Friday, September 29, 2017

Arrested Development

Hey friends!

(Please excuse my typing. Parts of my MAC keyboard are kaput! The dashes, apostrophe, quotation marks and a few other keys do not work!)

Been a busy week. This weekend will be as well since I have the kids the whole time, but I am looking forward to playing my new MR BUCKET with them. Plus this:

Scored one at Walmart around midnight last night. They had 30 units and I was 24th in line. Lucky!! I plugged it in and played it last night. Brought back some memories! I cant wait to play some games with James this weekend and then dig into some RPGs next week!

I decided to get the SNES system as a bit of a reward for my hard work. Been busy actually artworking! So far Ive done this: 

And I daresay Ive kept up well with the social media stuff and podcasts. Episode #500 is coming up quick! I wrote out some new stuff for Pleasant Life 2 scenes I want to add and pulled more research for Starslam 3. I am still putting the finishing touches on The Erotic Zone. My keyboard pooping out on me has eliminated some of my short key commands I use with my Wacom tablet for when I color, so it has slowed me down a bit. But Ive been getting up early every morning to keep a routine as it were. Im getting back into the swing of things. Feels good, really. I plan to get some penciling done this weekend when the kids are here.... if they let me! Plus next week my GF will be house sitting all week so I will have no excuse to get my ass up early and get to work on stuff!

....Wish me luck!

Yesterday I celebrated this: 

STAR TREK TNG premiered 30 years ago yesterday! I remember watching TV that night with my mom and my brother. Ill never forget a Trek memory!
But I also managed to check out the first couple episodes of (gulp) STAR TREK: DISCOVERY. (sigh) To hear my full thoughts about the show so far, check out the latest episode of my Morning Show Podcast. Download via Itunes or stream right HERE ~~~~~ Suffice to say, it needs to grow on me... if it can. Sucks to know that 30 years ago, this awesome Trek show premiered and Trek has gone downhill ever since it went off the air in 1994. But then in 94, I was also playing a SNES. I am fully a kid, stuck in that year. Grunge music was in my ears and still is.... Yeah, Im never growing up! Im fine with that.

Those were the fun times. Adulting sucks. House worries, bills, day job, bad knee, worry this/worry that, people are arseholes...

Fuck it. Im gonna plug in some Zelda: A Link to the Past, while jamming on some Nirvana and then watch some good ol TNG with a big bowl of cereal. Then maybe draw on some of my funny book shit. That is what I was doing that year, and still continue to do today. Im truly in arrested development.

And Im fine with that.


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