and how you treat me, and let me be me. Here's to many more happy years together.

Mushy stuff aside now---

So now that Tales from the Gore is in the can, I'm thinking about what is next. Novel? or Starslam 3? Probably both. On days where I feel like drawing (rare anymore), I will work on Starslam. On days where I am writing, I will work on one of the two main books I have almost finished. I hope to have some major progress on one or both of these projects by the summer. I also have work to do for the upcoming Exxxotica Expo in June. Perhaps some pinup prints or a special erotica comic collection. I also have the Vlog channel and Podcast to attend to. New episodes will be up very soon. The work continues.

 There are so many tiny things on my TO DO list of life. I gotta keep plugging away, checking them off one by one. Painfully slow. Excruciatingly dull and tasteless as it can be sometimes. But I'm getting through it. If anything the progress on "Tales" has brought me this week, is that I still can make it happen when I absolutely have to...

...and want to.


One note on the blog here: I had to alter the blog comments posting rules. I think you have to be a registered user, not anonymous and I think I have to approve it before it posts. I didn't want to have to do that but it keeps undesirables and spammers away. Apologies to anyone this effects. I know I have many regular readers and posters that love to come here and comment to me. If you wish to contact me, the best way is via email at: - Thanks.

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