Thursday, August 29, 2019


We did it. We got my newest book, STARSLAM RETURNS, funded! It kept chugging along, unstoppable. We did it.

I'm beyond excited for everything to come. A lot of older fans came back and got some of the bigger rewards right away. We got a nice collection of new folks checking things out. Its amazing to watch unfold. Absolutely what I wanted!

Now of course, we have the STRETCH GOALS to shoot for. Add on pages, bookmarks, pinups, centerfolds and so much more. We have 15 more days in the campaign and everything is far from over. I know we will achieve so much more and everyone will take home a bunch of stuff from this thing. I cannot wait to pack those mailers with all the stuff... ALL THE THINGS! Treat yourself. You deserve it!

On a personal level, to see another STARSLAM adventure funded is beyond anything I can put into words. What started as a rejected comic pitch at 2008 San Diego Comic Con has now turned into my biggest indie comic franchise. I can't even keep up with it. Without realizing I was doing it, I have built a rich universe of stories and characters to draw from for the story. There is so much more to do in my head and I cannot wait to get to the future adventures. It seems weird for me to pause and remember this one, as its been in my head for so long before this. To finally see it snowballing and supported like this, is just wonderful. Thank you for helping me bring it to life!

There is much work to be done. Colors are being done as we speak. I am finishing up the final pages and getting them inked and scanned. This is going to be the best of them all, I can feel it. You're going to love it.

Haven't jumped onboard yet? Join my Kickstarter for STARSLAM RETURNS by clicking right HERE

"It's time to fly!"


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