Thursday, November 02, 2017

The Juggle

Hey friends!

Its November. How did we get here?? Seems like only yesterday it was January and we are now in the homestretch of the holiday season. Weird! Once again I didnt get to do hardly any of the stuff I wanted to do during Halloween. We were going to do a Tales from the Crypt marathon and I think we only made it through seven episodes. A lot of the old classics didnt get watched, but we watched a few new ones dating back to September. We did go to a costume party and that was fun, but mostly we avoided the candy and just worked at the jobs. Seems like the spooky season really came and went quickly. The boys went trick or treating and from the pics I got it looks like they had fun. I of course had to work... next year Im going to see if I can take a half day so I can join them. But it looks like they got away with lots of sugared booty.

Now we turn our attention toward Thanksgiving... which we already got an honorary start on this week. Craving a big meal, I cooked a baked ham, potatoes and dumplings to munch on all week. This year we are spending the holiday with my girlfriends parents and we damn sure arent doing any Black Friday shopping. So we will be at home getting things done and decorate around the house. Then glorious Christmas... a holiday I really have grown to love since my leaving the cult of the Jehovahs Witnesses 24 years ago. Its the last Christmas of my 30s. I plan to enjoy it with the boys and D.

Meanwhile, I am going to be busy as fuck. The Kickstarter for THE EROTIC ZONE ends in three days. Then I have to place orders, get mailers, address envelopes, sketch in books, do commissions, trips to the post office, etc. Also this month Im on a huge card set and I gotta get those done by December 1st. (I hope to get a jump on them this weekend, we will see!) Not to mention its starting to ramp up at the day job so I will be getting overtime very soon. That is good because that money earned will be going to a few necessary things next year like our new apartment, new car, a potential vacation, etc. And in addition to all of this, working on STARSLAM 3 and the other thing which will come in January I think. More on that later.

So yeah, lots of juggling. I better quit verbally masturbating and get to it.

Cheers, T

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