Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Last Day Plus other stuff

Today is the last day for my Kickstarter for STARSLAM RETURNS! I'm pretty happy that I see so many repeat fans coming back and so many new faces too! It truly means a lot to me. The Kickstarter ends Friday at noon Eastern. And please note: I DO NOT SELL PHYSICAL BOOKS ONLINE! So if you want one, this is the only way to for sure score one. Pre-order my book on my Kickstarter right here:


Beyond that its been the usual business in my life. Both my youngest boys had birthdays in the last couple weeks. Scott turned 11, James turned 7. We had lots of presents, cake and more fun times as always.

I've been busy with commissions and I just signed up for another card set through Dynamite. One that will be a lot of fun and a bit of a departure for me. I recently sold the majority of my leftover KISS cards from my artist proofs from the Dynamite set. I still have a couple left, as well as a few BETTIE PAGE, VAMPIRELLA and WOMEN OF COSPLAY cards available. I have to check when I am able to sell them, but if you are initially interested, let me know asap. Hit me with the email:

In addition to all of this, I will be at FANTASTICON in my old hometown of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan coming up in October. I can think of no better place to celebrate my 25 years in self publishing comics than in the town where it all started! I hope to see lots of old friends and make new ones. I will be taking pre-commission sales for people to pick up at the show. I'll make an announcement and give details about that soon. Probably next week. So stay tuned. Plan to come out and party with me in October at FANTASTICON! I don't do many shows anymore so this is a grand opportunity. Let's party!!

I haven't had much time or spare scratch to get many new music or movies so I have been watching some stuff that has accumulated in the house. I recently watched YOR: HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE (which was some cheesy fun) and MILES AHEAD (the Don Cheadle acted and directed flick about Miles Davis. Awesome!) - Also of course I got the new TOOL album... scalpers be damned, I got it on release day for cost! Fuck you!! And its good, as one would expect. It will take some time to dissect as all TOOL albums do, so bare with me as I do that. I'm adding it to the "will listen deeply and dissect" pile.

After Fantasticon I plan to lay low and finish Starslam Returns and get ahead on more Patreon stories. Join me for monthly erotica comics and more at my Patreon right HERE - It all goes to help me keep the lights on in this muthafukka. Plus you get exclusive content, and its SMUT! So it works out for everyone I hope. I appreciate the support!

I reckon thats all I got. Go score you a book and more stuff at my Kickstarter right HERE -- the clock is ticking!

Luvs, T

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