Saturday, August 24, 2019

A Hundred Thoughts at Once

Hello friends!

I don't get much of a chance to write blogs as much as I used to. Just have been in heavy production with the new KICKSTARTER FOR STARSLAM BOOK 4 and commissions. Also my PATREON PAGE. Plus day job taking up lots of time. It is necessary though. I've just been busy. Looking forward to a vacation we will be taking to Lake Michigan in September for a couple nights of camping. To get away from it all is very much desired. I'm looking forward to some peace and quiet and nature surrounding me. Just disconnect and get away from it all. That is what I need!

My mind is so busy lately. So much going on. So many things that attempt to bring me down. I got a new sketchbook yesterday and it exploded into some sketches, writings and single panel comics all in one day. I've done this sort of thing since high school. I write poems, do quick sketches, to do lists and other various notes and ideas I hope to one day get to. I think I have about twelve fully loaded sketchbooks full of things. Maybe someday my kids will read them. But I've wrote some DARK shit in those. I hope they don't think I was a massive depressive person all my life! Usually my sketchbooks are for therapy. I get out the crap I am feeling. Seems like something new is always around the corner to come along and try to fuck me up. But that's life, isn't it?

Things are okay. My bills are paid. My Kickstarter is off to a good start. I'm pretty sure things will keep rolling and it will get funded. Its slowly trickling together. I'm damn proud of it. My colorist is working extra hard to get things rolling with me and he's kicking so much ass. I have some friends doing pinups and fan art for the book and beyond. Its incredible to see! I'm truly blessed in these things.

This week, this album turns 25 years old:

This is an album in my top 10 of all time. I got turned onto it by my friend Tim, to whom I am forever grateful for that. It took me a while to fully listen to it beyond a casual listen. I pulled it out while I was in some down times back in 2015. I call it the "soundtrack to my divorce" album. It was my therapy. It helped me fall in love again. I owe a lot to this album. I became a total Jeff Buckley fan, chasing down every live CD/DVD, his demos of his unreleased second album. I have all the Record Store Day releases too. Just a month ago I found the LEGACY edition with the extra disc and DVD full of videos and documentaries. Jeff was that soul of a poet whose life was taken from us way too soon. But man, what an album to leave behind. So fucking great.

Currently also I have been listening to this:

I saw the movie in the theaters a couple weeks ago and I absolutely loved it. My favorite of the year so far. The soundtrack comes complete with radio ramp ups and commercials. You toss it on and its like you are cruising around in 1969. I know people are trying to assign a certain agenda and crap to Tarantino now, but I think the man is just wonderful. He is my favorite modern director out there. I love all of his films. My favorites being Kill Bill and Jackie Brown. Just fucking awesome.

I don't get out to the comic shop much but I am absolutely loving the new YEAR FIVE Star Trek series from IDW. The art and writing on it are top fucking notch. I think I practically own every single STAR TREK comic that is out there. These new ones are greatness. Total wood.

And I am still diving through STAR TREK DISCOVERY, despite my initial reaction to it. I am almost done with the first season. As a show, I like it. As a STAR TREK show, I don't. But I do watch it. I like most of the characters. I just try to not pay attention that it is a Star Trek prequel and just think its an alternate timeline. Much like I think STAR TREK PICARD will be. But hey, at least I am getting new Star Trek. I'll take it.

So many cool things are coming. A BREAKING BAD movie, THE MANDALORIAN, STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER, GHOSTBUSTERS REMASTERED for PS4, LINKS AWAKENING and DRAGON QUEST 11 for Switch... I'm just bursting. Good shit is on the way! I can't wait.

I got big things coming up. I got this current Kickstarter that is running. Then Fantasticon Mt. Pleasant in October. A nice vacation in September and of course HALLOWEEN SEASON all the fall! Greatness just around the corner. For now, I just gotta clean house, keep drawing and enjoy the ride. Keep that depression and the toxic people at bay. I'm doing a good job of it so far. But man sometimes it is so hard.

I'm trying, folks. I really am.

Cheers, T

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