Friday, January 12, 2018

New Music Recommends

While I am here braving the up/down weather of Michigan, consistent overtime sucking up my free time during the week, busy weekends, etc... Ive had the opportunity to check out and enjoy some newer music. Thought I would toss out some recommends.

First up is JUDAS by FOZZY. Seven albums in, Fozzy finally has a big radio hit and its well deserved. That chorus is sooo good. I saw em live a couple years ago and they won me over with their performance and zeal for playing music. Check them out.

These young kids, GRETA VAN FLEET are great up and comers. You would swear that its a Led Zeppelin song. The lead singer sounds so much like Robert Plant, it aint funny. Its almost reincarnation! Watch out for these guys.

THE STRUTS are another band that remind me of an older famous lead singer... this bands singer has a VERY Freddie Mercury quality to him. Check out this band. They are going places!!

SONS OF APOLLO might be my favorite album of 2017. You got the singer from TransSiberian Orchestra, Gun N R alumni Bumblefoot, Bass great Billy Sheehan (Mr Big, Winery Dogs) and former Dream Theater players Derek Sherenian & Mike Portnoy. Anything Mike Portnoy drums on is a MUST GET for me. Check this out.

Lastly, an oldie but maybe you havent seen it yet:

This dude does metal covers of older video game music. His Mega Man 2 mix is great, as well as his Castlevania mix. Check him out.

All the above bands music is available via itunes. Buy their songs and support their work!!!


Tim Hamm said...

Jeff Scott Soto isn't just from TSO (that is recent news). He also was lead singer for Journey (2006-2007), Yngwie Malmsteen (1984-1985), not to mention his own outstanding solo releases. He was even the voice for "Steel Dragon" in the movie "Rock Star". Jeff has appeared with Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen, and was part of the "Queen Extravaganza" with Roger Taylor of Queen (2012). The guy is an amazing vocalist, and I've had the pleasure of seeing him on stage 3 times (Journey, solo show, and TSO). He's also really tall (6'3").

Phymns said...

Yes thanks for filling us in on that too! I wrote this blog on the fly in a hurry earlier today and neglected to give all the credits where due. And with these musicians, they got A LOT of them!! Here is hoping SOA stick around for more than just one album and not just another side note in each member’s history.