Sunday, September 24, 2017

Taking Time for New Things

Hey friends. Working a few extra hours of OT at the dayjob this week. Ive been battling stomach issues as well. Frequent trips to the bathroom, stomach pains, loss of appetite, etc. I am going to be looking for a new doctor this week to see what that is all about. I am falling behind on my artworking, natch. But I am trying my best. I colored some more of the pinup stuff for the erotica book, only to find out a few of the keys on my keyboard here on the desktop I am currently typing on do not work! So I gotta get a new one.

Speaking of new ones, I got a new Iphone8 yesterday. My contract was up anyway and so I decided to get the latest and greatest. I got more gigs to play with. Before I had just 16, which after phone usage turns out to be 8.5. Now I got 65 Gb... which after phone usage turns out to be around 57! I filled it up with music and things and I still got plenty to play with! Its nice. I deserve a treat once in a while. I got other treats this past week too:

Last Saturday, D and I went to the cider mill. On the way back we stopped by Colleens to see her house and the kids. Landon here is showing us his Jason mask.

We found a new large booze store on south Ceder here in Lansing. Found a drink named after a coworker friend of mine.

...and we found this giant vodka glass shaped like a gun! Pretty crazy.

After that we went to Jacob and Annas house and he gave me a new record player and some 45s. Then we went out to dinner. D and I snapped a pic of the hot and sweaty night. (yes I know I missed some apostrophes there. Unfortunately that is one of the keys that is broken on my keyboard!)

Our cats were sitting in this weird tryptic on our bed.... perhaps some weird cat cult symbol before they decide to kill us?

Found this while I was out grocery shopping... apparently they decided to re release MR BUCKET as a toy! OF course I had to have one....

Watch balls pop out of our mouth! Buckets of fun!

D had an old friend pop by for a night of much needed music and boozing. Shes a great gal and has wonderful taste in music.
Yesterday was Ds friends bday as well, so we went out for that. Seems like we are always on the go. Never a moment to slow down and just BE at home.

So as you can see, time is making me busy. But I gotta hunker down this week and get some shit done. No doubt about it. And sometime this week I need to see a doctor. These stomach issues have to stop. One way or the other. Truth is, I know I havent been eating right and I know that has to be a major factor. And I am sick of feeling this way. So its time I do something about it. Plus I found out that a family member might have some cancer, which puts the scare into myself to keep up with my own health to possibly prevent the inevitable on my own end. Or at least, prolong it until I can fulfill my promises. I got shit to do. Dont try and stop me now!!


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