Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Frozen In Place

Hey friends. Well Ive made it into the new year somewhat safely. I'm slowly adjusting my health habits and it is going to be a long process. I'm really trying to avoid failure. I gotta brave the ice and snow for some more fruits and chicken sometime this week. Its about 2 degrees outside right now. I will be wearing my long johns today at work, that is assured. I am still on OT at the day job and it will likely be that way until March. On one hand that is great because it gives me a leg up on saving for the things I want to do this year (vacation, move, stay ahead on bills, etc). On the downside it really allows me about an hour or two before work, and maybe half that after work. I do not get much production time on art stuff unless I want to get up super early or stay up super late. I will try to get some stuff in on this weekend when the boys are here, but even that is limited.

Things like this have me scared to attempt a Patreon page. I know I want to do it, I am just scared of getting stuck on deadlines and expectations. I really could use one week of solid production and bang some shit out. Starslam 3 is behind. Patreon stuff is behind. Pleasant Life 2 stuff is behind. I haven't even been able to begin to start looking at the Wise Intelligence files. I really should just hunker down and just spend a whole month getting no sleep and just get caught up on this stuff. I really should. I shall consider doing that. I got these scenes and drawings dancing in my head and I gotta get them done and out.

Bottom line is that I do not want to disappoint you folks. Nor myself, anymore. New years resolution, I guess. Im working hard to make things happen.

..........Cut to my knee hurting, my eyes straining and I peed out a kidney stone this last week! heh... all true! I do have a shelf life after all.

Anyway, off to bundle up and brave the cold once again. Stay warm and sane, my friends!!


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