Thursday, May 18, 2017

These Times are A Changin'

Hey friends. Lots of stuff in the blog today to discuss. Let's get to work.

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their support and kindness over the carpel tunnel thing. The last blog I posted about no more commissions and all that got a massive amount of hits and my inbox filled up a bit. Everyone giving their thoughts and advice on the situation. Believe me, I appreciate it more than you know. I hope that I didn't sound defeated in my last post, because I'm not. I just have to streamline what I can and cannot do. We all have things that happen as we get older and this is just one of those things. While I am definitely saddened by it, I'm determined to still finish my project goals. Even if those last few pages come out looking like chicken scratch! But I will not rush myself. I'm letting my body tell me what I can do. And I'm wearing braces daily:

I'm going out to look at certain vitamins that might help and I am doing the exercises daily. So far, my computer work and writing don't seem to be effected yet, and that is a damn good thing. We'll adjust. The world isn't getting rid of me that easily!

Meanwhile, my world around me keeps on drifting by: 

Scott-bot enjoying some TV. Lucky devil.

Momma cat and her kittens. Its almost time to give two of them away. We already chose which one is staying...

...its this grey and white dude I've named SEBASTIAN! I think we made the right choice. But we'll be sad to see the other two go. Definitely will be missed.
Sirius Satellite radio started their 24 hour Beatles channel today, which is exciting. Their first song played: "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE." Absolutely PERFECT choice for many symbolic reasons.

I haven't been to the movies yet to see Guardians 2. I'm not in a hurry either. I didn't get to see Trainspotting 2 yet, and that is higher on the priority list for me. It comes out on disc next month. Only new thing I've watched is the MST3K revival. Its worth your time to check it out.

I've seen a huge spike in downloads of my MORNING SHOW podcast. I thank you for your continued love and support. Thank you so much. It means more than you know. 

Lastly, I want to comment on the sudden passing of Chris Cornell: 

Folks, this one sucks. SUCKS. During the grunge era that I lived in and loved (Still do), I was more into Nirvana, STP, Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam than Soundgarden.  But when I first bought a CD player with one of my first checks earned from my fast food job at 16, I bought two CDs that day... The Doors Greatest Hits and Soundgarden Superunknown. I loved that album. I went to a midnight sale of Blow Up the Outside World. I loved his first solo Cd. And when he joined Rage and did Audioslave, I wasn't that into it for some reason. But he did get back with the garden and released new music and toured. I saw them live in 2015. Here's a shot from that concert at DTE in Clarkston, MI:

The dude's voice was still killer. His playing was outstanding. I was back in as a big fan. I had Temple of the Dog on rotate for the rest of that year.

Nothing has come out yet about how he died, he was only 52. It seems like every band from the grunge era has nothing but tragedy happen to their lead singers. Kurt - (Murdered), Layne - Drugs, Scott Weiland - Drugs, man I hope Chris fared better. Like his pal Andy Wood from Mother Love Bone (Later to be Pearl Jam) died of drugs too. The fact remains for us old fans that the grunge era is dying a painful death. This one hurts man. It really does. I'm sitting here listening to Temple of the Dog (his tribute album to Andy Wood and HIGHLY recommended by me) as I type this. The man had a voice. Killer songwriter. Dynamic frontman. Seems like his heart and soul was in his playing every night.

He will be missed.

Man... it sucks getting old. Seriously.


EDIT-- They are saying it is suicide. If so, this is shocking man. Absolutely shocking. I don't have any words... 

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