Monday, September 16, 2019

Finding some calm in my storm

Hey friends! Thanks for reading, I appreciate it.

Well, the Kickstarter for STARSLAM RETURNS ended on Friday and we pulled in around $3800, Which is awesome! It really tried to shoot for the moon with this campaign, since STARSLAM 3's numbers were so high. But I suppose many factors came into play and I couldn't capture lightening twice. Once I pay my colorist and pay for printing/reprints on older books and shipping, I will have a tiny bit left. That's not to say that I am upset about anything at all. I'm very grateful for the old fans that came back and all the new ones who joined in on this journey. Starslam has become a very important part in my life and I am glad she has such rabid fans! She certainly is fun to draw!

Now comes a few long months of finishing production on the book, getting the colors and letters done and then printing it. I am hoping it will all be done by December as I promised. I'm hard at work at that and other things to keep it all afloat. So excuse me if I go radio silent for a while. Just means I am busy getting things done.

I took a much needed vacation this past weekend. We went to Muskegon State Park for some camping and a celebration of my girl's birthday! It was very therapeutic and relaxing all around. It has been a rough year for both of us for various reasons. So glad to finally get away for a couple days and just detox from all the bullshit with some great friends!

So now I am home and I have two big TO DO lists I need to get going on. Lots of commission stuff, prep for the upcoming FANTASTICON Mt. Pleasant, a card gig I just signed up for and about a million other things...priority being to get STARSLAM RETURNS out the door. Its going to get very busy for me real quick. The good thing is I am staying ahead on PATREON stories and things are going good there.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I will be back with some good news soon about FANTASTICON. I'm hoping this good streak keeps up. I need a win this year man... big time.

Thanks everyone!


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