Friday, November 30, 2018


Hey friends! Its the Xmas season!

My tree is ready for the cats to destroy and then house the presents for my loved ones!

Meanwhile, I am busy making the comics still! Especially at my PATREON PAGE - Where I am doing some more erotica monthly comics and even offering my Patrons there to suggest a sexy sketch all this month that I will do as a bonus! If that is your thing, come on over and join us! It helps fund the content that I do for FREE!

But work is really ramping up on PLEASANT LIFE 2! Here are some pages I've been sharing via social media:

I have many more that I have finished. And its actually getting a lot of likes and attention via my Instagram... more than my usual postings of cats and nerdy finds and purchases. Check it out:

Usually when I post pics of my cats with the hashtags, I get some likes but never this many! To get this many on my new comic pages for a comic that is not my big ticket "money maker" feels awesome. And I gotta say working on it... it is even better than awesome. Its going better than I expected. I haven't drawn these folks in action in a long time. I didn't know what it would be like. Right now its like being on a bike again. I remember things. I am hitting the beats and angles I want. In my head I am in the scenes, putting the music in and what is being said. Its like the old days again. Drawing these guys is where I am most comfortable, to be honest. I love STARSLAM, the erotica and ANNA, but these guys... they are my first born babies. I missed them. I NEED to get this story done and told. I simply need to. Its been too long. I've neglected them. I'm letting the scenes play out and I am just going with it. Onward!

Anyway, BUSY month for me. I just finished a big card set for KISS and now I am hip deep in Patreon and PLEASANT LIFE stuff. Plus a massive amount of overtime at the day job. No rest for the wicked.  

Anyway, stay safe out there my friends. Things are rolling like snowballs down the hill and I can't wait to dingle my snowballs in all of your faces! 

Later on! 

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