Saturday, November 04, 2017

Ramping Up

Hey friends. Taking some time from a busy and very productive week to check in on some various things.

First of all, the Kickstarter for THE EROTIC ZONE is less than 20 hours away from its end. As it stands, we got funded and hit one of the stretch goals. I couldnt be happier or prouder of its success! It didnt hit the numbers of its big sister: STARSLAM, but it did well on its own and got lots of new readers interested in what Im doing in the world of erotica. I work hard to write and draw sexy stories with substance, where all the characters have a brain, a spirit and a soul... much more than just a sexy body that serves the needs of the person in the story who fucks it. What I do isnt just a bunch of fuck books. I keep reaching to hit that deeper level. I hope you folks enjoy it.

The money earned will go to pay for printing/shipping and what is left will help pay my colorist for STARSLAM 3 and other things. I really appreciate the support. The book order will go out on Monday morning and I will begin prep for all the things to come.

Meanwhile, I cracked the pens open on my new card set this week. So far, I am very happy with the results! I cant share yet, but when I can, I will! I really need to stay on top of these cards this month because the time frame in which they are due is short. But so far, its going smooth!

I am taking the time to smell the roses around me a bit, in an effort to keep my stress levels in check. My GF and I are watching THE IT CROWD on a nightly basis so I can finally scratch that show off my list. I like it so far. Also, THE ORVILLE continues to be the best STAR TREK show on tv. I know some dont want to try it for fear it is too Seth McFarlanesqe... but please, give it an honest shot. Its very STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION and orgasmic Trekking. I have given up on ST: DISCOVERY, and from what I am reading, its a good thing I did. Maybe they will turn it around, but I am trying to avoid negativity right now. So thus, I avoid DISCOVERY.

I had hoped to play some SNES today but we lost power for about 5 hours, so I drew by cloudy sunlight. Its back on now, thank the lords, so I am just catching up on TV and other things. All this week I have been checking minor things off the big TO DO list in my life. It feels good to stay productive. So many great things are on the horizon... its an exciting time! Im just ramping up until it all comes to fruition!

Anyway, I thought I would just drop a note catching up a bit. Here are some recent pics:

Some of my finds out and about this week. I was pretty happy about the inbox Black box NES game for $2!! Box is in considerable condition. But looks nice on the shelf. Its a goal of mine to have all the original black box NES games complete. One day...

My new acoustic I got from Jacob. I look forward to writing some new music on this bad boy. I havent given it a name yet but I will consider options. You gotta name every guitar you get!

The boys in their Halloween costumes. DC/Marvel crossover!
Thanks for coming back! Its about to get REALLY busy in Adam~land. Lets hope I can keep up with it all!


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