Thursday, November 09, 2017

General Whatevers and Survey What Nots

Hey friends!

There has been a spike in traffic to the main site here and to the Idiothead Morning Show podcast, which I appreciate! Makes me believe that the new PATREON I will launch early next year will really hit it off nice. We got some great ideas flowing for it. Hear more from the podcast I did about it right HERE

Some pop culture type of stuff. They showed off the new Doctor Who outfit for Jodie W. Check it out:

Some David Tennant, Patrick Troughton and Tom Baker homages in it. NICE!
Also, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS are apparently making a new album (SURPRISE!) and it will no doubt feature whoever their new lead singer is. Everyday they are revealing puzzle pieces... which fans are now assembling. It seems to be showing new album art. Here it is so far:

While I am apprehensive of an STP album without Scott Weiland, that of course... is impossible to do now. So I look forward to this next phase of their band and will give it a shot. They deserve it.

Im working hard on a new card set and then some STARSLAM 3 stuff. I am still writing little bits and things that will be for PLEASANT LIFE 2 and the Patreon page. All of that is to come. But for now, let me waste some time doing one of these filler survey writing things. People seem to like them, so I will keep doing them from time to time. Enjoy!

Are you an optimist, realist, opportunist, or pessimist?

A~ I think Im all four on various things. But mostly I dwell in realism.

Do you wear dresses, and skirts?

A~ I have never worn a dress or skirt. Maybe some Halloween. I wonder what I would look like as a woman.... something to talk to my therapist about.

What is your hair like?

A~ A mishmash of nonsense.

Does time go by fast or slow to you?

A~ When I am at home, it goes fast. When at work, it goes slower than snail snot. 

Favorite sweet food?

A~ Probably cheesecake.

Tea, coffee, or hot cocoa?

A~ I like coffee. Dont drink it super often like I used to. I should start back up. And I enjoy some cocoa in the winter months.

Space, Ocean, City, or Forest?

A~ All three have some value. But I would prefer space.

Favorite game as a child?

A~ If it was a board game, maybe CLUE. If it were video games maybe Atari: SPACE JOCKEY and NES: LEGEND OF ZELDA.

 Describe your life in 3 words.

A~ WHAT... THE... FUCK...

What makes you smile?

A~ Good food, good friends, good news.

Have you ever cried in a book or movie?

A~ Dont recall crying at a book. Movies Ive cried at: About Schmidt, Forrest Gump, Gran Turino, Star Trek 2 (natch).

Marriage or kids?

A~ Was married once with 3 kids in total.

Who’s your 3 am thought?

A~ I miss Caleb. My mother. Gloria. Uncle Richard. I hope I am wrong and I get to see them again someday.

Do you like candy? What’s your favorite candy?

A~ Ill eat some candy every now and then. Fav candy bar is either Kit Kats or Whatchamacallits.

Favorite holiday?

A~ I like Halloween the most but I get gooshy and soft around the thoughts of Christmas.

Favorite season?

A~ The fall. It needs to last longer.

Cat or dog person?

A~ Moreso cats.

Favorite time period? (80′s, 60′s, etc.)

A~ 80s to early 90s. After 1996 or so things started to really suck.

Favorite fashion fad that went away?

A~ Man, there are several that went away that I liked. I liked girls with the hairspray in the 80s. I liked Grunge, so I kinda stay there mostly. I'm slowly reacquiring my flannel.

Do you flirt?

A~ I am oblivious to what that is or how to do it. Do I use pet names on random stranger girls? Not at all. I would hate that. Im oblivious if anyone flirts with me. No idea.

What’s your style?

A~ A mishmash of nonsense.  Whatever fits, I sits.

First love?

A~ This gal named Bianca. Although the girl before her really had me a bit too... but it was brief.

Last love?

A~ It is going to be D. No doubt. Even if she wises up and leaves me, I am retiring from all of it. So D will be the last one I will ever give my heart to.

Do you think people have any misconceptions about you?

A~ Maybe. But that is on them I suppose. I dont hide who I am or what I think. If they misinterpret that, then that is on them.

What’s something you wish you could understand better?

A~ Probably computer science of some sort. Scripting or HTML code. Seems like that knowledge would be used a lot in my life. But I zone out and drool when it comes up.

Have you ever injected a drug?

A~ Never

Where is the shirt you are wearing from?

A~ No shirt on currently. (hear that ladies!?!?!?!?! CALM DOWN!)

Whose bed did you sleep in last night?

A~ My own that I bought and paid for muthafukka!

Do you think the whole day is better if you smoke pot?

A~ It probably would be, but I havent touched the stuff in years.

 Have you ever touched a dead body?
A~ No. I have a fear of it. I dont think I ever could, unless someone died in my arms. I could handle that. But post embalming after a few days? No way. I cant even touch the coffin they are in.

Ever played Grand Theft Auto?

A~ Just San Andreas and GTA5. I have GTA5 now. Pretty fun game.

How old will you be in 3 months?

A~ The dreaded 40. Over the hill. My life is over.

What is something you regret doing today?

A~ Ive only been awake for an hour. Far too early for me to fuck up anything yet. But wait a couple hours Im sure I will drum up something. 

The last male you spoke to … is he attractive?

A~ It was probably Zillins. I aint gonna fuck him.

If your ex called right now, would you answer?

A~ I let all calls go to voice mail except if my dad or brother calls. So Id see what they wanted and see if I need to reply. I don't have a problem with my exes, depending on what they wanted from me.

Is there a dictionary on your bookshelf?

A~ That is what the internet is for, silly!

 Do you have any pet names for the person you love/like?

A~ several.

Who was the last person you had a serious conversation with? What is your honest opinion of that person?

A~ Probably Zillins or Dori. I like them both a lot. I see them more than I see anyone else in my life.

Who was the first person you dated? What is your honest opinion of that person?

A~ Her name was Krista. I was in puppy love with her. She was my first kiss. We ended it so long ago and I am not sure where she is or what she does now. I wish her well.

If you were angry/upset, who’s the first person you would generally go to?

A~ My girlfriend, of course. If I needed a male perspective I would probably talk to Shane or Zillins. They got good heads on their shoulders.

When you feel like crying, do you generally hold back, or just let the tears flow?

A~ Naw if I feel I need to, I do it. I cannot bottle things up in me. It must flow.

Are you allergic to anything?

A~ Dogs, Dust, Bullshit.

Do you think that things will get better?

A~ Man, I fucking hope so. Cause shit sometimes seems pretty fucked up.

Have you ever seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

A~ Yes, love it! I didnt get to watch it this Halloween season though. Shame on me.

Ever been to a bonfire party?

A~ Used to have them all the time back in the motherland of Beal City. I miss doing them. Proably never again... and definitely not with the people I went there with before.

Is your dad bald?

 A~ No, but I am thinning in the front for some fucking reason. Thanks Obama!

How long do you have until your birthday?

 A~ Just under three months. Then I will be old as fuck. One step in the grave.

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