Sunday, February 25, 2018

PATREON launches MARCH 1st! (plus a surprise!)

BIG BLOG TODAY. Last blog? All shall be answered! 

First of all, I have been very busy with things. I am scanning new STARSLAM 3 pages and getting them to my colorist. (more on her later)

Second, Ive still been working OT at the day job, although its starting to dwindle. More time for artworking and making things happen.

Third, I am still learning to take time for myself. Last night my girl and I took a break from cleaning and artworking to watch a couple flicks. I revisited my old favorite: METROPOLIS for the first time in a few years. Then we watched a British flick she loves called DRIVING LESSONS. I also drove to Grand Rapids to visit my friend Tim and get to talk music and movies... two of my favorite subjects! We ended up making a deal for some of his old NES games, still with the boxes. These ones are extra special to me because they were his original, original, ORIGINAL buys from when he was a kid. So I have a piece of his history now on my shelf. Believe me, they will be there until I croak... simply for that reason alone! A lot of the things I collect are not for the value, but what they remind me of. Like my Trek 3 poster I got that reminds me of my mom and my old boss and his friendship. Things that hang on my wall are memories. Cds and DVDs are the same thing. And now these new games will always remind me of him, how we met and our friendship. You cant put a price on things like that. I am very much a nostalgia collector. But I am also making a museum of my memories.

But I know what you want to talk about... the PATREON!

Well, its live. Check it out: HERE

It OFFICIALLY launches March 1st. The first comic and blog will be live on there by then. This is in many ways a reboot for me, so I am going to treat it as such. Some of the first blogs and content there will be celebrating and refreshing everyone about my history. Then we will get to some probably semi~daily postings about things. New pinups and process stuff will go up and a few other surprises.

To say I am excited is an understatement. To say that I am scared as fuck is 100% accurate. But I am taking the leap, because WHY NOT.

Now, what happens to

Short answer is nothing at the moment. What remains in the online store will stay there. This will still be a hub I will direct people to. I will likely post here about new blogs, podcasts and things on the Patreon. Most of those blogs and things will be behind the paywall, but some may be public. I might just copy and paste them here, but really I am trying to redirect everything there. I realize this is a major change and will not happen overnight. But I will try all I can to make this work. will remain here as a backup plan in case it fails.

Ive spent well over 12 years of my life here. I thank everyone for their continued reading and support of everything I do. Looking back over the blogs, a lot of it is typed out on a down note. It makes me seem like a guy who is stuffed full of insanity and on the verge of just jumping off the cliff. But to be honest, I am not that way at all. I am filled with joy at the chance to know that PEOPLE DO CARE about me and my work and are willing to toss me a couple bucks a month to prove it. And for those that want continued comics from me every month (of an erotic nature mostly), there is that too. This I hope will be a launching pad to fund my future... in comics, writing, music and my life as well. I will not let you down. Come with me on the journey. This next week: It launches Thursday, March 1st.

The beginning is NOW!

I will alert everyone that morning of its start. But I wanted to leave a little present for everyone before I go.

Here is the official cover to STARSLAM 3. Coming very soon as well. Thank you for paying attention to me here at the blogger all these years. The work continues... at

Cheers, ~T

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