Tuesday, October 03, 2017

I Wont Back Down

(sorry, still having keyboard issues)

Hey friends. Our heroes are leaving us. The world seems like its in chaos. They are dividing and conquering us and we are losing. Times are tight and sometimes the days just suck. Guns blaze and weather destroys. We argue over what is right and wrong while those effected just sit and suffer. We get madder and louder. We talk loud and end up saying nothing. Life... is too much sometimes.

So I turn to art. I celebrate what the artists I love have left behind. This week, Tom Petty left us. WILDFLOWERS is in constant rotation at my house in my CD player. I never change the station when he comes on. It felt like he was always going to be there, on tour or just jamming. But hes gone. So is Bernie Wrightson. So is Len Wein. So are many others. There is so much good art from the old masters and the new and up comers, its too much to take in. My mind is a bottleneck to it sometimes. But when it comes in, I love it.

Will miss you greatly.
The holiday season has officially begun. 

The decorations abound!
Ive been spending my time with those I love. 

Fur babies make me happy.
This weekend I penciled 8 pages on STARSLAM 3. Im inking and scanning stuff this week. Im writing new stuff and sketching out new ideas. I have to.

The world is crazy. The world is loud and scary. But we got ourselves and each other. We have art. Great art. Music, movies, paintings, clothes, styles, colors, podcasts, talk radio... so much. So much love is there if you drill down and find it.

Me? Im continuing to fight the good fight and continuing to make art. We cant let this world push us around or drag us down. We gotta stand our ground...

...We wont back down.


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