Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Getting Through

Hello friends!

Im busy. No doubt about it. I shouldnt even be taking time to write this blog but I am. I like to touch base with everyone. Plus the readers are increasing. Ive noticed a definate spike in readership of the blog and downloads of the podcast. Really gets me charged up for the upcoming Patreon thingie I am doing next year. Yeah, next year. Im not going to hit you with a new thing by Christmas! You got too many other things to shop for. So when the time is right, early next year you will see the PATREON.

The Patreon will be the next step forward in my business model. I am releasing lots of exclusive content on it. A whole new blog and podcast, exclusive erotica comics, unfinished business (namely exclusive comics I started but never finished... but now WILL finish via the Patreon... like ANNA POCALYPSE 2, LINGERIE PARTY MASSACRE and more!) Also  you will get exclusive first looks at STARSLAM 3, PLEASANT LIFE 2 and anything else to come. It really is going to be a major happening. I hope you will consider coming along for the ride.

For those who dont want to be a part of things on the Patreon, dont worry... blogs and podcasts will continue here at idiothead.com.... but not the exclusive stuff on the Patreon. Im talking sketches, NSFW content and way more. I pulled a bunch of reference today for stories I am doing on there. Stuff to finish STARSLAM 3 as well. Its gonna kick ass, man. So much to look forward to in the future!!

But before we get there, I gotta slog through everything I got going now. Including a MASSIVE card set. Im about 1/2 way done with that now. Also a bunch of commissions from the recent Kickstarter for THE EROTIC ZONE book. BTW, lets check the numbers on that: 

The majority of those who got the book are NEW readers. Always great to see new people come on board what we are doing here. THANK YOU for ordering! I should get the funds this weekend or early next week and the books will be ordered from the printer. Meanwhile I am doing up the commissions, getting mailers, etc. So much to do to make sure they go out on time!

All of this, and I started the OVERTIME at the day job this week! My dayjob is that I am an output graphic artist at a major printing company here in town. And the months of November to March are typically the busiest time of the year. I usually have constant overtime during this period. Great for paychecks, but I virtually have no free time. Its okay in a way, because in Michigan, those are the snow months. Im going nowhere. And I got a lot to save up for next year. First of all I need a new vehicle. The transmission is going out on my Bat Blazer and so I limit the driving on it when I can. I also will be moving into a new apartment next year so I need funds for security deposit and moving expenses. Plus some new furniture for the place. Ill FINALLY be able to give my boys their own room/my office! Also Id like to plan some sort of trip for me and the misses. So much to plan for.

So anyway, the added overtime will help with all that but will limit my free time considerably. Its going to be a juggle. But hey, thats the gig, right? Ill get through!

I'm trying to be a better person. I'm trying to make healthier choices and get plenty of sleep when I can. I'm cutting down on my drinking... which has gotten a bit out of hand sometimes. Im trying to do something everyday to push me closer to my personal and professional goals, while also taking the time to stop and smell the roses a bit. I'm getting through.

There is so much bullshit going on today. You turn on the news its all Trumpism, whataboutism and other such nonsense. Then you hear that some of your pop culture heroes are indeed deeply troubled, sick motherfuckers. Its easy to feel despair when this stuff happens. You have just enough energy and focus to get your coffee, get to work and get home. You dodge all the arrows of craziness that fly at you constantly. You yield to the stress busses that cut you off on your way. But its okay, folks. You get through.We will get through!! Keep on the path of resistance and move forward!!

Nothing will make me happier than to emerge into early 2018 with my artworking caught up, next book almost ready to be released, Patreon launched, newer and safer vehicle, great holiday memories, weight loss is working, the news doesn't bother me and a smile rests upon my face. We GOT through!!!

Heres to those days that are to come!



Jen Hopwood said...

I am stoked about the new Patreon announcement. Especially because this gives us the potential to continue having short stories about Starslam, even after Starslam 3 ends the big Graphic Novels.

Phymns said...

IF... Starslam 3 is indeed the end.... Is it or isnt it? I guess we will find out early 2018!!