Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

Hey friends. Long week of work and then some illness. Been having some stomach shit going on. It still sorta is around. I've been trying to take it easy. But---- I bothered to make a big meal for Mother's Day:

Roast with gravy, biscuits, taters and chicken dumplings.
 I realized that today, May 14th is not only Mother's Day but also my mom's birthday. She woulda been 71 today. I like cooking taters and dumplings on Mother's Day because my mom taught me how to make my mashed potatoes. Its a special recipe that people always love. It isn't rocket science, but I make them the same way every time since she taught me. I even still use the same yellow strainer and the mixer she gave me back when I was in high school moving out on my own. In all my moves, they've never got damaged or replaced. Its like we are making them together. And for the Chicken Dumplings: people go ape shit over them. Its a southern recipe that was taught to me by Gloria, my step-mom who came along into our lives after my mom died. They were friends growing up and her and my dad became companions after my mom died 17 years ago. We got close, her and I. So much so that I felt comfortable giving her the honorary title of "Mom." I didn't hand that out lightly, but I felt she earned it. I'd send her Mother's Day cards and call her too. I miss her as well. She taught me how to make the dumplings. Judith, my real mom made them as well, but she never had the chance to teach me how to make them. With Gloria, I had the chance. She gave me a rolling pin from her collection to help in my efforts. On her deathbed she told me that the rolling pin she gave me was her grandmothers. It makes it all the more special. I still use it today. So anytime I make the combo of Taters and Dumplings, I am honoring them. The above pic is the result. Now, the beef roast? That is my recipe. All of us together on one plate. (The biscuits are courtesy of that doughboy from Pillsbury)

Man, I wish they were here. I miss them both greatly. Sometimes I really need someone to talk to and they both were it. While I do talk with my dad a lot I still had a special connection with them that cannot be recreated. There are times lately that I really wish they were here for some much needed advice or an ear to lend. It sucks that I don't have that anymore and I gotta pay some stranger to listen to my problems. Moms are free therapists and usually don't stretch appointments to keep the money rolling in. The advice is sympathetic but also stern and straight to the point. I miss that. After my mom died, I cannot tell you how many times I'd pick up the phone and start to dial her and then it would hit me, "Oh yeah." She's not there. (sigh) So it goes. 

Always honor your parents, folks. Because one day, they will be gone. And all you will have left is what they taught you and what little time they had with you. Hopefully it was just enough to get you through the rest of your days. And to all the moms out there: We appreciate your efforts to raise your kids the best way you can. Thank you. Truly is the most important job in the world, not to raise another asshole. Cheers to you.


I haven't done much on new art pages this week. My carpal tunnel has been acting up. But I did finish this promo image...


So I decided I will be leaving my personal account and posting only in an official Artist/Writer account located: HERE - Click LIKE and FOLLOW to see what I am doing there. I'm not adding friends to my personal account and I am avoiding certain dramas and other things that distract and bring me down. This page is focused on ME ONLY. I'm going to do my best to keep my posts there about me, my work, things in my life, etc. All positive. No politics. No drama. Etc. I'm hoping this can ween me off that damn site completely. So if you private message me on the FB, I likely will not respond or see it. My other old page will remain there but its closed, all pics and things are closed and I will not be using it. If I can erase it without altering what I got on my new page, I will. Facebook is hard to figure out with their BS sometimes. But anyway, if I got anything daily to share, I'll share it there. But all personal stuff I'll keep to the blog here. Make with the LIKE and FOLLOW if you want. Enjoy.

I hope I feel better this next week. My stomach issues are up and down mostly. I just gotta get through this week and then next week I am on vacation to go visit my dad (and my two mom's graves) in Illinois. Plus other stuff. I NEED a break from the rat race of it all. My candle is pretty burnt.

Anyway folks, thanks for checking back. Much love to you all,



Caleb & Jen said...

I just realized in that promo image of Starslam, she's wearing a halter-top style top instead of her normal long-sleeve one. I know with the photo op, they're trying to change their image a bit. This is an interesting take on the costume.

We're definitely excited to see things moving forward, and we're never going to complain about Starslam deciding to show a little more skin.

Phymns said...

No, if you look closely at her hand sitting on her chest, her sleeve ends there. So its the same costume. A color version will be done at some point very soon.