Thursday, January 09, 2020

A Bunch of Things

Hey friends! 
Well we crossed into the safe haven that was to be 2020 and our clean slate was met with the threat of total annihilation. I won't even go into the rock em' sock em' robots game that never seems to end. Let's just focus on our own back porch a bit shall we?
I keep blogging and writing because I enjoy it. It exercises my brain. I heard a comedian recently refer to blogging as "having a conversation that no one wants to have with you." I don't believe that. I follow certain writers and people who I know either through their work or personally and I love their words. I love to hear their day to day. I love to know they struggle too. It helps me. 
There are three artists, all of whom I have looked up to over the years, recently revealed their struggles. One had their artwork denied for a charity art auction. THEM! Are you kidding me? Their art is fucking awesome! You deny THEM?? Another whom I thought would be very financially secure is struggling to make his rent and has to do commissions to make ends meet. The third has to take meds, therapy and a bunch of other issues. Goes to show that everyone is going through something. Everyone you meet has a battle and a story to tell. Never forget that. 

So that is on my mind. Trying to police my own thoughts. Trying to be better at everything. I'm working hard at it. I'm working ahead on things like the Patreon and trying to catch up with everything I have out there and promised. I'm trying hard to keep promoting and play the game I have to play, while also taking the time to read a book, play a game, watch a flick I've been meaning to watch, etc. 
Life. Its beautiful!

Check this out: 

This year was the first time I publicly talked about STARSLAM. Not quite the anniversary of her first publishing. That comes in 2024 I think. I did create her and take her to San Diego Comic Con back in 2008, but she wasn't book published until 2014 I think it was. Before that she was online only. So what is the official anniversary? I don't know, but its coming up soon. She's been my life pretty much for the last few years. While I've done some other books here and there and a lot of erotica work on the Patreon and erotical collections, STARSLAM has been the baby I've been raising. Also, its my highest selling. Check this: 

With the exception of an ANNA POCALYPSE here and there, its all been my erotica work that has sold. I understand why and all that. But I still hope I am able to publish a slice of life drama/comedy that is PLEASANT LIFE and get the same amount of acceptance. Its one of the things that has held me back from doing the sequel to it I have been talking about for years. I have 60 pages done and I am slowly going to put them on the Patreon starting in March. So if you like PLEASANT LIFE, consider joining to read it! More on that another time. Let's talk about the now.

Twenty Five years of self publishing last year. TWENTY-FIVE. Look at this:

Original art from the Erotica Collections.

All the original art for STARSLAM RETURNS, my latest book.

Big tub of original art. 99% of it is mine. Some are by friends of mine that I have collected over the years. Also a painting tray from college!
I've done a lot of shit. Lots of books. All of which you can get digitally. Some physical are sold out. I don't reprint the majority of it. I should and keep it safe so people can get them. Maybe I will look into bettering myself at an online store presence. Just a whimsy I shall chase soon. 

My dad turned 75 yesterday. He's made it the farthest in age than anyone in my family ever has. I called him yesterday and he's doing okay. That is great, considering the great scare I had with him in October. I'm proud of him and honored to have him in my life. I really hit the parental lottery when it came to my folks. My mom will be gone 20 years this December. That is unreal. I still think about her everyday.

I'm going random here but there are many things on my mind. Many things I want to do and promises to myself and to you I want to keep. I'm working hard on the work, the day job, myself and everything I can squeeze in. I promise someday I will have it all figured out. Maybe you will too. Here's to the struggle!

Thanks for reading and supporting. I appreciate it. 


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