Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Late Night Thoughts pt 85 ~ Patreon Coming Soon....

(Note: I started this blog Saturday night and now am finishing it this week. PATREON stuff after the pictures. Enjoy!) 

Can’t sleep tonight. How about some random thoughts and happenings:

—-This week I tried this late night diner that Ive been meaning to try for the last seven years that I’ve lived in Lansing, MI. Its called “The Fleetwood” and I really enjoyed it. Good late night breakfast! While it doesnt dethrone Golden Harvest as the best breakfast in town, it does come close. I used to have a late night diner in my college town called Lil Chef (also seen in the pages of my comic PLEASANT LIFE). That place closed down a couple years ago. I drew so many pages of art there. I miss it greatly and I still havent found a place to replace it in my life rhythm.

—-I also hit a new antique store and inside I got some cheap vintage Trek and Wars toys MIB. Also some series 4 Garbage Pail Kids packs. But the main find was a complete in box WEAPONS AND WARRIORS board game, as seen on Board James. You can’t find a complete copy on ebay cheaper than $125. I got this for $11!!! Quite a find. Man I get off on finding a great deal on vintage toys. Now I just need time (and space) to set up the massive board and play!

Antique Store Finds.

—-I got my new blank cards for thr new Star Wars set I am on this week. I pulled reference and hope to start this weekend. Just a quick bunch of cards, no big deal. But I am excited about the characters I get to do this time... mainly PORGS!

—-Been reading THESE ARE THE VOYAGES TOS VOL 3 this week. I am almost done with it, thus completing the trilogy. Already learned a bunch of stuff about the making of the original Trek series 3rd season that I didn’t know before. Up next I got a TANK GIRL collection and a new Adrine Tomine collection called KILLING AND DYING. Should be good. (EDIT: I finished the TOS book yesterday. Onward!)

—-I’ve also been watching vintage Tom Baker DR WHO episodes I bought on itunes a while back. Always fun. And my GF and I are finally working our way through RICK AND MORTY. So far, Im liking the show a lot. (I know, im late to the table on that one too)

—-I discovered the works of this writer, Chuck Tingle, who writes these absolutely insane anthropamorphic, homosexual erotic fiction books. The covers and titles are an absolute laugh riot. Its obviously a joke and he is making bank on the whole concept, releasing these less than 5,000 word stories for Amazon Kindle. Wikipedia his name and look at the bibliography. The titles are an absolute riot!

—-I scored tickets to see PEARL JAM this summer in Chicago!!!! Finally, I can cross them off my bucket list as the last remaining band I have to see before I croak. I scored pretty close tickets too. Im very much looking forward to finally, finally seeing one of my favorite bands live. Getting PJ tickets is no easy feat, but I was finally able to do it. After I see them, I can retire from seeing concerts, unless I repeat a show or take my girl or kids to one. But as far as bands remaining that I have to see, this was it. Mission accomplished. Bring it on.

 —-Had the kids a lot these last couple weeks, especially after they had to go home when I was sick. James and I 100% beat LEGO STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS. But he decided he wanted to start over and do it all over again! (Sigh) So we worked on that this weekend. He is actually getting quite good at it all. He even was training Scotty how to play, which was amazing to watch.

—-Toyfair happened in NYC. And there were a ton of new toys announced. MUST GET THEM ALL!!!

Lastly, some recent used CD finds...
 Okay, that is your Saturday blog. Now to today:

The PATREON is coming! I promise. Even as I tried to set up this blog, adding pics was an absolute nightmare. Some I wanted wouldnt even load and then they would place in odd order. Its a hassle and its not working. It makes me all the more hungry for the eventual changeover.

I had planned on a January 30th launch. That obviously didnt happen. Then February 15th, but that didnt happen. Now I got a date in March planned. You will know about it, trust me. Then EVERYTHING will switch over to Patreon.

Im excited about it. Im not scared of it. Ive got a COME WHAT MAY attitude about it now. Ive earned the chance to ask you to follow me over. So I am going for it. Very soon you will get monthly erotica comics, a whole new blog and podcast, pinups, sketches, process stuff and BTS and early looks at all my other comics and writings. All of it. AND... Starslam 3 is on its way.

I promise all of this. Im working hard to make it happen. Soon.

Stay tuned.


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