Wednesday, October 11, 2017

THE EROTIC ZONE Kickstarter is Launched!

Folks, its here! My new erotic comic anthology called THE EROTIC ZONE. Its live on Kickstarter and you can order it right HERE

Its 88 pages of hardcore sexy action. It includes erotic short stories, pinups, commissions and the complete Porn World Weekly strips, plus more. You can get digital books, commissions and sketched book versions, even your own erotic story drawn and published by me! Im beyond excited to get this book out the door to you folks. All the money earned for this Kickstarter goes into the early funding for STARSLAM 3... like paying my colorist, paying me for my work on it, materials, etc. Consider this a vast bonus!

Join our Kickstarter right HERE


In other news, the 500th episode of the IDIOTHEAD MORNING SHOW is also live. Check it out via itunes or stream it right HERE

Thanks for reading folks. Hit up that Kickstarter and lets make it happen!


1 comment:

Caleb & Jen said...

Grabbed up our backer spot before they're all gone. Now just to think of what to do with 5 whole pages.